I Heart Chunky Twist-n-Curls
The day- April 20, 2012
The time- 12pm
The place- Happy Valley, PA
Let me set the scene…
After a trim, a much needed henna
session and a deep treatment (DT), I was very eager to try this new,
much hyped styler.  The dilemma- although I was ready to rinse and
twist, said styler hadn’t been delivered yet.  As Gia napped, I compulsively
refreshed the UPS tracking page as I caught up on part 2 of the RHOA reunion. Triflin’. Anyway, it showed that it was ‘out for delivery’ but time was ticking and I knew Hurricane Boog would be blowing through any minute.
the UPS man pulled up, and unable to contain my excitement, I
damn near tackled him… flung the door open before he could ring the doorbell, looking all crazy with my plastic baggy and heat
cap all velcro’ed up.  I ran upstairs and immediately rinsed the DT, blotted the drippies and raked a little leave-in through my damp hair. 
I then applied the styler in sections as I twisted.  I ended up with 13
twists and rolled the ends on the tiniest flexi rods ever. 
excruciating hours later, my hair was 95% dry and like a kid on
Christmas Eve, I just couldn’t wait any longer.  The result? A shiny,
bouncy, fluffy, moisturized Twist-n-Curl with decent hold.  I’m talking
ZERO crunch, ZERO gunk… my hair felt product-less but looked

I Heart Chunky Twist-n-Curls

 This morning, after a strained pineapple (at this length, low, loose ponys seem to do better), I’m happy to report dope second day hair.
I Heart Chunky Twist-n-Curls
I Heart Chunky Twist-n-Curls
I Heart Chunky Twist-n-Curls

What’s this mystery product, you ask. Let me try it one more ‘gin, and I’ll tell all next week.  No side eyes please. Y’all know how I hate prematurely singing the praises of stuff.  However, if you happen to guess correctly in the comments below, I might be obliged (I’m bursting at the seams) to dish.  A hint… it’s a *new* moisturizing styler. 

Later Gators,