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Moisturizing Your Natural Hair

By January 27th, 202116 Comments
Moisturizing Your Natural Hair

by NaturallyChelsea via NaturallyCurly

As a tightly coiled natural, you’re probably all too familiar with the race to do your hair before it dries. Once that conditioner has been rinsed out, you nearly tumble and fall out of your shower and run to your sink to begin the process all while ignoring the fact that over 20,000 slip and fall fatalities occur in North America every year.

While keeping a spray bottle on hand to rewet your hair is convenient, the aim of the game is to be in and out as quickly as possible and avoid being locked in a bathroom, arms in the air, beginning to tug and pull at your hair just to get it over and done with.

If this story sounds familiar, then read on for a short and sweet list of tips on how to moisturize you hair every day.

How to Moisturize Hair

  • During the final step of cleansing your hair, ensure that you detangle it thoroughly. By doing this step in the shower, it will lessen the time you spend out of the shower battling knots as your hair dries.
  • Separate your hair into the sections that you intend to style. Let’s say that you want to do a twist or braid out and like to separate your hair into 10 sections. Do it in the shower. Them once you reach the sink, all you need to do is unravel each section one at a time and apply your product without wasting time separating.
  • Before even stepping into the shower, make sure that you have your products on hand to use as soon as you get out. Nothing is worse than being dripping wet and looking around in cupboards for the leave-in conditioner at the back you wanted to try or the styler you left back in your bedroom.
  • Use liquid products when styling. This does double duty to ensure your hair stays moist and helps to keep your hair tangle-free as you style.

Now that you know the secrets of how to moisturize hair, go forth and style like the pros in a fraction of the time.

What’s your moisturizing routine?


  • Hilary B. says:

    My moisturizing routine is following the LOC method. Water, cream leave-in, then an oil or aloe vera juice for sealing.

  • Jo Somebody says:

    I have low porosity hair, so can't style when my hair is wet anyway!

  • Candace4life says:

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    Until the 24th, CVS is selling all Tresemme 2 for $7, family sized garnier fructis family size for $4.99, AND *drum roll*, Aussie Moist and Herbal Essences 3/$10!

  • braidsntwists says:

    After washing and conditioning, I part my hair into four sections. Twist three of the sections and clip it. Then I part the one section into smaller sections, add my Giovanni Direct Leave-in, my Cocoa Tree Detangling Ghee, and Alma and Olive Heavy Cream to the first section and twist or flat twist. Then go to the next one. Then on to the next clipped section. If my hair starts to dry out, I just spray a little water, then proceed with the same routine until my twists are done. It works great.

  • Anonymous says:

    After washing, my hair is at its most moisturized state. After semi-rinsing out the DC, I use my leave-in of choice and seal with an oil. Sometimes when I need extra moisture on the part more prone to break, my ends, I give them an extra spritz of water and seal with raw shea butter. Works like a charm.

  • Anonymous says:

    20k slip and fall fatalities a year…you bullshitting. That gives a whole new meaning to the phrase, "Help I've fallen and i can't get up" Im gonna be much more careful in the shower. I know that wasn't the main point of the article but damn I quit reading after that and went and got me a rubberized mat for the bathroom.

  • Anonymous says:

    There's a reason why many naturals keep a spray bottle full of water nearby when styling… *shrug*

  • Anonymous says:

    Sealing, sealing, sealing…it's been my saving grace. I add a creamy leave-in (Tresemme Naturals Nourishing Moisture conditioner or Giovanni Direct Leave-in) and seal with grapeseed oil. Simple!


    P.S. My hair is mostly 3C, fine, porous and about bra-strap length. My staple style is a twist/flat-twist out.

  • Natural Beauty says:

    Separate hair into 10 sections in the shower? I think I need a mirror in the shower.

  • lifesatisfied says:

    Two words: natural oils. I noticed a complete difference in the moisture level of my hair when I used shea butter as opposed to bottled moisturizer by itself. A couple of months ago I did a twist out with Shea Moisture's shea butter. That stuff is deeee bomb. My hair stayed moisturized for close to an entire week without me having to reapply more shea butter.

    My hair also stayed frizzless during that entire week as well. I tell ya, that stuff is magic.


  • Paula L White says:

    I have hair past my shoulders. I bring my products (Giovanni Leave-In and unrefined shea butter) into the shower, and I moisturize and twist or braid my hair in the shower when it's soaking wet, and the water is running. This shortens the time considerably and makes the hair washing process (shampoo or co-wash) much more pleasant.

  • Anonymous says:

    I attach hair clips to the shower hose. After I detangle, I separate and clip in the shower like you do. When I step out of the shower,I don a plastic shower cap and turban with a towel to catch drippies while I dress and do my nightly body regimen. This keeps my hair moist until I'm ready to style.


    ps. After my hair dries, it still be hard! LOL!

  • Anonymous says:

    I have a twa.
    In the morning I duck my head under the faucet and blot dry.Apply leave in, sealer and gel and "shake, shake, shake" done!It really is wash (well wet) and go.
    It's mostly dry when I leave the house.

  • mangomadness says:

    After washing my hair (in 12 twisted sections), I blot out the excess water w/ a cotton t-shirt until damp. Then I moisturize with Alba Botanica Leave-In Conditioner or Shea Moisture Curl and Style Milk (I only double up in cold weather). After that, I style (16 braids w/ twisted ends) and seal my ends (and edges) with castor oil.

  • Gorgeousgab says:

    Well, I always leave in conditioner. I never rinse conditioner out of my hair. Unless I'm doing a DT – I'll leave that in for hours wrapped up to lock in some heat. (I probably do 3 deep treatments a year) Then I'll rinse. But then I'll put one of my regular conditioners back in and leave it in. Then I seal with Vatika Oil and style. My hair is always quenched. My hair is probably combo 3c/4a, medium brown, currently henna'd, APL

  • Unknown says:

    I mainly wear braidouts, when I wear them I make sure that my hair is damp (after washing). I use a leave in and a mix of coconut oil, shea butter, and castor oil. This mix gives me a lot of moisture. I then seal with another oil. I make sure that I use the mix every other day (but every day in the winter). This has been my staple for a while…


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