Hey y’all! I discovered a new styling trick that really works to get the look I want for my twist outs. The other day, I rocked a mo-hawk, and realized that my bangs were way too long to hang in my face.

That night, I retwisted my hair in two-strand twists, but did three bantu knots in the front of my hair, like so:

I usually pin my bangs to side when I do a twist out, (I’m too afraid to cut them because I like being able to style them by pinning them back, etc)- but if I bantu knot the hair in the front, the result is a curlier, tighter (Read:shorter) curl that doesn’t hang down to my nose!*

By combining the two styles (twists and knots) I get the hangtime I want in the back and the perfect length I want in the front!