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Curly Nikki

Taking Vitamins for Healthy Hair

By January 27th, 20214 Comments

Hola Chicas,

It’s Thursday which means we’ve officially taken over Essence for the day!

¡Viva la Revolución!

Check out my latest installment, where I share my favorite vitamins and what they will and won’t do. Head over there, check it out, ‘like it’, share it and comment! Also, leave questions of your own for the next article!

Thanks divas!

Later Gators,


  • Samantha Nneamaka says:

    oh oh oh ! and i love biotin ! …the end : )

  • Samantha Nneamaka says:

    Ms. Nikki you are sooo successful. And as a young african american woman about to break out into the real world i honestly and whole heartedly salute your drive and success. You are like your own business and you make everything you get involved with profitable, whether it be by personal income or for the sake of helping others gain the gift of knowledge.

  • Paula L White says:

    Great info Nikki. Love how you write – blending humor and dropping knowledge simultaneously. I feel a book swelling in your loins, and just so you know, you'll get my dime as soon as you give birth, lol. Til then, keep being fab!!

  • Ayisha B says:

    Good info, Curly Nikki! Love Trader Joes but never paid attention to the vitamins. I like the fact that they are small because let's face it, vitamins usually look like horse pills.
    Side note: Is it wise to do an ACV rinse after I Henna with honey??? I'm using the honey as a humectant as well as a hair lightner, but I feel like my hair needs a cleansing rinse.

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