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Hola Chicas,

All that talk about DevaCare One yesterday got me reminiscing. Looking back at pics from ’08, I realized just how much my signature style, the Twist-n-Curl, has changed.  I can actually remember the turning point *looks off into the distance*… it came after an innocuous comment left by one of you–

… ‘cute, but why would you want such a big difference in hair textures’.

No offense taken, it was like getting advice from that one ‘real’ girlfriend who won’t let you leave the house looking all crazy.  And when I examined the pic, blinders off, I was all, ‘well I’ll be damned!’.  She was exactly right.  My hair was tightly waved from the root to mid strand and then for whatever reason broke out into these huge Snoop Dog spirals. I had worn my hair that way for years (even to my wedding) and never thought twice about the discrepancy.  During that time, I received many a genuine compliment and KNEW I looked good, lol.  I loved the smooth finish and obviously, the more stretched my hair, the easier it was to fluff, and the easier to fluff, the more I could achieve disrespectfully HUGE hair.  But in that moment, I realized that season was over.  I longed for a more consistent and natural looking wave pattern throughout, so out went the big ass rollers.  Enter the flexi rods.  Which brings us to today.

Just for fun, I dusted off the old 1 inch magnetic rollers and decided to revisit the *original* Twist-n-Curl.

I used the exact same products (Davines + Ouidad on damp hair) to style but this time, set most of the ends on magnetic rollers.  Air dried (to 90%, I got impatient), and here are the results–

 post fluff

It’s actually not as bad as I expected! I think the combo of fewer twists and styling on damp hair resulted in a much more consistent, looser wave pattern throughout… almost like a roller set!  Back in the day, I styled on soaking wet hair (tons of root shrinkage!) and opted for 20+ twists.  Too bad I didn’t discover the chunky twist-out until 2010!

 At any rate, the results aren’t too shabby but for now, I still prefer a more textured look. 

So that brings us to two discussion questions–

Do you have any hairstyles that you look back on and say, ‘what the hell?!’


What do you wish you knew then that you know now?

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I’m packing up to move and dumping my stash 🙂

I’ll pick a winner Thursday, April 26th at 5pm EST! 

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