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Curly Nikki

Loc’d Man: Tiba

By January 27th, 202142 Comments

Tell us a little about yourself? 
My name is Atiba Benjamin aka
Skinny Trini. I’m a 26 year old IT Specialist currently residing in NW
Washington D.C. I’m originally from Trinidad & Tobago and I moved to the US
in 1998, I’ve been in the Metropolitan area ever since.

How long have you been growing your locs? 
I’ve been growing my locs for about 7 and half years.

What do you use on your hair, product wise, to
maintain it?
I use non-scented clear
aloe gel to re-twist my locs. When washing hair, I use Tea Tree Shampoo and

often do you have to wash and re-twist your loc s and who styles them?
get my locs re-twisted once every 2 – 3 months but that is always subject to
change, depending on social experiences.
Loc'd Man: Tiba

What do you think about women with natural hair? Do you care if your woman is relaxed, natural or loc’d? 
Me personally, I love a woman no matter how she chooses to wear
her hair. To me, hair is merely an aspect of a person therefore I feel
its just self expression
of ones individuality.

Do you think women who choose to loc their hair are
Personally, I am more attracted to a woman’s intellect not really her hair. I find it to be shallow just to be attracted
to one because of their hair preference.

Loc'd Man: Tiba

What are the pros and cons about having your hair loc’d? 
 I would say the biggest pro about having
locs is that you can make your own natural hair products. Also, your hair is easily
managed and can be a lot cheaper to maintain. Cons, I don’t really have any.

made you decide to loc your hair? Have you always had hair or did you start
your locs from scratch? 
I had long hair for about 5 yrs before I
decided to
loc. My motivation behind locking was my culture, in Trinidad wearing
locs is a lifestyle and not a “trend”. People commit to a lifelong
agreement with their
locs just as I do.

Loc'd Man: Tiba

What makes a woman’s hair beautiful to you? 
The fact that a woman takes pride in up-keeping her
hair is attractive enough. 

Do you have any advice for our readers who are
considering loc’ing their hair?
I’d say that having locs is definitely a
commitment and process. Locs should be worn for a reason and not a season. 

can we find you on the web?


  • Anonymous says:

    Beautiful locs. You can tell that he takes great care of them. Locs, low beard, and skinny/lean-my weaknesses lol 🙂

  • DecemberPumpkin says:

    awesome hair

  • Alyssa Joy says:

    Wow! This, I must say, is the epitome of a real man. I love the intelligence. Also, very gorgeous hair.

  • Anonymous says:

    Big up T&T!!

  • KJ says:

    TRINI MASS-IVE!!!! Beautiful hair!

  • Annie L. says:

    Gorgeous hair, wonderful upkeep and good interview! I love when men channel Samson, or even George Clinton if you've got real style, Lol! Is aloe gel all he uses on his hair? Because I will toss my Darcy's right now for that luxuriousness! I wonder if he ever just whips them around rock-star-style at home…..

    I was surprised at all the questions on women's hair, it seemed like a dating questionnaire, lol! And agree with Shaqita and Anonymous 10.20, no one asked anyone's opinions on this poster's attractiveness or for style tips! I've NEVER seen that kind of presumption with WOMEN who were GENEROUS enough to share their hair journey on this site.

  • Jenni T. says:

    Beautiful man w/ beautiful hair!

  • Kandyapple says:

    I like his locs. You can see they are well cared for. With that said, I too think they are a bit too long. And I don't mean too long for a guy, it's because of his size. I've seen other mean IRL with extra long gorgeous locs, but they were bigger guys and the locs didn't seem to overpower them. When Tiba's hair is up, it's gorgeous, but when it's loose, not so much. Again, it is just my personal opinion. And of course it goes with outside, ultimately it's his hair and if he likes it, that's all that really matters.

  • Anonymous says:

    Tiba, your locs look great! It good to know that you take good care of your hair, because you have some of the best looking locs I've seen, period point blank (no offense to other people who rock locs; I like locs).


  • Anonymous says:

    Yeah, i'm not sure why people feel they have to speak out about his attractiveness.

    I wonder how you guys would feel if you went on a blog talking about your hair and your journey and many comments (let's say from men or women) were focused on how they didn't like how your hair fit you or how much it made you unattractive in their eyes. What do those sort of comments have to do with anything about his hair journey?

    And yeah, yeah we all have opinions but there's a freaking time and place for some.

  • Anonymous says:

    Trinbago massive!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    Beautiful locs and beautiful thoughts.

  • Anonymous says:

    Your questions feed into the idea that what a man thinks about women's hair is important….

  • mangomadness says:

    Love the locs! You take great care of them and they suit you very well.

  • Anonymous says:

    On this blog, males seem to garner more of the harsher just-being-honest comments when their hair doesn't fit someone's personal preference.
    Wonder why that is?

  • Shaqita says:

    Tiba I'm proud of you for having the courage to be you. Which exactly what this blog is supposed to be about. I'm digging your comment about being more into a woman's intellect then her hair which is sad because not many women feel that way about themselves. To you women on here commenting about he needs to cut is hair, show some respect and some class not for him but for yourself, I get sick and tired of us putting others down merly based on looks he's a young educated black man on here trying to impower is black sisters and your on here ripping him apart. No one asked you to date, sleep with,or marry him so get over yourself. At the end of the day do what works for you Afro,curls, locs, relaxers or a weave. We are all beautiful beings and should carry ourselves as such. So go head Tiba let your locs hang low and stay proud of your heritage and who you are.

  • Elaine D. says:

    Tea tree all the way!!! Gorgeous locs!

  • Anonymous says:

    DMV's in the house!!!!! Atiba your locs are absolutely gorgeous! I'm glad that you consider your locs as a lifestyle not a trend. There are so many brothers over here in the DMV getting locs or have locs and not keeping up with them. Oh, and it's a plus that you keep the hair on your face shaped up too. 9: )

  • Anonymous says:

    Lovely hair and lovely thoughts. Good to see that he appreciates whats in a woman's head over what's on it to snag from Anonymous 4:24. I see no reason why he should cut his hair. For everyone who doesn't feel it there's someone who does. I say the same thing for my own natural hair and his hair looks so well taken care of and healthy 🙂

  • Anonymous says:

    This type of thing never seize to amaze me! Everyone knows that people have preferences! (i.e hair, foods, clothes,etc.) Come on…REALLY?

    SN: Don't get me wrong, I Dig his take on the hair thing being an extinction of someone's individuality. And I ESPECIALLY like that he's more interested in what's IN a womens head and NOT what's on it. But unfortanately, not everyone is that evolved! *Kanye Shrug*

    Some "like" his dreads and that is perfectly fine! Some "don't" and that is fine too! What's the problem? People are going to be who they are! LIKE MY GIRL MARY J. SAY'S: YOU COULD HATE IT OR LOVE IT!!!LOL

  • Anonymous says:

    Handsome guy, but the length of his locks are a turn off.

  • Anonymous says:

    Nice hair but too long, not attractive at all. Cut it, it would look much better,

  • DMV says:

    @Anonymous 3:13 those who stated he should cut his hair is hating. Yes everyone has there preference if he a was a woman nobody would be saying "cut your hair"!
    Some men hate TWA's on women & some women hate dreads on men but thats not what I was talking about and neither was the negative comments I was referring too!

  • Anonymous says:

    Atiba, your locs are gorgeous! I can tell you take care of them because they are absolutely beautiful! I love me a man with long dreads! There is something sexy and alluring about them that I find irresistable! Oops, hubby just walked in the room! Gotta go!

  • Katrina A says:

    "Me personally, I love a woman no matter how she chooses to wear her hair. To me, hair is merely an aspect of a person therefore I feel its just self expression of ones individuality."

    Love this comment.

  • Anonymous says:

    @ Anon 3:01 PM

    Is that somehow relevant to the posting, or are you just tryna be an a**?


    Love the locs dude, and big up all my Trinis in the house!!!!

  • KeshaSharee says:

    I'm going to assume that the 1st pic is his wedding photo and tip toe my way out of this post. Lord knows I have a weakness for locs.

  • Anonymous says:

    Where is K3nny??????

  • Anonymous says:

    @ DMV – I dont think its hating nor do I feel the comments are negative. Its simply about preferences. He is a nice looking gentlemen but like those ladies I dont PREFER gentlemen with hair. If you like men with locs, afros, etc then that is your preference… Personally I like clean shaven men or bald heads.

    And as a woman, I dont want my hair that long either… been there and cut that. No envy here, just my preferences.

  • Anonymous says:

    Does he like girls or guys?

  • DMV says:

    Im surprised at the negative comments, his hair looks great and the men with dreads in the DMV would love to have his length and some of you hating women would too!

  • Candace4life says:

    I meant to say pic #4, and then pic #3 :).

  • Candace4life says:

    @ Anon 1:50pm

    Yeah I agree with you on that especially on pic #3. I think his locs are gorgeous, but he should maybe cut them back to APL or CBL. But on pic #2, he is looking sexy with that low shaven beard and those juicy lips. Ok where is my fan at now 🙂 lol…

  • Anonymous says:

    Anon at 1:52 p.m.
    I've often heard men say the same thing about certain women. "I don't know what it is, women with (fill in the blank) hair are a turn off."
    Fortunately, the women they're commenting on aren't usually wearing their hair in a certain style to turn on *those* particular men. LOL

  • 'Chone says:

    I think your locs look very nice and healthy! good job 🙂

  • Anonymous says:

    Okay Trini in the house. Looking good bro.

  • Anonymous says:

    I love his hair!

  • Anonymous says:

    Handsom man…but sorry I must agree with anon 1:52. Toooooo much hair boo!

  • Anonymous says:

    Beautiful… However, I dont know what it is but men with hair to me are a turn off.

  • Anonymous says:

    He'd look better if he cut his hair. The weighty locs are dragging his facial features down.

  • Anonymous says:

    Gorgeous, healthy locs and kind, soft eyes!

  • ♥Ash. says:

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