Ayeesha writes:

En route to a healthier lifestyle that involved an exercise and healthy eating regimen, Ayeesha decided to let her hair join in on the all-natural fun. Empowered by the natural hair community, she dove in to the BC and hasn’t looked back!

I did my first BC two days before a job interview this past November. When I made the first cut, I thought, “Oh my, what did I just do?” My heart starting beating really fast and I thought, “At this point, there is no turning back.”

My family and friends were very supportive, especially my boys. When my youngest son saw my haircut, he covered his mouth in surprise and started touching my hair. He could not stop looking at me. It took my husband a few days to come around.

At this point I am learning my hair, and I just want it to be healthy. I did not go natural because my hair was damaged or anything like that. Actually, my perm became an interference to my workout regimen, so it had to go. Also, I started eating all natural organic foods back in 2008, so going natural with my hair was the natural order of things.

As far as modifying my look to fit my hairstyle, I have always been a girly girl, so the only thing that I changed is that now I wear bigger earrings courtesy of my big sis who is also natural.

To keep my hair moisturized, I co-wash at least four times per week, plus I use a leave-in conditioner. I also use a variety of oils and shea butter. My favorite product to get my curls popping off is ECO Styler Gel. I have to say, the online natural hair community did empower me to make that first cut. I did not transition, I just went for it. I love my natural hair. I wish that I was brave enough to make the change a long time ago.