Tell us about yourself.
My name is Candice. I currently reside in Cincinnati, Ohio by way of St. Louis…by way of Atlanta…by way of Arkansas. I am a RN 3 days/week and a devoted wife, fashion blogger & stylist 24/7.

How long have you been natural? Did you BC or transition, if so when or for how long?
My last partial perm was January 2010. I say partial because I was wearing a sew in at the time and only permed the part of my hair that was out–which is why for months, the front of my hair was much shorter than the back after I big chopped—big mistake. LOL! My original plan was to transition for a year and then big chop. What actually ended up happening was I transitioned for 6 months by wearing sew ins and cut off my permed ends in September of 2010 because I was so anxious to see what my hair would look like. Thinking back, I often wish I had just shaved it off without transitioning to experience the freedom of doing next to nothing to my hair every morning.

What is your current hair regimen?
I typically co-wash every 2-3 days with whatever cheapie conditioner is available. Right now it’s the Shea Moisture brand. I use apple cider vinegar to clarify about once a month in the winter and more frequently in the summer because I do a lot of playing in the pool. When I deep condition, which is about every other week in the winter and less often in the summer, it is Aubrey Oraganics Honeysuckle Rose. I am currently reading about the Curly Girl Method for more info on growing healthier hair.

What is the most damaging thing you have done to your hair?
My biggest mistake so far was not trimming when necessary. I think that we get so attached to our length sometimes that we don’t want to lose those few inches. I have learned to trim when my hair starts looking thin and unhealthy on the ends. One other thing that I learned the hard way is that one person’s regimen may not work for somebody else. It’s nice to watch/read what other people do for ideas, but I have wasted LOTS of money thinking that the shine on someone else’s strands could be mine with the purchase of some miracle product.

What is the best thing about being naturally glamorous?
The thing that I love most about my hair is its versatility. I love to hear people say, “I wish my hair could do that. Mine just lays here.” That line cracks me up every time. *LOL* I also love how distinctive my hair is. Although the number is increasing, I can still easily be the only natural in a room.

Where can we find you on the web?
I have a fairly new style blog: I’m also on Facebook: Chic Savant and Twitter @chicsavant.