by Shanti of Around the Way Curls

So I thought instead of boring “informational” posts (which I know y’all skim the hell through anyway), I thought it would be better to instead get you guys involved by testing how much you know about natural hair care techniques. Let’s see if you pass or fail…

Of the following, what is the most effective process of moisturizing your hair?

a)Apply an oil, butter, mineral or petroleum based product to your strands and scalp

b)Apply water or a water based product to hair first followed by a sealant such as oil, butter or “grease”.

c)Lightly spritz hair with water

The answer is B.

When dealing with curly or kinky textured hair it is imperative that water or a water based product (aqua as it’s first ingredient) is applied to hair first. Contrary to what you have been taught about water and hair not mixing, water is actually the only thing that can effectively hydrate and provide the moisture that our hair demands. In order to “lock” that water into your hair you must follow with a sealing product such as an oil, butter or grease (whichever you prefer). Moisturizing is a two-step process. Depending on the porosity and density of your hair strands some people may need to re-hydrate daily while others may only need to repeat the process once a week or even farther in between. Only you can discover the products and frequency with which you practice the process.


Moisturizing curly kinky hair is a two step process which leads with water or water based product and ends with a sealant oil or butter.

Note: For extremely fine and loose curls (type 2 and 3 hair types) oil and butter may be too heavy and unnecessary but water is still a must!