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Curly Nikki

Evolution: Twist-n-Curl

By January 27th, 2021180 Comments
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Sasha L.
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Hola Chicas,

All that talk about DevaCare One yesterday got me reminiscing. Looking back at pics from ’08, I realized just how much my signature style, the Twist-n-Curl, has changed.  I can actually remember the turning point *looks off into the distance*… it came after an innocuous comment left by one of you–

… ‘cute, but why would you want such a big difference in hair textures’.

No offense taken, it was like getting advice from that one ‘real’ girlfriend who won’t let you leave the house looking all crazy.  And when I examined the pic, blinders off, I was all, ‘well I’ll be damned!’.  She was exactly right.  My hair was tightly waved from the root to mid strand and then for whatever reason broke out into these huge Snoop Dog spirals. I had worn my hair that way for years (even to my wedding) and never thought twice about the discrepancy.  During that time, I received many a genuine compliment and KNEW I looked good, lol.  I loved the smooth finish and obviously, the more stretched my hair, the easier it was to fluff, and the easier to fluff, the more I could achieve disrespectfully HUGE hair.  But in that moment, I realized that season was over.  I longed for a more consistent and natural looking wave pattern throughout, so out went the big ass rollers.  Enter the flexi rods.  Which brings us to today.

Just for fun, I dusted off the old 1 inch magnetic rollers and decided to revisit the *original* Twist-n-Curl.

I used the exact same products (Davines + Ouidad on damp hair) to style but this time, set most of the ends on magnetic rollers.  Air dried (to 90%, I got impatient), and here are the results–

Evolution: Twist-n-Curl
Evolution: Twist-n-Curl
 post fluff
Evolution: Twist-n-Curl

It’s actually not as bad as I expected! I think the combo of fewer twists and styling on damp hair resulted in a much more consistent, looser wave pattern throughout… almost like a roller set!  Back in the day, I styled on soaking wet hair (tons of root shrinkage!) and opted for 20+ twists.  Too bad I didn’t discover the chunky twist-out until 2010!

 At any rate, the results aren’t too shabby but for now, I still prefer a more textured look. 

Evolution: Twist-n-Curl

So that brings us to two discussion questions–

Do you have any hairstyles that you look back on and say, ‘what the hell?!’


What do you wish you knew then that you know now?

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I’m packing up to move and dumping my stash :)

I’ll pick a winner Thursday, April 26th at 5pm EST! 

*US residents only*


  • Sydney says:

    I wish I had known about aloe vera juice! It seriously makes the best curl refresher spray and my hair feels moisturized and is absolutely frizz free.

  • Anonymous says:

    Running out of styles !

  • Davea says:

    I love your hair it looks so nice and moisturized. I can't wait until I reach the point where I am a pro at this. I always do a twist out for day one and then during the night of day one I do chini bumps/bantu knots and my hair comes out in stretched curls. It's one of the few looks I can do at my length and pull off.

  • Leslie says:

    I am still in search of my dream twist out…well defined and withOUT shrinkage. While working to achieve it, I have stumbled on some looks that I can't duplicate. And looking back at some of them, it probably best. Can't believe my family let me out like that..smh

  • Anonymous says:

    whoissugar showed pictures of when she had locs AND two-strand twists (on loose hair) at the same time lmfao pure hilarity

  • Anonymous says:

    Whoissugar documented her hair woes and it is just HILARIOUS!

  • That NY Naturalista says:

    OOOH Did I miss the deadline? I was tripping out today looking at how I used to rock my hair in so many styles when I was younger! I had the bowl, the side ponytail with the swoop bangs, I rocked the ear to ear bangs… LORD I was going in on my hair! LOL! So glad it always grows back! Check me out at 2:18 (dead center with the side pony-tail) I just knew I was the ISH! LOLOLOL!

  • That NY Naturalista says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • DecemberPumpkin says:

    dang i missed it

  • Anonymous says:

    The first time I went natural, I was natural for 4 years, and used to only wear protective styles for about 3 years. My last year, which was my senior year of high school, I dyed my hair red, and it was RED. I wore wash and goes with proclaim gel, fulllll of alcohol. I fully enjoyed my channeling of Sideshow Bob. Ahhh good old memories.

    Aleitha B.

  • Anonymous says:

    These stories have me rolling!! But I'm still looking for a style that my hair loves…it seems to be chunky twists out and loose hair pony tails. BTW how do you ladies feel about jam gel for edges?

  • Shayjsongbird says:

    So ya, my twist outs never really come out look like they should. Im truly beginning to believe that my hair doesnt like I will def try your technique.

  • Berthia D. says:

    I wish I knew that when taken care of, African American hair has the potential to grow just as long as any other race's, I would have started taking care of my hair a Long time ago. I also wish I knew that relaxing my hair wasn't the only way I could wear it out. My styles when my hair was relaxed were always thin and unattractive, natural hair has helped me realize the beauty that my hair truly has. Lastly I wish I knew how much of a role water plays in mainting healthy hair, and how important it is to seal your ends everyday!

  • Unknown says:

    I wish I knew that Kinky Curly gel is not my friend…. I rocked those crispy curls for entirely too long!

  • T_Mac says:

    I'm going to get on this twist and curl bandwagon soon. Your hair looks amazing!

  • Anonymous says:

    I meant to say "Thick/fine hair".lol

  • Anonymous says:

    HappyKinks, I can relate! I'm in the same boat as you. It actually took me a while to REALIZE that my hair is Coarse and Fine! Couldn't understand why I wasn't getting those Full Twist-outs like the "thick haired girls"! I'll try flat twisting and braiding and see what happens! Thanks for putting that out there!

  • Anonymous says:

    My most regrettable moments was during Middle and High School.

    People must have thought I had multiple personalities! Because I couldn't stick to any one hair style to save my life! I swear, I changed my hair style every other day, if not daily! I use to CONFUSE so many people! No one knew who I was from one day to another!lol I damaged my hair so bad! I cant think of anything that I haven't done to my hair, actually I'm damne LUCKY that I even have any hair left!

    When I finally saw the light 6 years ago and went natural. I wish I knew about having a consistant regiment, moisturizing,sealing,etc. and that no two heads are alike, you can't make your hair have curls that are NOT there. STOP trying to RUSH your hair to grow because it's going to grow how its supposed to. Not because you spent Mad Loot on product that aint going to grow it any faster. And a whole lotta other Crap! Glad that I finally know what works for me now!

  • HappyKinks says:

    I wish I knew back then that thick/coarse hair and thick/fine hair is NOT the same. Now since my hair is fine, I do not get that full twist out effect that coarse hair girls get. But now I have learned that flat twisting and braiding give me the best style!

  • Anonymous says:

    My Lord Naturals! These stories are HILARIOUS! They must think I'm Crazy in this office LAUGHING LOUD out of no where! LOl

  • Niqui36 says:

    I did a coil out when I was newly natural and had a twa. It looked horrible and even though I have lots more hair now I still haven't been tempted to try those again!

  • Stephanie D says:

    My braid outs on my thin relaxed hair using mineral oil filled products and my bangs that never stayed flat because the new growth was serious. Why didn't someone stop me……

  • Tgoodmill says:

    All the natural styles i tried to do on my own Im saying"WHAT THE HELL the people at work are saying "WHAT THE HELL. Thats why I have braids now! LOL

  • DaINKtellectual says:

    *deep sigh accompanied by a shaking of my head* lol
    The time where my "wth" hair moments came about was when my hair was finally long enough to try two strand twists and twist outs. I was completely oblivious to my hair's needs and selfishly went based on my own wants
    BAD MOVE! lol as I look back at pics, my hair appears more dry than all the deserts on planet earth (at least to ME)
    I too received genuine comments and had that "I KNOW I look good" 'tude. but I just want to kick myself just thinking of it.
    Had to learn the hard way that moisture is the bestie

  • Nunatural08 says:

    I wish I had known that all hair is different, and sometimes you have to let it do what it does best!! I kept trying to attempt wash and go's although at the time I didn't realize there is nothing wrong with my hair if it doesn't "curl" like that! Oh and about certain products that helps me keep my hair moist!! I would have never reverted back to that relaxer!! (Happy to say I'm back now going over a year strong!!)

  • KJ says:

    I wish I knew how much I would enjoy my natural hair years ago. I also wish I knew about curly nikki and hairscapades when I first tried going in 2004. I probably would of stayed natural and not bounce back and forth between natural and relaxed.

  • Anonymous says:

    I wish I had known that my face could look ok without bangs. I had always had side swept bangs so when i BCed I of course didn't have enough hair for that so I would just leave a short puff in the front. Ugh, I look at my first pics post BC and cringe lol but hey, it's all a part of the journey right!

  • T Harris says:

    Should I talk about the activator soaked front, crispy dried up back, box-shaped cut jheri curl that my mama forced me to wear from 5th to 6th grade against my will? Or the first time I tried to do Bantu knots when my TWA grew out a little bit and my hair looked like "little Lufer, not big Lufer (Luther)" when he had the curl that never really…didn't quite…curl all the way up? Both were abject failures, but at least with the bantu knots I had the choice not to leave the house!!

  • iri9109 says:

    I wish I knew how awesome henna was…I would've used it from the very beginning of my journey

  • Shana B says:

    Most definitely! I look back at my highschool prom pictures and wonder: why in the world did I choose THAT hairstyle?! That high ponytail/pin-curled updo was so not the ish!

  • KiNkYnEsT says:

    I let a stylist use a stove flat iron on my hair. She hard pressed my hair and the curls were pretty much gone and it looked like I had a jheri curl gone wrong when trying to wear wash n wear styles :-/. After that I decided I would NEVER let anyone use a stove flat iron on my hair.

  • AcecentriclyNatural says:

    The puff ponytail was my go-to natural hairstyle. I would wet my hair so the ends would curl up and gel my edges so I could have waves. Girl, look I was using pantyhose as a hair tie back in 2001. My mom use to buy $1 pantyhose from K-mart so I could use.. work from the back up and that was my signature style all thru high school and my first year of college. Now, I'm like why dis everyone let me walk around thinking that was cute…smh

  • Anonymous says:

    Wish I known that natural hair care info was just a few clicks a way on the internet back when I had a BAA.Didn't know how to care for my natural hair, went back to chemicals, hair fell out. Been chasing that BAA along with my edges ever since. Haven't found them yet. Still searchin.


  • KayDanai says:

    I'll try anything once….so yeah I have a lot of those, what was I thinking hairstyles.

    I think my biggest fail was the first time I wore a wet and wavy sew-in and the weave hair was closer to my hair texture straightened than tightly curled. But I just geled the life outta that mug, and ended up with waves in my hair and the kardashians curls on the bottom. No bueno.

  • sparkspop says:

    Regrettable hairstyle: my Farrah Fawcett flip in middle school. What I know now: I wish i had known how fast my hair dreds. I wouldn't have gotten a weave during my transition (involuntary big chop) lol.

  • Bubblybeeheezee says:

    I wish when I was transitioning that I knew all the different styles possible that I know now. I probably wouldn't have big chopped as quickly, and it would have given me more time to do more research on going natural!

  • Blythe Dhia says:

    I've had so many hair fails, that only the good hairstyles stick out in my mind. However, for the purpose of this post, I'd say one of my most regrettable, WTF, hairstyles was worn during the early nineties when I would put my perm damaged hair into a stuffed french roll and stick about 7 "canned" curls (stiff, plastic shirley temple curls) in the front, making it dangle in my face like a weave Slinky. That was my go to style for like a year. Boo on my friends for not telling me I was NOT cute.

  • Spokenheart says:

    most of the weaves ive ever gotten make me look back and say what the hell! what i know now though that i wish I knew when I first started learning to style my hair is simply that everything that works for everyone else wont work for my hair. like all the products and also that it will pretty much be impossible for me to make my hair look like tracy ellis ross

  • Sunshinecurls says:

    My big chop!!! Oh how I miss the days when I could get out the bed and roll out with touching my hair. Or how I could step in the shower get my hair wet and it would be dry by the time I got to work!

  • Antoinette Miller says:

    I wish I knew then that I don't need perm slick edges. It's okay if they curl up a bit.

  • Anonymous says:

    I meant "too excited" and wanted to add that I wish I knew patience is key and staring in the mirror and constantly doing length checks definitely doesn't help. ~C.

  • Anonymous says:

    Interesting question. I can honestly say that every hairstyle that I have ever had since I took over caring for my hair was a disaster!!! No joke. I had no idea what to do to my [relaxed] hair so I would wash it[every few months and no conditioner or leave-in!] and wear a cotton scarf to bed [I didn't even wrap it]+ curling iron everyday, no heat protectant and lots of grease.<–My whole middle and high school years were a big #WHATtheHECK

    As a natural, I got to excited and styled my hair everyday just because it was so easy and I could. my hair couldn't handle all that and started to break and split badly.

    So, basically, I wish I could go back in time and tell my natural self to "calm the heck down and stop all that twistin and untwistin"

  • Pecancurls says:

    Ooohh…everytime I look back at my pictures from the late 80's I wonder WTH was I thinking with my sista' girl "mullet!" LOL

    Since going natural, I have learned that water is actually my friend and not the dreaded kryptonite I had thought it to be before.

  • moya says:

    for me was just not knowing how to take care of my hair until I started watching Kimmaylove on youtube..Detangling mositure, conditondion.Then want hit me hard is puitting TEXTURIZER in my hair for it to BREAK. The I came across your site CURLYNIKKI.COM. Always on site even b4 I got a google acct. Love the site and the the hair rocks either way..go on girl

  • TraciB says:

    smh… I look back at my early attempts of a "wash and go" and wonder exactly WHAT was I thinking? Raking a comb through my curls jacked up the pattern and then trying to further manipulate my hair with my hands caused frizz on frizz on frizz. I'm so glad I know better now!

  • Anonymous says:

    Very interesting that you bring this up Nikki, I was just thinking about this. I used to be a twist out girl and when I did wash and gos I would use an expensive product for the look. After I had my daughter (she is 11 months), I stopped doing twist outs because I didn't have time to wait forever for them to dry. Also I felt from a cost benefit standpoint, the time that it took to twist and dry my hair (2 hours) and to have it only look good for 2 or 3 days it was definitely not worth it for me. Also I discovered that instead of using all of these overpriced hair products for my wash and go, my hair loves tresemme naturals moisture conditioner and ecco styler gel…who knew…LOL


  • Anonymous says:

    I wish I had developed a simple regime sooner and not spent money on products that didn't work for me… The other thing is moisturize,moisturize, moisturize -Nikki T.

  • Anonymous says:

    Wish I knew then to pick 1 because for me, less is more! I can do either heat styling, OR chemical treatment, OR commercial hair color – but combining any 2 of the above is the equivalent of involuntary manslaughter on my hair…guilty as charged. After wearing a protective style for 14 months, and a series of mini-chops along the way, I now rock my kinky coils chemically stretched out a bit by texturizer, I color with henna and indigo. No hot thing will ever touch my head again! Peace at last!

  • Anonymous says:

    The "Marge Simpson" updo looked absolutely ridiculous when I look back at my pictures! Anywho, I wish I knew how damaging weekly blowdrying and straightening was back when I first went natural. I have not used heat in my hair in eight years and my hair is now midback length!

  • Alycia says:

    I've been natural for two years – boi have time flew by for me. It was/is "challenging" for me to say the least at times because my hair has a mind of its own! I can't tame it to do anything it tames me lol. Thank you Nikki for your tip on not using combs or brushes but to use your fingers instead. My hair seems to love that much more and I don't have as many shedding issues. I've also been using the curlformers and they are amazing for stretching hair. I just am too impatient to sit underneath the dryer to completely dry; I can only take 40 minutes. Thank you CurlyNikki for your site, it is very informative/educational!

  • Dana says:

    The first few months after my BC I wish I'd known better than to brush or comb my hair AFTER styling products on a washNgo. I'd have decent definition when wet and then a BIG Poofy FRIZZ ball afterwards. I look at photos with those tight a$$ headbands holding back that hot mess!

    I'm so glad I now know NOT to touch/comb/brush my hair until it's dry AND not to take down a Twistout before it's at least 90% dry!!!!

  • DrChuck24 says:

    I look back at my coil out and I'm like what in the heezy????!!!! but it was something interesting to look at (and pay for -___-). I wish I knew not to be such a product junkie and got a regime underway as quickly as possible.

  • Ordered Steps Productions says:

    Gel with no moisturizer underneath….HELMET HEAD!!!!! :)

  • Venita says:

    Your hair looks great either way, just fluffier with the curlers. I have to ask, what type is your hair Nikki? I know alot of people don't believe in the type system, but your edges always look so smooth and I don't hear you saying you put a lot of product on the edges to make them lay down. Just curious.

  • Anonymous says:

    Great question. I looked through my pictures and realized that putting a tight headband on my twa (although it looked cute from the front) gave me a weird side profile look. almost like a Simpson. Luckily,it didn't effect my edges, but wish I realized my TWA looked great "free".

    Nikki, much like you, I've switch to loving a more textured look. I used to have 'perfect" Twist-outs, now I love fluffing for texture. Thanks for sharing!

  • DiscoveringNatural says:

    My first attempt at doing a twist n curl was a failure (, so I thought. Looking back at the pictures now, I wish I could recreate that look again. Still trying…..

  • PhenomenallyMe says:

    I wish I'd learned that moisture is the key to keeping any style! No matter how much product you put on your twist out, you gotta make sure your hair is MOISTURIZED before anything will look the way you want it to…Lesson Learned!

    Yolanda G.

  • Engineering Natural Beauty says:

    I always liked twist outs, but once I started flat twisting I got "disrespectfully" big hair. Also to start using less product, shampoo/co-wash less often. My hair looks best when it's a little dirty.

  • Holly says:

    I learned that using less products (leave-in, gels, mousse) and sticking to a simpler routine allowed my curls to be more natural and soft.

  • Jai says:

    I went through a terrible mousse phase when I transitioned the first time. My hair was dry and crunchy and a HOT mess! No wonder I relaxed again. Thank goodness I got some help for CN when I transitioned again over a year ago.


  • Anonymous says:

    Oh wow Nikki, the hairstyle I look back on and painfully regret (so much breakage) was my main transitioning style. I wanted so much to have a "textured" look, so I got hold to copious amounts of Motions setting lotion and a diffuser and scrunched/diffused dripping wet hair. Oh yeah, I thought I was too cute with my pretty waves! That is, until I started trying to stretch the style a week. (College life) So what did I end up with? Super matted, knotted up, tangled hair. SMDH Thought I was so cute too. I wish I knew more about protective styling and sealing back then! My big chop would have yielded much healthier and MORE hair.

  • lovesharmony says:

    I wish i know now to leave the Shampoo alone. Everytime i wash my hair (especially since i color it) i do not need shampoo. Found out that the shampoo was drying my hair even the natural shampoo.

    I also wished i know about an shower filter long ago. I notice a huge difference in my hair since i install the filter. Less breakage.

    Washing is section… A winner. Taking my time and not rushing.

  • Ashley says:

    I wish I knew about natural styles when I first went natural. I thought the only way to wear your hair was straight so the press and curl was my best friend and my flat iron was my sister. Destroyed my precious texture. Now back at the drawing board with a TWA. But now I know the beauty and versatility of natural hair. Wish I knew it then Glad I know it now.


  • ambyrbrittany says:

    I wish I knew about the beauty of twist outs, TnCs, pineappling and finger detangling. My life would have been so much easier. Oh, yes and sealing my ends! The first year and a half of transitioning and being natural, I wore cornrows. I felt so unfeminine and WnG just weren't for me my hair tangled so much. Then I found the "beauty" of the flat iron and I had heat damage. I loved my curls but found them unmanageable. Now, my go to styles are twist out and TnCs. I can do those myself bc I can't flat twist to save my life. All those years of hating my natural as a natural….sniff::tear:

  • Unknown says:

    so curlynikki are you saying the ONLY difference between the two styles above is magnetic curlers?

  • Anonymous says:

    I wish I had paid more attention to the placement and size of my twists for a perfect twist outs. When I look at pics from my old twists outs, I am shocked at how crazy they look in the back :(

    -NaDea J

  • Anonymous says:

    When I look back and see my old "freeze" pictures. Now don't start acting brand new and confused. Ya'll know what the freeze is. Well let me put it so those of you who weren't born in the 80's can understand,"Them darn geled finger waves!" And you couldn't tell me I wasn't the *ish back then with my doodied up hair, crimps in the back or (french roll which my husband likes to call 'THE DUCK'ROFL) and cross colors! *burn old photos, burn!

    Rodgerika H.

  • Alicia W. says:

    My hairstyle that I wish I could forget was a low tight ponytail or bun that I wore for YEARS! lol. I never had a relaxer and for a while I just wanted to fit in. Yeah you could see my wavy roots, but my hair was slicked back so tight you couldn't tell I had these glorious curls in my head. I thought I was so cute, but really I was just stressing my edges and stifling my length retention. Thank you Lord for setting me (and my hair!) free!

  • BlueSkyPinky says:

    hey there Curly Nikki, I do wish that i know what i know know about my natural hair. when i was transitioning for 9 months back in July 2010 until April 7, 2011. i too did the twist-n-curl, it was crazy because my hair didn't always dry in time for work the next morning..however i moved on and ditched the roller, ever i had tried the sponge rollers with rolling paper. After that and after i cut the rest of the relaxer off on April7, 2011.. i was Free i tell you, free at last, and preferred the the more textured look and just twist the who thing with no rollers or other contraptions on the ends. LOVEING IT every DAY…

  • Sequitta J. says:

    Before I knew how to properly moisturize and preserve a twistout for multiple days, I would just sleep with a bonnet, slap some SM CES on it in the morning and try my HARDEST to get the original look again. I thought I was doing it with my little curly fro until I saw an old picture of myself with this dry, brittle looking, no definition fro. The ultimate breaking point though was at a meet up last summer when Titi and Miko from Miss Jessie's put me on blast (ever so politely) during a product demo! LOL

  • LBell says:

    The only natural hairstyles I've regretted were those that were done close to my scalp (comb coils, flat twists, cornrows). I have a small head and a young-looking face and any hairstyle that's close to my scalp makes me look like a 12-year-old. In fact when I did my last BC I made sure it was shaped so that I didn't look like I was still in grade school in Africa. :)

    Other than that, I have no regrets about my natural hairstyles. Most of my relaxed hairstyles were more time and effort than they were worth but hey, at least they let me fit in… *rolls eyes*

    As for what I wish I knew then that I know now: The first time I seriously grew out my hair I wish I'd known then that I didn't have to loc in order to continue growing it out. I could have kept wearing twists and redone them once a month and even if I did wet them in between they would have come out with a lot of conditioner and oil (and time and patience). Contrary to popular belief, it takes a LOT longer than a month for hair to really loc. If you can take down even 3.5-year-old locs (as I did), you can take down some matted month-old twists!

    I also wish I'd known about pH balancing and ceramides. Both have made a major difference in my hair's health.

  • crimsonpeach says:

    I wish I had my detangling routine down earlier. I have breakage in spots when I was still have lots of trouble/frustration with my hair. Things arent' perfect but I could have saved myself lots of hair if I knew then what I know now.

  • adornurself says:

    Yes wearing twist with a twa,didn't look very good on me but, at that time I thought it did until I saw a photo one day and was shocked!!!!….I realize my hair LOVES wash and gos and I get great compliments with that.

  • TyaD says:

    Oh and I wish I knew how harmful relaxers really were. I wish I understand the value of deep conditioner and how to protect my ends. I wish I knew the products that would actually help my hair and which ones would not.

  • QawanDee says:

    I wish I knew then that going natural wasn't as hard as it seemed! (:

  • TyaD says:

    Hmmm…lets start with the Jheri curl, finger waves, the assymetrical cut that really was more lopsided, stacks, the beautiful kinky twists that took my edges out, the first twist out that looked like I went swimming…need I say more – she cringes! Whew!

  • Deliliah Nonar says:

    My current style which is a twistout and I've been wearing it since my hair was long enough to twist. It gives my great spirals but time for a change. I wish I hadn't botched up a bantu knot out. It was horrible. I looked like that one old lady that wears the sponge rollers, with the too tight curl and frizzy, afro ends. I looked a hot, flaming, mess. All my son(15) could say was "Ma I like your other style better, this one looks like a granny's ", agreed! I do have perm rods, gonna try a twist and curl.

  • Meika says:

    I wish I knew then that styling my hair in sections would make for a much faster and painless routine. also that water is def my friend!

  • naturalsmile1009 says:

    When I wore cornrows going straight back, looking like a dude.
    Now I wish, I didnt straighten (press/curl) as much, cause my hair would be lke Kimmaytube's by now!

  • hairscapades says:

    I love your hair in your wedding pics Nik!!!! But, I also love the tighter curls now!! So, it's all good;)!! I can't think of any natural styles that I look back on now that were crazy. I used to rock 2 pigtail buns when I was younger … I probably wouldn't rock them now, but only because I'm 40 now. Shoot, I still might break them out for a workout or outdoor activity though;)!!


  • Charla says:

    Well, your original twist-n-curl was my salvation of wearing a ponytail for a year. I did a grow out of my relaxer and had no idea what or how to do anything with my natural hair, and a friend recommended your site. The twist-n-curl was the first "hair do" I did on my own and successfully at home. I still use it from time time. We all evolve, but it is nice to revisit our roots and beginnings from time to time!

  • Anonymous says:

    *flips through years of failed hairstyles* I could write a book on the missteps I made with my hair. Nooo exaggeration! There were the NUMEROUS times in college I didn't know what to do with my dry & unmanageable hair and I'd just stuff it under a beanie. Yeah the beanie would be sticking up & puffing up at odd places because it was taking shape of the mess underneath. NOT cute. That led to a guy snatching it off at a soccer match 1 day. Deeeefinitely one of my most embarrassing moments. I ran outta there SO fast! I wish I knew back then that Dax wasn't the only hair product out there. God bless the day I discovered leave in conditioners, shea butter, EVOO, that spritzing your hair is OK, shampooing in sections & braidouts. So basically, everything! Did I mention I was ignorant bout my hair? Yeaaah. Maaan I wish I could go back in time to college now and sashay cross campus with my twist outs & braid outs. Snatch that!


  • Tasha says:

    I hate that I never tried anything with my "more than" TWA. I just kept doing the wash and go when I could have been doing so much more. Aaaand I was overweight at the time so I looked like Florida Evans. No disrespect to Esther Rolle but that was not a hot look for me in my early 30s.

  • simplymeka says:

    My wash n gos back in the day woah lol!!! My hair was so dry and brittle. It was so noticeably in my freshmen pics. I thought wetting it and putting cantu shea butter would do the trick. Back in my freshmen year of college, I was battling with dry hair but….DAMN didn't think it was that bad lol! I cant believe I actually went out like that lol! And I honestly i thought my hair was looking bomb diggity lol ����! I was like four months post big chop so compared to then and now I know a lot more about my hair.

  • CurlyRoo says:

    I regret relaxing my hair most of my life. Every time I look back on those pics from yrs before, I always think "OMG, why is my hair so thin?!" Even up to now, I still can't bring myself to flat iron my curls.

  • MzLady says:

    Goodness yes! It was a style I saw on youtube that I attempted to replicate. FAIL. It was a mohawk, but instead of leaving the hair loose, it was tucked under into these…balls. It didn't look right on me. Bleh..

    – Afrobuttafly

  • Unknown says:

    when I was a kid, I didn't realize that simply brushing my curls out into a big puffball didn't make my hair straight..combine this with my affection for short hair cuts, and well, let's just say my mother calls them my "martha washington days". I wish I had known that curly hair is beautiful!

  • Anonymous says:

    natural my whole life but if only i knew that all my hair needed was water… i'd have saved SO much time/money and so many tears, lo. water? who knew! i guess the best things in life really are free…


  • Jo Somebody says:

    Jheri curl. But I was a child then, so it wasn't my fault!

  • Randi says:

    When I first decided to wear my hair natural I threw out all my products and only used the stuff I seen on YT videos or the "all natural" products I'd read about online. Most of the stuff didn't work for me and I am now revisiting products found at Target, drug stores, even BSS. I wasted so much time and money on theses products and DIY mixes. Never again my hair likes cones and sulfate cleansers sometimes.

  • Anonymous says:

    Boy oh boy, I wish I knew what to do with my natural hair in 2008 when I started wearing it natural exclusively. I would wash it with shampoo then put organics hair mayonaise in it as a leave in and styler. Problem was, that product has bits and pieces of herbs or something in it and I'm sure my hair looked as if it had big dandruff pieces in it and needed washing!!

  • livelovelaugh331 says:

    I tried this bang with headband on my twa. Looking back at the pics it was a mess. I wish I knew then which ingredients my hair loves and hates because I would have skipped that nightmare of a trim when I thought my protein sensitive hair was brittle because of split ends. Still loving the journey though.

  • Anonymous says:

    Boy oh boy, I wish I knew what to do with my natural hair in 2008 when I started wearing it natural exclusively. I would wash it with shampoo then put organics hair mayonaise in it as a leave in and styler. Problem was, that product has bits and pieces of herbs or something in it and I'm sure my hair looked as if it had big dandruff pieces in it and needed washing!!

  • CurlyChellez says:

    Well I wish I didnt press and flat iron my hair back then, now I know I can look good with my natural texture. If I would have knew that then, I wouldnt have to transition from heat damaged hair now :/

  • Angelina says:

    I wish I knew back then how much a light, tension blow-out would help my hair style go a long way. Back then I would wash and twist. My hair took almost two days to dry and by then my scalp would get very itchy. I actually developed a small fungal infection in one part of my hair from it not drying completely. My hair is very thick. Now my routine is: wash/condition, braid and twist (on the very ends of my hair) in 6-8 sections. The next morning I take out each braid one at a time and tension blow-dry my hair on low-to-medium heat, making sure that my roots are dry; this set lasts at least a week or more. My hair is less tangled as well, making it easier for the next wash session.

  • Anonymous says:

    If I had known then what I know now I would have not spent a fortune on expensive products. I've been natural for 2.5 years and my hair is 2c, long, wavy and frizzy. I use the Tightly-Curly method which means no rollers and my waves become so defined all without gel, just Aussie Moist. I don't have to worry about drying my hair because now I just put my floor heater on a stool and sit next to it, moving it to dry all around. I also use the hood dryer for the top – sometimes. The T-C method does best with air drying. If my hair isn't completly dry in the a.m. when I leave the house, that's cool because by the times it is my hair has become poofy in a controlled way, with waves still intact. I wish I had known all this when I was a teenager because I went through a lot of torture to make my hair presentable.

    BTW – Nikki, I like your hair the best when you use the tiny flexi rods.

  • Chicago Chica says:

    I wish that I knew my hair still needed protein treatments.

  • Unknown says:

    That less is more. That less is more. That less is more. AND that silicone and the like (petroleum, mineral oil, etc) could be, and are my friends!


  • Anonymous says:

    The first time I went I went natural, I used to do wash 'n gos all the time, but my hair always looked like a dried up mess at the end of the day. This time around, I figured out what I was doing wrong all along. I was not using a good, creamy leave-in conditioner and I definitely did not seal my ends. Now that I know better, my hair looks 90% better than it did the first time around. Also, I receive compliments and envious stares from people frequently. I'm glad I've finally figured out how to properly moisturize my situation! LOL!


  • Unknown says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • Anonymous says:

    I wish i knew under all the creamy crack a beautiful set of hair was underneath. I went natural in 2010 and love every step even the bad hair days. I check your site throughout the day so i know alot of things i did not know, sealing, cowashing and I cannot forget henna!!Bajan Rhonda

  • Anonymous says:

    may i ask about fluffing? i need some guidance. every time i "fluff", my twist out becomes a fro. help me, please :)

  • Unknown says:

    I wish in the beginning I'd known more about stretching my hair before styling (prep for twist outs) to avoid major shrinkage. I also wish I'd been exposed to two of my fave products– Kinky Curly Knot Today and SheaMoisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie. Where have you been all my life??

  • Anonymous says:

    I would say a twist out with Hawaiian Silky was my ultimate fail. I had no clue what I was doing. I wish I knew that mango butter would be my savior and I didn't need all those "curl defining" products. Oh the money I could have saved…..

    Sky B.

  • Anonymous says:

    I have been natural for over a year! I wish I would have taken the time to listen to my hair and not use countless hair products because someone on youtube said it was a GREAT product.


  • KinkyKonscious says:

    I regret putting my hair in SO many small twists only to take them out in the morning for what I thought was a "perfect" twist-out. Less is definitely more and less time consuming lol. I regret not finger detangling sooner and using short-cuts (tangle teezer, combs, etc) to do it. A little fingering (tee hee) goes a long way!

  • KinkyKonscious says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • Anonymous says:

    I'm glad I Big Chopped. Now if the front of my hair will curl like the back I'll be very happy!!!!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    what I learned now that I didn't know back then; was that water is my friend. I was so use to wearing extensions and worrying about my hair getting wet. It rained the other day and I was not bothered about the rain. In fact I learned my hair loves water/ moisture my braid out twist are getting better. I've only been natural for a few months but water( mist)has helped me to enjoy my two textures and twist.

  • Anonymous says:

    I've enjoyed the 8 year learning process, the good and the bad. I don't regret much. Thanks.

    Monica S.

  • Danquinelle H says:

    I'm a newbie natural….excluding the perm part. I haven't had a perm since I was like 5 or 6. At any rate though now I look back at my straight hair and realize all the damage that I was doing with my beloved flat iron, which btw feels totally neglected. I wish I had known how beautiful my curls were from the start. I always knew my hair was curly but I had no clue what to do with it, how to moisturize it, or how to treat it CURLY!!! My biggest gaph about that is that no one ever even encouraged me to rock the natural……(sigh)…..Oh well.

  • Happy Hair Brklyn says:

    I wish I knew back when I did my first BC Dec 2000, that the hair needed to be sealed to help retain moisture, I have very dry hair. I was a BIG product junkie back then. LOL! The information wasn't out like it is now. And I wish I didn't listen to the stylist tell me that my hair wouldn't go into 2 strand twists because I had a "z" pattern. If she could see my hair now twisting so beautifully! I've learned that our hair texture will change and we have to adjust to those changes as our hair grows out.

  • Bryanna says:

    I wish I knew how to take care of my hair like I know now,back when I had a relaxer

  • Tabatha says:

    I think that my twist now r so much better bcause they r longer & i love wen they r big & chunky I apply a hair grease to my scalp that helps me with keeping my hair moisturized & shiney

  • Anonymous says:

    I wish I'd started sleeping with a satin cap from the beginning. My hair has shown tremendous improvement since my best friend got me to start using one.

  • Unknown says:

    I wish I knew that I should listen to MY hair more than I listened to other opinions…and co-washing with Dove would be the best thing that ever happened to me!


  • TheCurlyChris says:

    In the early 90s I wore a bob with Cleopatra bangs that my boyfriend (now husband) hated. I still don't know why he didn't like it…I got tons of compliments and my (relaxed) hair was so shiny and silky and bouncy, that some of my envious coworkers started a rumor that I wore a wig…LOL.

  • Unknown says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • Unknown says:

    I actually don't have any regrets……. I have yet to do a puff (in any capacity and I feel so behind of the game lol). I like to keep my hair twisted most times for convenience and to retain moisture, but the high puff is sexy. Must try soon. However, I look back at my old "twists out" and they are BLAH in comparison to my out styles now. Progress… YES!!!

  • Nikisha says:

    I wish i knew not to use V05 conditioner as a leave-in but to use an actual moisturizing product that i can use everyday on my hair to keep my hair full of shine and bounce. :)

  • Kia D says:

    LOL @ the Jergen's Curl!!!

    I regret thinking that blowdrying and flat ironing would be a genious way to get the effects of a relaxer. I decided that I wouldn't get relaxers anymore but didn't know what I was doing at that point was transitioning. I just didn't want anymore burns and it was so hard to find a stylist (I had just moved to a different state) Now I'm growing transitioning but instead of with relaxed ends I have damaged ends. I trim frequently tho. I know I should just bc but I can't do it y'all! I'm working it out though.

  • Faith G says:

    I regret getting a relaxer in the first place; especially since I was always trying to get the curly/wash n go look with my relaxed hair!

  • Tiffany Herring says:

    When I first started out, I wish I knew less is more. I used at least 5 products to style my newly natural hair. Now I use a leave-in and a sealant and I get great results without hurting my pocket.

  • Smallfro says:

    Yep, I've definitely evolved. Started by twist out about month 5 in my natural hair journey. Yep, I had the nerve to wear a 1 1/2 inch twist out. I thought I was to cute. I even had the nerve to wear barrett clips and do a side part. I new this time my natural journey was good. I even took a million pictures, don't tell me I wasn't fine. Now, with 5-6 inches of hair, I think the twist outs actually look like a style. Before it was just busted.
    /Users/tymanning/Pictures/iPhoto Library/Previews/2011/06/08/20110608-013217/IMG_0050.jpg

  • Anonymous says:

    I wish I knew to not use shampoo on my hair everyday for the first 3 days or so after my big chop! I regret all those years with a relaxer! Finally, I see the light! :)

  • Kerissa K says:

    I wish I knew about cowashing, the importance of protein, and that flexi rods are set vertically not horizontally the first time I big chopped. It would have saved me from having to BC again.

  • Bridget says:

    I think your hair looks great both ways. As for me, I wish I knew about co-washing earlier in the game. When I first decided to embrace my curls, I wore wash and gos and I shampooed my hair almost every day. Needless to say, my hair became extremely dry and started breaking off quickly. I had to get a significant trim and start over again. Ugh!

  • Yolandra says:

    I wish I knew new about the flat twist out during my transitioning phase to achieving curly hair. Instead I chose to flat iron, which resulted in a section of my hair getting heat damage which I'm now growing out. Now 2 flat twist going straight back gives my fine hair a stretched, big twist out and is my signature style.

    Btw the original twist-n-curl is just as pretty.

  • Mscurlymomma says:

    I regret flat ironing my hair during the transitioning period. I should have wore curly styles. I had to cut off relaxed ends and the straight pieces I damaged from heat.

  • shea_nicole says:

    I don't know why i ever tried wash n gos and would leave the house before it was dry to end up with a wild frizzy mess because i would literally wash my hair put NOTHING no it and go…tsk tsk. I also wish i knew about sealing when i first went natural could have saved me from a many of dry hair days that i suffered in the beginning. But hey you live you learn and you find Also i loved your original twist and curl the two textures weren't bad at all.

  • Anonymous says:

    I wish I knew my natural hair was low porosity before buying dozens of hair butters and creams that just flaked in my hair.

  • Anonymous says:

    Big beautiful curls!

  • karonda says:

    Okay, Nikki this is my first post ever! I BC'D Aug 6,2011. My hair is very fine and I'm still new to the natural hair game however, twist outs are my signature style. When I first started doing twist out I I twisted on wet hair. I recently discovered dry twist outs and I love them! My hair is really full and looks thick when twist are done on dry hair. The only thing I don't like is that my curls aren't as defined as on wet hair. I currently use Shea Moisture but I'm looking for another product that will define my curls and give volume. Any suggestions? BTW your hair is beautiful and I love your site! Thanks for all the info – Ronda

  • Anonymous says:

    By the way, that whole JERGENS CURL thingy was a really bad idea and truely a REGRET!!! Yipes!!!
    Allnatural1 (A.K.A. Michelle in TX)

  • Anonymous says:

    When I first BC'd 12 yrs ago, I had no clue what the heck I was doing. Looking back on all the stages I went through, I have come a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooOng way! Lol!
    I used to wash daily with a full o sulfate shampoo, followed by one or two leaveins, some gel and then pomade on top! The only thing that saved me was that I did not use heat- I was just simply too lazy. I also never used a satin bonnet, silk scarf, nada.
    It's a wonder i have any hair at all.
    You live and you learn, though. My routine is completely different. No gel. Only one leave-in. I cowash once a week and wash once a week. I seal the ends. At least, I have a clue now.

  • Anonymous says:

    Stunning both ways Nikki!

  • Marcia says:

    I have had quite the TnC evolution…I have a pic of my first one ever done, the weekend before President Obama's was sworn into office…it was kind of a mess…halo fro situation, done with HE (one of those new ones at the time). I liked it okay. Then I had a long time with the rollers with the clips and then I would do no rollers, then through another blog honeybrownsugar I started with the straws on the ends. Straws win, they are easy to sleep on and make my ends the smoothest. I tried doing it on damp hair and that is a no go, my hair will NEVER come out smooth if not done on soaking wet hair….I loved your hair with the original TnC and the newer remixed version…it all rocks!

  • Meena says:

    I wish I always knew to use good quality mainly natural products. I learned a few years back that sulfates are not my friend. But even with knowing this when I was in a bind last year I got a cheapie shampoo while out of town. My scalp was itching and irritated after that mistake. I couldnt wait to get home and wash my hair with products my hair loves.

    Your hair looks awesome both ways. I think its cool to mix up the look every now and again :) Waiting on my braid and curl to dry as I type :)

  • Anonymous says:

    Okay, so when I look back and I do mean waaaaayyy back when I was in Junior High, I used to do "The Jergens curl". I used Jergens lotion (yep the kind you put on your ashy elbows and knees)as my setting lotion and I would roll my hair up on sponge rollers. Take it down in the morning and sport (drum roll please!!!) THE JERGENS CURL. "I felt like I was a BAD MOTHER -shut yo mouth" I'm talkin bout Me and my Jergens Curl!!! ahahahahahaha silly aint I??
    AllNatural1 (A.K.A. Michelle in TX)

  • Briannannirb says:

    When I look back at my old pictures from middle school…lawd have mercy on my soul. My hair was LAID, to my head, straight. My big head + fine flat hair = A hot mess.

    Now I can look back and sing "ohh child, things are gonna get easier"….but back then, you couldn't tell me nothing!

  • Anonymous says:

    I'm newly natural. Just did my BC about 3 weeks ago. I wish I knew what to do with this TWA! Right now I just looks so frizzy and dry and no matter how much stuff I put in it, I still can't get it to "curl cute." I know this is part of the process…but…sheesh! lol Any suggestions for a newly natural girl, with a struggle TWA?

  • Katrina A says:

    From about 4th grade thru 7th or so, I wore a huge bang across the front, like from ear to ear huge. I remember setting it every night with pink foam rollers. You couldn't tell me I wasn't cute though!


    I know that middle school is an awkward time for everyone, but I did not make things any easier on myself by wearing a bun with 4-6 color coordinated scrunchies surrounding the bun. I mean you could see the scrunchies from the front!

  • Anonymous says:

    i only had a relaxer from the ages of 17 thru 21 (i'm now 22). I would've regretted getting another relaxer on top of my original relaxer, I made this decision because I thought I was suppose to have fully STRAIGHT hair w/ a relaxer…#NOT… & not moisturizing/taking care of my relaxed hair. However, I had very long, very thick relaxed hair (b4 the 2nd processing) and if those two major mistakes didnt happen my hair wouldnt have thinned terribly and fell out THUS I wouldnt be natural now! …so I guess I have no regrets :)

  • Alyssa B. says:

    Well, I am beginning to rediscover curlformers. I jumped on the bandwagon as soon as I heard of them. Problem is, my hair was too short and I did a set on dry hair. Now, I realize that I can get a smoother finish on damp hair and using a setting lotion and with my hair longer, the curls look a little better. :)

  • NaturallyM3 says:

    I'm a new transitioner and although I'm not new to the site this is my first post and I have been looking for the right subject to comment on. But hey as the saying goes no time like now. Just reading your evolution post has me rethinking about my current style. I figured I would just rock the sew-in styles till I get the length I want but now with a fresh pair of eyes I am taking out my extensions… and I have a feeling I will soon be cutting off my relaxed hair -which isn't so relaxed-

  • Anonymous says:

    I wish I learned how to properly take care of my hair…Using shampoo that made my hair DRY then using a conditioner to repair it..I would put nothing after I wash it so it made me harder to tangle…Using a detangler then putting nothing after it..not even doing braids or twists after washing.. I would sleep on my afro–no satin bonnet..NOTHING…Going to the pool or the beach and let my hair dry with the chlorine in it or the salt water
    So yea my hair has been through a lot for the first year of cutting my relaxed ends..then I found youtube :D..THANK GOD
    Mel Sanon

  • Anonymous says:

    I wish I knew to learn MY hair and to not expect it to do or be like anybody else. I spent so much time trying so many products, and some were not cheap, to make it curl, to make it soft, to make it grow…Now that Im two years in, I know what my texture is and I accept it. I've learned what works for my hair and I no longer fight or have to buy a million and one products. I've worked it down to just a few with the main ones being Yes to Cucumbers Conditioner, Any shampoo, Vatika Oil, Eco Styler Gel, Motions Naturally You Hydrate MY Curls Pudding<<<<

  • s.perry722 says:

    I regret wearing wash n go's at ANY moment with length! Lol It's just not for me. Went to a wedding out of town and forgot my trusty knee-hi for a puff. I already cowashed so I slathered on my leave in and some olive oil, shook and went! While damp, I got ooh's and ah's but after that humidity hit in Florida?! DONE deal! I looked like Don King meets wave nouveau spray. Smh LOL! Never again!

  • JackieC says:

    I wish I had transitioned for a month or two longer, because I got bored with having 1-2 inches of hair super quick. I also wish I had found my staple products earlier. So much money has gone down the drain on products that simply don't work for me.

    I love, love, love the results with the big rollers and can't wait until my hair is long enough to try something like that.

  • Anonymous says:

    Your ends are so healthy and beautiful, very even. I think it's time I go get a shape up.

  • FaithPeach30 says:

    Early on into my natural journey, say around year two, I watched a very inspiring video of a 3c 4a (if you're into the typing thingy) natural who set her bantu knots with Eco Styler (olive oil) Gel and a little shea butter and achieved a very bossy bantu knot out.

    Strapped for cash and in college at the time, I dug these two products out of my hair box and got to work and to my horror the next day, unveiled the ashiest, stiffest bantu knot out known to man. My hair is 4b by the way.

    I learned once and for all that certain techniques/product-combos work better for some natural hair textures than others. Know YOUR hair ladies, through and through.

  • Tricia says:

    The only thing I regret is the relaxer. My hair is entirely too fine to wear straight. You'd think I had a head full of hair now! I'm 3 years natural and loving every minute of it!

  • Anonymous says:

    I'm in the same boat as you Curly Nikki! As soon as I started doing my twistncurls on damp hair, not wet and doing fewer twists altogether, it looked ten times better and the roots matched the ends! I'm so grateful for this blog and all you do.

    Melissa K.

  • brownprincess14 says:

    I wish I knew then not to use a creamy leave-in underneath my gel unless I planned on letting it dry before leaving the house. I used to walk around with white stuff in my hair and no one would tell me until the end of the day!

  • Demetra says:

    I wish that I had known that my hair was manageable back then. i would consistently hide me hair in braids and twists- anything to keep from from having to deal with my hair. I thought it was too coarse, too thick, too something for me to manage. Now I know that my hair is an absolute doll as long as I moisturize and treat it well.

  • mangomadness says:

    P.S. I love the twist-n-curl on magnetic rollers. The wave pattern is def better and more consistent.

  • ShirleyJ says:

    I spent part of my freshman year of high school thinking that I shouldn't put oil in my hair, did not bother to even include a regular deep conditioner in my regiment. So I ran around with hair that looked like straw for months.

  • mangomadness says:

    I wish I would have known to try stretching my hair during my first year natural. I just kept co-washing with Yes to Carrots Conditioner (old formula) and slapping on shea butter. My little 'fro was cute, sheen-y and soft but I should have switched it up with some Bantu knot outs…

    Oh well, I learned a lot in my second and third years of being natural. Now, my haircare and styling games is on point. I'll keep my routine the same and experiment with more styles (-out styles, buns, updos). I'm looking forward to the future with my 'fro.

  • MrsDjRass says:

    CurlyNikki, this is when I love this site most.
    Your perspective, hair & personality…
    No one does this hair blogging thing better.

  • Tai says:

    I regret hiding my hair underneath braids, regret not embracing my natural hair almost 5 years ago, but I can't go on crying over spilled milk. My hair is growing, healthy, and FIYAH! I'm happy and in love with my hair!

  • Anonymous says:

    The only style regrets I have are wearing my hair bone straight and relaxed for all those years, which resulted in damaged hair.

    Well, I also have a style great from the beginning of my natural hair experience. I accidentally put way too much Eco Styler gel in for a wash and go, and my hair looked good, but it was hard as a brick. You could have literally bounced a brick of off my head. I was ducking and weaving many times that day whenever someone tried to touch my hair! lol


  • Anonymous says:

    Kesha R- I actually prefer the big curlers. It's more professional in my opinion.I'll be trying this style as soon as I finish transitioning. The only thing I wish I knew a couple years ago was how damaging relaxers were to my body.

  • Anonymous says:

    aw man! can't find curlformers on craigslist!! I want some so bad!!

  • Anonymous says:

    Raquel R.

    i wish i learned how to properly stretch my hair when it was shorter. i think not stretching led to some nasty wear on my ends.

    but now :) i can properly smooth and stretch my hair post wash so i can throw it up into a bun. next stop: getting and mastering curlformers!

  • Rhonda says:

    Looks great!

  • Rhonda C says:

    Nik, I absolutely adore the "original" twist and curl, but respect your preference for more texture.

    So much that I wish I had learned not via "trial by fire and second glances". As for example, ramein noodle curls aint cute. So, yep, gels typically dont work for me. Never mind that I insisted on raking it through my WnGs on a regular.

    PS. Glad to hear you found a new place! Hope it doesnt come with a way scary basement or ants. *laughing*

  • Anonymous says:

    That was me at 5:16! My name is Dea.

  • Anonymous says:

    Nik, I like both styles, your hair is always fab. I have no regrets I just wish I knew about co-washing a while ago, I also wish I knew about this blog then!

  • FelicityRhode says:

    No big hair mess ups here. I always kept it simple. I do wish that I would've been more adventurous with my tresses, lol.

    And I like the original style, too… But then again, my hair is ALWAYS ridiculously different textures… I do have a question, though. What do you think about a Twist n Curl with Curlformers? I'm seriously considering put 40 twists in my head, and slapping them in the Curlformers. Yea or Nay?


  • Petula says:

    I really have a "no regrets" attitude toward every past hairstyle. Including the Jerri Curl… LOL…

    Love, love, love the way your hair looks… Oh to have such length! You're right: bigger twists on damper, and not soaking wet hair, are better. I found this out 'cause I'm lazy! :-)

  • Jillian says:

    I seriously regret the decades of microbraids. My scalp still hasn't recovered and it's been three years. My daughter really wants extensions but never, not in my house.

  • The Mothership says:

    I wore my braids in my face, like all the time. I thought it gave me a cute side bangy type of look. I look at the pictures now and I only see the girl from the Ring. Yuck!

  • Kim says:

    I LOVE this look. How do you maintain this while working out? I'm that 5 A.M. gym nut, and i usually wear my hair in a big puff. This is the easiest style to maintain with my workouts, unless I decide to keep it twisted. I would love to rock my hair out like this, but I know that it will poof up after one gym session. Do you recommend re-twisting at night? Someone PLEASE help me with this, lol. Thanks in advance

  • Anonymous says:

    I loved your wedding hair! I wear twist and curls all the time and the two textures are very different but I don't care! You look cute either way!

    I wish I knew how important sealing was when I first went natural.Id probably have a lot more length to show for it.

    Sasha L.

  • Elaine D. says:

    I really regret the puff I wore ALL THE TIME during my mini afro days. It took me a while to recover my edges after…more like 2 years!!!!

  • Tabitha says:

    Yes you live and you learn! But I do like both versions of the twist and curl are too cute. I prefer more texture myself rather than a big head of fluff! Keep doing your thing girll because we love it!

  • Anonymous says:

    LOL @ "disrespectfully HUGE hair"…love it :)

  • Anonymous says:

    I agree with the poster who said your hair looked better "before"…the bottom pic your hair is frizzy

    S/N: do you receive the product Quidad product for free??

  • Anonymous says:

    I liked your original TNC nikki! Your new one is cute too, but I definitely don't think you should feel bad about your old hair hahah.

    The only style I regret are pony tails. I wore them for like 2 years straight during my transition and it took my edges out. It was a scraggily little thing too. Live and learn I guess.

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