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On the Couch with Recording Artist, Alex Young

By January 27th, 20217 Comments
On the Couch with Recording Artist, Alex Young

Prepared for by Alex Smith

This talented curly haired beauty just released her new single titled “Don’t Play with Me” which will be available for special download under the jump. During our chat I was able to dig deep into Alex’s personal hair story which I think a lot of you will enjoy and be able to relate to. We talked about everything from products, bad relaxers experiences and hair care on the road while touring. I hope you all love Alex’s hair story as much as I did, enjoy!

On her hair and love for products:
My hair is very curly and big, so I have a lot to deal with! My hair also gets bored with products fairly quickly so I am constantly changing the products that I use. Right now I am using shampoo and conditioner by Free Your Mane and it’s amazing! The products are very moisturizing and they give my curls great definition. I also switch between that and the Organix line so whenever I feel like my hair starts getting bored I just switch back to that. When I use Organix products I love to wash with their Shea Butter shampoo and the Hydrating Tea Tree Mint conditioner. Sometimes I even use Living Proof’s frizz shampoo, Warren Tricomi products and Ojon! Yes, I use a lot of different products! I especially love Ojon’s Dry Recovery product because my hair is so prone to dryness and it can get very brittle. That specific product helps prevent that issue by keeping my hair moisturized with a frizz free shine. I am constantly on the lookout for new products; I have to make sure my hair is happy and content.

On her hair type:
My hair type is a difficult to pin point because I have so many different textures throughout my head. I think not knowing my exact hair type is what leads me to try so many different products! Sometimes I can’t decide what exactly to use but for the most part my hair has a tight wave and there are also some parts where my hair is kinkier than others. It’s so hard to pin down my exact type though; I just try to keep my hair happy and healthy, overall.

On the products she cannot live without:

I cannot live without the Bamboo Kendi Dry Oil mist, Phyto Flage Protective Sun Veil and Ojon’s Damage Reverse Oil. These products are great for my hair because they not only help protect my strands but they keep them moisturized while leaving a healthy glow so that my hair doesn’t look or feel dry.

On the road and hair maintenance:
I am actually getting ready for my radio tour and will be traveling to a lot of different cities in the country. During this time my products become even more important to me because I am maintaining the health of my hair myself. I rely on the shampoos, conditioners and deep conditioners that I use, a lot while on the road. Being on the road and in a bus I find that my hair needs extra attention and care so I try and make sure I cater its needs.

On professional stylists and her hair:
I have definitely had some hair trauma in the past so I try and be very specific about the amount of heat that is put on my hair when wearing it straight. If I am having my hair heat styled, I make sure that they there is some type of heat protectant applied to prevent any damage. I don’t think anybody should ever feel bad about asking your hair stylist to make changes in order to cater to your specific hair needs. Like I mentioned, I have had some hair horror stories because I didn’t speak up and ask certain questions. I’ve had pieces of my hair just break off, which was TERRIBLE! Now, I know that with my hair I need some type of protection and definitely a lot of moisture to maintain the overall health. If I am good to my hair, it will pretty much do whatever I ask of it to do. My hair can take a lot of heat and styling for the most part without getting too mad at me but there is a point where we have to know when to give it a rest.

Her relaxer experience…
I tried a relaxer once when I was younger, I was about 15 and ALL of my hair broke off. I really didn’t know the proper way to care for my hair at the time. The people around me were saying “it’ll be great! Just get the perm, you’ll wake up in the morning and it’ll be easy to maintain…,” I went with it. I know now that everyone’s hair is different and I learned that mine is sensitive to certain things; relaxers being one of them. When I first got the relaxer, I put it on and it started BURNING! I woke up the day after and all of my hair had just fallen out, it just broke off. It was horrifying! I was in high school and at that age, you know, image is even more important. I had to go back of the salon and get it cut off. It was so short! I had about 4 inches of hair after the cut. To make a long story short, I ended up getting a weave while it grew out. That was my wake up call! I told myself that when my hair grew out, I would treat it with all the love and care that I possibly could.

Growing up with curly insecurities…
I think that the grass is always kind of “greener” when you’re younger and at the time I wanted to be like my idol which was Little Mermaid…LOL. I wanted to have that red, long luxurious hair like her. But then when you get older you learn to appreciate what you have and my hair has definitely become one of my signatures. So, if I had to look back and choose between Little Mermaid’s hair and mine, I would definitely choose my own.

On the Couch with Recording Artist, Alex Young
Her go to style on a regular day…
I wear my hair naturally curly, most days. I love wearing it half up and half down, while letting to do what it wants. When I am performing, I usually always wear my hair down. While on stage I feel like having my hair out gives my performance so much more life and energy!

What she adores about her hair…
I would say that I love the color and the body of my hair, especially in the summertime! My hair gets this strange kind of golden glow to it and I absolutely love it. There a quite a few different hues in my hair and it looks very weird and strange I guess; but I really like that.

Where can we find Alex on the web…
Twitter: @AlexYoungMusic
Facebook/YouTube: AlexYoungMusic
Download: “Dont Play with Me”


  • Anonymous says:

    So sad – reminiscent of Michael's "Earth Song". Her voice is hauntingly beautiful. I wish her success on her mission as well as her career.

    The only reason these environmental holocausts continue to happen is that they will never directly impact the lives of the perpetrators.

  • Shemsa08 says:

    what a beautiful woman.. and gorgeous locks.. so nice to see natural hair is so many different forms ….

  • Anonymous says:

    Nice Interview. She looks totally different with straight hair. Curly hair on her is more attractive, in my opinion. This song is right …something is coming…its in the air.

  • Mahogany Soul says:

    She mentions that she uses heat at times. I think that for some like Taren on youtube even minimal heat with heat protectants can cause damage. The fact that her hair is clearly straighter at the ends has me thinking that her hair is somewhat heat damaged. Unfortunately, some stylists don't consider that roller setting might be a better alternative for some curlies.

  • Anonymous says:

    Beautiful voice and hair!

  • Anonymous says:

    Nice interview. She's a pretty lady.

  • Anonymous says:

    Wow, that video was intense. It really makes you think about all the problems we have in this world. It kind of made me depressed and apprehensive about the future. I agree with the lyrics to the song, something is coming. Hopefully we'll be prepared to tackle whatever that something is.

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