I just want to get some thangs off my chest if I may please. I just have some re-occuring issues that make me wanna holler the way they do my life! I know you guys will be able to relate.

1. Bobby pins and I have a love/hate relationship. I take them for granted a lot. When they are in abundance I put them wherever I want. I ignore them whenever I see them laying around on tables, baskets, pockets and the floor. I just figure they will always be there for me until…they aren’t. Suddenly one day I can’t find them any where! It’s at those times when I need just ONE MORE FREAKIN’ bobby pin to complete my style when they want to act all mysterious and revengeful. The only ones that want to be available are the damaged, weak, missing a protective head, dollar store kind. Got me searching on my hands and knees, in the couch, in my purse…Gets on my damn nerves.

2. Or how about the times when I have had a long day. I’ve completed my nightly routine, my hair’s prepped and I go reach for my hair scarf to find it’s not where I usually put it. WTF!!! For nearly a half hour I am scrambling for my scarf, obsessed and angry. Until finally fed up, I opt to put a damn silk night gown on my head. Don’t you know the next morning I find that damn scarf balled up next to my pillow. Pissin’ me off.

3. Or how about when I create a dope hairstyle that everyone loves. I am patting myself on the back, excited that I have a new do to add to my arsenal until the next day comes and I want to recreate it. MISSION IMPOSSIBLE. It just doesn’t look the same! I am never able to duplicate the same hairstyle twice!

These are my top three most irritating reoccurring experiences. What are your natural hair pet peeves?