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Didn’t anticipate this humidity. I mean, yeah, it’s Florida, but it’s the panhandle and last I checked, it was still winter… right? No.

Last night my hair was in shock. It was swollen, tangled and talking back… it was all, ‘boo-boo, your efforts are futile, stop fighting me’. White flag in the air, I decided to wash and start fresh. The problem was my carefully thought out packing job only included products for my dry styling routine- – I had no instant or leave-in conditioners. So off I went to the grocery store… grabbed a bottle of Joico K-Pak (read good reviews, plus the added protein is supposed to fill in gaps and shield strands from humidity), TIGI’s Ego Boost leave-in and a bottle of Shiraz.

At around 9pm, I rinsed, conditioned, rinsed again and generously applied the Ego Boost (super slippery!). Next I raked in TIGI Totally Baked Mousse + Glaze Haze Serum in sections as I two strand twisted. I think I ended up with 12 twists. I removed them this morning and didn’t fluff. It’s important to note that this particular TIGI line is supposed to help humidity proof the hair. And although we know there is no such thing, I thought I’d take the challenge head on. Today, I trotted outside for a photoshoot… in the ridiculously moist air and drizzle–

T-Shirt Dress- Romwe

So far so good! I’ll keep you posted as the day goes on. I’m off to have Chicken and Waffles and kick it with Syl who just got in town. *cheers to the friggin’ weekend*


This is my hair 5 hours later… after several car trips with the windows cracked, fanning in and out of houses and stores and parking lot conferences. We’re on our way back out in a sec and I’ll keep you posted. So far TIGI is going hard… aside from a little frizz, my hair doesn’t look very different!

The man of the hour, Momma and Boog

Syl’s arrival!

Momma inspecting cousin Carter’s tats

Aunty Barbara

Red cups and spades…


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