Yesterday was all about quality time. We kicked it off with a family brunch–

‘I live for the static…’
future Saints player…
“these kids wear crowns over here, and everything is alright…”– Drake

the newest addition!-

Have you seen that Geico commercial with the little piggy? Boogie was ‘weee weee weee’ing’ all the way down the sidewalk!
gifted Leggings- Black Milk
gifted Shirt- Romwe
My sister Syl, not scooting. She was scurred.

Two interesting things happening in this pic– (1) I never learned to ride a bike, and (2) that young man is my Uncle… I affectionately refer to him as Uncle Baby, since he’s 2 years my junior! #hood
All of us grandkids… I’ve got a good 20 years on most of them!

Next we headed to the boardwalk for some sunshine–

Spring Breakers I presume…

Boog was terrified of all the Snooki impersonators… there’s one on the left in this pic. The place was swarming with ’em!
peep the lady in the background? who’s angry when they’re eating ice cream?!

Finally, we hit the mall for some retail therapy.

Ashely, a CurlyNikki reader!

my grandmother (my mother’s mother)… Gia’s Great Grandma #2

That was some pretty dope day 2 hair, no? To preserve my twist-out and prevent shrinkage I revisited an old routine-

Without disturbing the curl pattern or finger combing, I grabbed chunks of hair and created 6 or 7 chunky twists before tying on my bonnet. The next morning, I released, fluffed and went about my business. I find this better for retaining definition on my shrinky twist-out… when my hair is stretched/longer, the pineapple is my best bet.

Today is my uncle’s big day. I’ll be checking back in with tons of pictures!

How do you preserve your wet set twist-outs versus the ones you do on dry hair?