Hola chicas!

It’s that time again! The images below are of CN readers at their flyyest…at work, on the town, and with the fam. Showing us all that natural hair is not a fad, it’s a way of life…an extension of our beauty! Click on the images to enlarge them

This was me on Friday, January 27th on my 36th birthday headed out to dinner…rocking a fresh-to-death new cut and a soft shiny TWA. The night before I’d henna’d with some Jamila Henna (very therapeutic) and then went to the salon for a good scalp message and deep condition. It was my birthday but my hair…clearly, the star of the show.
Getting ready to celebrate my Anniversary 1/28/12! I took down 10 rows of flat twists, used Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie to moisturize and stroked my fingers through to separate for fullness. I put on a thin black hair band and was ready to go.

Headed to a casual birthday dinner with a dry twist-out.
On my way to the mall with a twist out.
I’m rocking a super fresh Philly fade, returning home after a lovely dinner with my fiance.

Fierce Fro-hawk!! I was just experimenting and trying a new hairstyle.

This is a picture from New Years Eve 2011. I was heading to church service with my fam. This is a flat two strand twist out set with Design Essentials Curl Stretching Creme.
My 10 year old daughter liked my hair and wanted to take a picture, it’s a second day wash and go, preserved by the pineapple ponytail technique.
Supposed to be working but in the bathroom snapping pics (lol)
I used satin wrapped sponge rollers in the front and flexi rods on the other sections. I used CURLS curl creme brule on hair dampened by Shea Butter Leave-in conditioner and water in a spray bottle.
This is me rocking my signature style: a twist-out! I loved that my hair was stretched and full and bouncy that day!

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Send in your favorite picture with a caption detailing where you were (or where you were headed to), along with a brief description of your hairstyle, to [email protected] I’ll post several each Friday. Be sure to use ‘Fierce Friday’ as the subject line!
We always need more!