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Curly Nikki

Mom Bun Reloaded

By January 27th, 2021186 Comments

Rochelle A.
Tami B.

Congrats divas! Send me your addresses ASAP to!
Thanks to everyone for participating and look for the Curlformers giveaway next week!

Mom Bun Reloaded
So I decided to dust off ye olde Curlformers… you know, those irresponsibly expensive hair rollers that somehow keep finding their way to the back of my closet? I’ve been incredibly busy and admittedly neglectful of my curls and decided that a stretched style would be the perfect primer for ‘healthy and productive’ protective styling. That tangled, messy, high bun I’ve been rocking has left me about as dry as the reanimated chicken breasts I subject myself to when I’m back on the wagon. It’s like, once my hair is up- especially when it’s already a hot mess- I develop selective amnesia… out of sight, out of mind. I avoid detangling and re-moisturizing until wash day, which as of late, can sometimes be 2-3 weeks off.

My solution, the tried and true, Southern Tease Bun

It’s a low manipulation protective style that allows me to quickly take it down, moisturize and pin that ish back up and out of the way. Plus, it’s cute and a change from my typical mom bun.

Yesterday, after applying Davines’ Shelter leave-in and a little castor oil to damp hair, I did a chunky Curlformer set (maybe 20?) and allowed it to airdry. This morning, I applied Jane Carter Nourish and Shine to my length and ends and bunned it up. I’m riding out with this for the next 10-14 days, moisturizing and oiling as needed.

Mom Bun Reloaded

Nighttime maintenance- I remove the pins, apply a little Jane Carter Nourish and Shine, create 3 semi flat twists (one at the crown, and one on each side), and don a satin scarf.

Mom Bun Reloaded

**Tell me about your favorite protective style for your chance to win a jar of Original Moxie Hair Bling + Original Moxie Lux Locks!

Friday afternoon three winners will be randomly selected to take home the goods! Good luck divas!**


  • DecemberPumpkin says:

    my go to protective style is flat twist i have short hair and they are easy to handle lol

  • dee emerald says:

    My fave protective style is kinky twists installed by me. I keep them in for a month, co-wash weekly and moisturise and seal when necessary. my edges are fine, and my hair is growing nicely.

  • Nita says:

    One of my favorite protective styles that is cute, quick, and easy is the ballerina bun. I bought a goody bun maker for about $5 and that thing is a life saver. Sometimes I make a high bun, sometimes a low bun, off to the side, a pomp in the front, flat twists on the side, the possibilities are endless! The good part is your ends are moisturized and tucked away!

  • Patrice says:

    I use CharyJay as my guide to do some awesome twist protective pin ups

  • Unknown says:

    The protective style that i wear is twist/braids. plus being a cook mean protective style 7 days a week. When you have to wear a hat everyday. I use granier fruitis leave in, seal with almond oil and seal oyin whipped pudding.

  • Aniebiet says:

    My favorite protective style is two strand twists pinned back away from y face or pulled into a bun.

  • oneswtl8y says:

    My fav protective style is flat twists that are pinned into a high bun.

  • Danierich says:

    My favorite style is a bun on stretched hair to keep knots from forming.

  • MrsNBeck says:

    Flat two-strand twists are in heavy rotation these days. I'm looking foward to figuring out the perfect WnG once it's warmer outside.

  • gblogger says:

    I've found that the less overdone the better. So, protective styles are perfect for just leaving your hair alone so that it can do it thing. Buns, french braids, loose braids, etc., all of these are great to utilize.

  • Anonymous says:

    My favorite protective style would have to be a good ole bun. The versatility of a bun is amazing. You can practically do so many styles with a bun dressed up or dressed down buns are the style for all

  • Anonymous says:

    My favorite protective style is my handy side bun! On stretched and moisturized hair, I pull all my hair towards one ear, using a banana clip or hair band, I secure the hair, tuck in the ends and voila! A cute and protecting style.

  • Beauti says:

    My fav right now is a high bun which I can finally achieve on stretched out hair!! I'm loving it like McDonalds!

  • kmincey says:

    I like doing twists as a protective style. Sometimes I'll jazz it up and do flat twists or make it into a cute style. Twists are always my go to hair style.

  • Whitney says:

    I love doing twist outs because it creates nice curl definition for me and lasts for a while. I can also leave them in for a couple of days to have low manipulation on my hair.

  • Unknown says:

    I am a twist out queen. I love wash and goes with rhassoul clay, but my twist outs are awesome and lasts for a great period of time. 🙂 I could always use a new twisting product.

  • Fatima says:

    Also love the puff! I just run my wet hands over the roots of my hair then double a loose stretchy headband and let it kind of roll its way up my head. This leaves me with a puff that's bigger than a normal ponytail. Even quicker than my ballerina bun!

  • quite says:

    my fav protective style is tst on blow dried or stretched hair pinned up and back…i make med-lge twists, take them down every other night and spray oyin juice on them, seal with oil or butter and pin back up…style lasts a least a week..

  • Onome says:

    My fav protective style is twist pinned back

  • Anonymous says:

    My fave protective style is also a bun. Though I haven't quite perfected it with my natural hair yet 🙁

  • Anonymous says:

    My favorite protective style is 2 pixie french braids tucked under. It is low manipulation and easy to maintain.

  • Anonymous says:

    I my favorite protective style is one twist on each side of my head and the pull up into a high bun! I love this style it's easy and cute! :-)Nina!

  • Rochelle A. says:

    My favorite protective style is buns or a mini-twist updo.

  • TyaD says:

    Transitioning and rocking wet n wavy sew ins OR hair braided up with a curly drawstring pony tail added on. Transitioning is HARD!

  • Angela G says:

    I'm just starting out so I don't have a protective routine. I would just use a nice silk scarf that matches my outfit for the day!

  • turtleandi says:

    I prefer my hair loose over twists so I do a lot of roll tuck and pin protective styles.

  • Ebun says:

    Mine's a big afro puff using diff scarfs/hair accessories on stretched hair w a french roll in front- sexy, retro & elegant all rolled in one!

  • Bobby says:

    Im still transitioning…7 months post, so when I not going out braids under a scraf, protect my hair!

  • Anonymous says:

    My love braids. I am wearing box braids now. My last relaxer was March 2011 and I plan on transitioning until 2013. My hair must be long enough to bun in between braiding.

  • Anonymous says:

    my favorite protective style is a donut bun.

  • Danielle R. M. says:

    My favorite protective style is mini twists.

  • Belinda M says:

    My favorite protective style is braids. I have microbraids now. I'm getting kinky twists next. Last relaxer January 12th.

  • Andrea H. says:

    My favorite protective style is medium sized twist that are pinned up.

  • Amber Denise says:

    I am the queen of buns. I loved a bun when i was permed and I love buns now. One of the main reason I am transitioning for such a long time is bc I refuse to not be able to put my hair in a bun. That is critical for hair happiness.


  • Kimberly p. says:

    My favorite protective style on those days I'm in a rush for work is one flat twist on the side leading into a low messy bun. Its very cute and easy to do.
    Kimberly P.

  • exhale1913 says:

    nothing like a twisted bun!!

  • Anonymous says:

    My fav protective style is definitely rope twists. I keep that bad boy in for at LEAST 4 weeks. Then I undo them and I wear it for a week more. When they're undone they look like twist outs but they stay intact longer & they look better too. I've gotten so many compliments on them from strangers. Shoutout to my friend for doing them for me! 🙂


  • BreatheFashion3c says:

    Hmmmmph…protective styling is more like a fantasy for me. My fine 3b/3c tresses slip right on out of twists and braids. This is why I am so thankful for your bun variations Nikki! Like seriously, a bun is the only protective style i can wear, however I love it just the same! I wore that Southern Tease bun yesterday, which took me all of two seconds to do, and this Caucasian lady (a curly too) complimented me at the mall and asked me how I did it! I immediately thought about your re-post from Shelli of Hairscapades when her Caucasian coworker tried to redo her style….AND THEY ALL COME AROUND!

  • Jada R. says:

    I LOVE having my hair in mini twists. I style my hair in buns and everything with them in.

  • Stephanie D says:

    I love a quick bun !!

  • Ayisha B says:

    My Granda ma style is my go to protective style. I part my hair in the middle about 2 inches back. On each side I twist my hair back and secure it with pins behind my ear, leaving the top unparted middle wavy and slightly puffy. I bring the ends of both sides and middle, make one large twist and roll it into a small bun held with pins. Smooth out the baby hair with some shea butter or ecostyler gel, tie it up for 5 minutes and I'm out the door.

  • Anonymous says:

    My favorite protective style would have to be a straw set or if all else fails I just rock a quick bun and call it a day.

    Taitainia W.

  • yumpopstar says:

    these days , I am working with twists. Either side swept or pinned up. I think I'm going to try adding some marley hair for some thicker looking protective styles !

  • Ashley S. says:

    My favorite protective style is chunky twist pinned up. I can wake up spritz and go. It's really good for my lifestyle I work out a lot. I keep it hydrated with water throughout the day and every 2-3 days I unpin moisturize and pin it back. It looks like 30 mins of work in 5 mins.

  • Felicia M. says:

    Since my hair is not quite long enough for buns and I wanted to take a break from two strand twists, I have gone back to doing wash and go's using Hair Rules or Ouidad Climate Control Gel. I just make sure I use a leave in conditioner 1st, then the styling cream or gel, then I perform what Ouidad calls the "rake and shake" method. I'm starting to listen to what my hair likes even if sometimes I don't like it….I guess I have matured some in my natural hair journey…

  • Jillian says:

    My favorite protective style has to be doing flat twist around my head. I can leave it in there for up to 2 weeks. I just spray it every morning with Shea Moisture mist. I love it! 🙂

  • Naptural_ray1 says:

    My favorite protective stlye is leaving my hair braided and throwing on a beanie..I have beanies in every color so i can switch it up through the week..I wear a stain bonnet under the beanie, take two braids out in the front for a bang, and leave the rest braided and put away under the bonnet and beanie!

  • makeda says:

    For me, buns look the best and are so easy. But since my bf likes my hair out, I'll often compromise by wearing twist, so he has something to play with. LOL

  • Micheal says:

    I truly like to wear twist. This way I can put them up anyway I want and my hair still stays moist and detangled!

  • LilaBerr says:

    Buns! It's only takes a minute or two and none of the other protective styles look good on me lol

  • Shana b says:

    I'm a certified bun-er! I love the ease and versatility. They are my go-to style about 99% of the time. My favorite style is created by pin curling & pinning sections of hair around the base of the ponytail to form a bun. This spring I've actually switched it up by wearing a side-swept fishtail braid instead of buns.

  • naturalgirlie says:

    I looove to rock twists as a protective style!

  • Cam says:

    My go to style is usually a bun. Will definitely start wearing the one in this video. Simple, cute, and didn't require a bunch of hair pins that just give me a headache. Lol! I love it!

  • KiNkYnEsT says:

    I like to wear my hair in twists. It makes it easier during the week to moisturize at night and go in the morning. I let the twists out on the weekend for a twist out.

  • sheebee says:

    Had to BC my hair for the second time due to crown area breakage. So babying my hair under wigs for now.

  • Wonder Woman says:

    My favorite go to protective style is just a simple side bun using a goody ouchelss band. It's super easy, keeps "Natasha" fully protected and up off my shoulders! I smooth my edges down with a little of my shea butter and gel mixed together. Easy Peasy! 🙂

  • Kristina says:

    If im not wearing a wng pulled into a bun im rockin mini twists with a cute braided design in the front… its east and they last.

  • Chicago Chica says:

    My favorite protective style is the cinnabun with a twist. Instead of doing twists, I section off small pieces, roll them under, and secure each individual section with a bobby pin. It looks like a crown when I'm finished, and I rock all dressed up or with jeans.

  • Unknown says:

    My favorite protective style has been a bun with marley hair. I discovered this style about 6 weeks ago and have been rocking different variations of it for the past month. I love it and it's easy!!

  • Skyye says:

    I have a tag team duo for protective styling that are my peanut butter and jelly: COILS & WIGS! I coil my hair all over and then I'll wear it coiled for a few days, and then on goes a wig for another few days, and if my hair still feels moisturized, I'll rock the coils again until wash & DC day or keep alternating until time to do so! 🙂

  • Breezy117 says:

    My hair is too short for buns but I love mini twists or box braids for a protective style.

  • MsJisola says:

    I usually do mini two-strand twists and pin them into a half-moon roll with a part on either side of my head. It keeps my ends well moisturized and stretched. Add a hair clip, flower or another accessory and I am good to go.

  • Devon says:

    Yee old protective styling:D I like doing updo's or cute styles with my twists. A few bobby pins,a flower or cute bow & it's on!

  • YoursTrulyRE says:

    Lately my favorite protective styles have been wigs and weaves. Easy breezy. I do rock twist-outs from time to time as wel.

  • ashlei says:

    Im still transitioning! 10 mths going strong. I plan to BC in decemeber. My hair stays in the "mom bun" or a flat twist out that usually gets put into a bun lol. This one looks so simple and i like that it doesnt use a hair tie. I will try this next week!

  • UniquelyNatural says:

    So far I like wigs. I've been wearing one for 6 months and can see how much my hair has grown.

  • Anonymous says:

    My go-tos are a big messy bun at the crown, my hair gathered at the nape and twisted up into a figure-8 and pinned, or a french roll held up with a scunci upzing. Simple.


  • Anonymous says:

    My favorite protective style is twists…not super small ones though because they seem to do more harm than good.

  • LaLaPoP says:

    My favorite protective style is mini twists, they're so easy for me to do and last at least 3weeks plus they can be styled in so many different ways

  • Candicay says:

    My favorite protective style are mini twist. My easiest protective style and the one you will see me rocking the most is the high bun.

  • CurlyTonya says:

    My favorite protective style….is a WNG. Its not a real protective style but it is the lowest manipulation style for me. I just fluff and go all week long. My hair is too short for buns.

  • Adia h says:

    My favorite protective style is a flat twist.

  • CurlyRoo says:

    My favorite protective style is definitely tree braids, followed closely (in 2nd) Senegalese twists. I always preferred braids over weaves because I can get to my own scalp. It's like having the weave without the tracks, lol.

  • Tenesha B. says:

    My favorite protective style are two strand twists. I pin them up, mostly into a bun that I adorn with flowers.

  • AcecentriclyNatural says:

    My recent favorite protective style has been small twist pulled into a high bun… Got this style from gOLDEn. I've been natural for awhile (like 17 years) but I received some heat damage from a stylist gone wrong!!!!! Soooo…I had to grow out my bangs and sides to about eye level and chop. I'm still sensitive about it all, but this protective style makes it so you can't even notice… #winning

  • Kay says:

    My favorite Protective style has got to be mini two strand twists. I can wear them down one day and up in a bun the next, then curl them to go out. However, when I don't have 6-8 hrs to put them in, I settle for a volumous high bun.

  • Niks says:

    I'm transitioning and my fave protective style is mini twists rolled into a pompadour. It's a two-fer (2 styles in 1). ��

  • Anonymous says:

    I love my mini twists they take forever to do but last a few weeks. I like them as a protective style, it's easy to keep up, quick in the a.m., and makes it easier for me to do my second favorite thing oil my scalp LOL!!

    Brittney G.

  • Nichole says:

    Love buns. They are easy and sophisticated. My go to one is to pull hair into a ponytail and on the last loop through you don't pull hair all the way through. You will have a ready made bun that you will flatten to your head and pin the edges to the rest of the head. If you want to be fancy, you can do a "chignon" where you make a regular ponytail, then make regular twists of pieces of hair in the ponytail and wrap them around the base of the bun in opposite directions. Throw a flower on the side if you want to dress it up even more.

  • I'm Goin' Places says:

    I LOVE box braids! I travel 2hrs to get them done by a braider who does it for $60 in 4hrs and they last about 2 months (I get the small kind so this is a great deal). Next, I want to revisit the chunky, burnt ends, Poetic Justice box braids girls used to rock in the 90s.

  • thenaturalmo says:

    i'm not really big on ps'ng, but when I do it's normally 2strand twists pinned up.

  • lieinbk says:

    I love to just put my hair in twist and forget about it. Stays moisturized and I can style as I need

  • Unknown says:

    My go to protective style is a messy top knot but your bun looks awesome-I'm gonna have to try it.

  • CJayQueen says:

    My favorite protective style is wearing two strand twist pinned up in a bun. I also love kinky twist as a protective style. Both are ideal for my lifestyle as an on the go working mom!

  • Kamilah says:

    My favorite protective style are yarn braids! They are so versatile, easy to moisturize,light weight, and look better the older they get. I get so many compliments and they really do look like locs. I am a busy college student so I will definitely be installing these more often, because they last so long!

  • Lillie M. says:

    Protective styles are something I'm working on. My favorite right now are buns and mini twists! 🙂

  • Quaneasha says:

    That bun was so creative and it looks so neat! I wish I had the length to try it.

    My favorite protective style is the sock bun. I also like braids but I get tired of them after about 3 weeks and I hate sitting for hours getting them done and taking them out.


  • Anonymous says:

    My favorite protective style is an updo with medium-sized two-strand twists. I usually rock a bang with this look because I look better with one, than without one. I always keep the twists in an updo style, since my hair is not long enough to look good down. Also, the updo makes the twists look less scalpy. Apparently, my style is a hit! Every time I walk out the door, I get compliments and curious looks from everyone. It's nice to know I'm protecting my hair and looking good at the same time! 😀


  • Kurrlygirl says:

    The Afro Puff is my favorite protective style 🙂

  • vetty says:

    Flat twist updos…they never fail me and I can leave them in for 2weeks.

  • Anonymous says:

    My faves are some variation of a flat twisted updo for a week; or mini twists when I have time for 2+ weeks.


  • thebrownesteye says:

    When my hair gets long enuff i will be rockin' bantu knots like nobody's business!!!

  • Jenn_Wants_a_Fro says:

    My favorite protective styles are braids,BrAiDs,BRAIDS! I have been rocking them with long extensions(because my hair has gotten too long for the shorter styles I used to get YAY!)in medium size. I love when they get kinda old and fuzzy at my roots because everyone starts to think its my real hair! I'm out hear looking like Bob Marley (who is my FIMH(father in my head LOL)!

  • Onome says:

    My fav go-to protective style is by far medium double strand twists. I love them! I can keep them in for nearly a month and can still create awesome low manipulation styles w/o ever untwisting them. I do have those lazy moments when I just slap on my satin bonnet at night. But usually I moisturize the twists with my water/aloe vera mix & seal the ends with a coconut oil/shea butter whip(day & night). Throw on the bonnet. Done and done 😉

  • RazzyYazzy says:

    Naptural85 inspired me to try some mini twists. I followed her instructions to a T, and they came out beautiful. But unlike Whitney, I don't rock them out, with a few twists of hair here and there, I wear it pulled back. It's double protection (low manipulation and tucked away). Plus, I do a co-wash with a stocking cap on, and the twist look fresh again! these babies are in for the month!

  • JayCee says:

    Fav protective style…more like go to style, is a high bun a la’ Jade of ( on stretched hair, (preferably) this can be a twist out, twist-n-curl, or banded hair. I gather the hair at the top of my head with an Ouchless band; I then smooth my edges with Shea butter or the nearest “butter” and tie down with a scarf. The “calming” of the edges is unnecessary if I do this on wet hair. If I am in protective mode, an up do of any variation will suffice!

  • Malisia says:

    I love mini twists for a protective style. I started mini twist after our foster baby came to live with us and I could not wash and style my hair once a week like I use too. I put in my twist and I don't have to do anything to my hair for about 3 weeks except moisturize with shea moisture curl & style milk or the mist spray. after 3 weeks I take down the twists and have a wonderful twist out style.

  • PhenomenallyMe says:

    My favorite protective style is the tuck and roll! It is my go to whenever I am having a "sick of my puff" day or "don't know what else to do"

    It is tested and trusted and is staying on my list for much time to come!

  • .simplyChey. says:

    My favorite protective style is the front half of my hair in mini twists and the back in a bun. The twists make it east to get sleek edges and for all my hair to fit in a ponytail! Lol The back half is free in a bun. Moisturize a few times a week and put in back in a bun for the day/night.

  • Anonymous says:

    Mini braids with my own hair. They take about 5 hours to put in but I leave them in for nearly a month. Moisturizing and washing when needed. A nice break from daily styling. Thanks. Monica S.

  • Dana says:

    My favorite protective style is the high, low or side bun on a fresh twistout accented with a cute headband or flowers adorning the bun. Using the Jane Carter Nourish & Shine helps reduce the frizz and adds beautiful sheen. Easy breezy!

  • Lou says:

    My favorite protective style at the moment is a BUN! Throughout my hair care journey I have tried kinky twists, sew in weaves, wigs, and twists on my natural hair. But the bun is so convenient. I can take it down and play in my hair and then swoop it right back into the protective style.

  • Steph...In Motion says:

    I do mini twists 2-3 times a year and leave them in for a month. It's a great time for me to increase my workout intensity without having to deal with my hair. And I can focus on deep conditioning/moisturizing.

  • Joie says:

    I like doing the front of my hair in curlformers and keeping the back twisted and wearing my slouchy beanie. That's winter. For summer I wear a high puff bun with cute accessories. When I'm not wearing my awesome braid outs 🙂

  • Anonymous says:

    My fav protective style is about 12-13 flat twist from front to back curving from a strait part down the middle of my head. All the ends are mock braided either up or down and a small bun is made with the ends. BINGO JACK, there is my two week "hair free of hands" style. I spray it at night with my water/Lv-N-Cond/Olive Oil mix and put my satin scarf on. My mornings are as simple as taking off the scarf and off to work I go. Yeahhhhhhh!!
    Allnatural1 (AKA Michelle in TX)

  • CandaceV says:

    High buns and French rolls— i usually jazz it up with accessories!!

  • Anonymous says:

    I love reading these comments, I'm taking notes!

  • Dee Tee says:

    My favorite protective style is a bun held together by extremely stretched out scrunchies.

  • Anonymous says:

    My favorite protective style is yarn braids/genie locs. My hair grew so much the 3 weeks I had them in! I plan to do them this weekend 🙂

  • gblogger says:

    As a BUSY mom and editor, I don't have plenty of time to do my hair in a variety of styles, and I have to do my daughter's hair as well. So, normally, I wash, detangle, separate hair in 4 sections and apply leave in then oil. Then I put my hair in a loose bun and call it a day until the weekend comes and then I let it all out. 🙂

  • NowIamNappy says:

    My favorite protective style is a toss up between a french roll with a pompadour or flat twist/twist combo pinned into an updo.

  • iri9109 says:

    buns and bun-esque updos are definitely my go to…i'm just now starting to experiment with twists though, and i really like them so far…i can still do the same updo/bun styles that i normally do on my loose hair

  • ShayNatural says:

    My fave protective style is small/mini twists. I can wear them for AT LEAST two weeks and style them in many ways. I keep my hair in twists 90% of the time.

  • Shana says:

    My fave protective style is a sew-in weave. It's low manipulation and I find it quite easy to moisturize my hair under the weave.

  • Anonymous says:

    As a busy mom of four I can only find time to do chignons and french rolls on stretched hair. I usually use pretty hair pins, hair sticks and other accessories so that it doesn't look the same from day to day.

  • Sequitta J. says:

    Oops! I meant tuck and roll! LOL!

  • Anonymous says:

    My Favorite is two French braids on each side with a flower to add to it I also like to wear my hair in a bun;but I often have to remind myself to take it down and

  • Teresa W. ( says:

    I actually have two! Since I am less than a year post chop I love sporting two strand twist under a Tam or Slouchy Beanie. The second was one of my transitioning styles I plan to revisit…tree braids! I love that I can get the look of a full weave (great for experimenting with color and texture) but still get to my scalp AND it takes half the time : )

  • Sequitta J. says:

    I LOVE the classic tuck and pin style. It's so quick and easy, easy to accessorize. Plus, it even looks good with my not-so-thick hair! I do this style with freshly washed hair, an old twist or with two strand twists. It's definitely my go-to!

  • Marcia says:

    I love my loose pin-up styles and buns, they are my staple protective styles. I LOVE two-strand twists but they don't love me…too scalpy.

  • SuZQ says:

    Braided chunky twists in the back, pinned into a bun and a short wild twist out in the front. Currently, working on birthday hair ideas! ^_^

  • Anonymous says:

    I'll Do two Frenchbraids (left & right), on stretched hair of course, and then loop them around another and pin the ends of the braid into the other… Did that make sense? Add a decorative hair pin, or 2 , " Wah lah." 🙂

  • Natasha A. says:

    I love to put my hair in twists and then pin it into an undo. It's super easy and looks different every time.

  • Anonymous says:

    My go to protective style is two-strand twists pinned into an updo or high bun. I love them because they last at least 2-3 weeks on my thick hair and I don't have to worry about my hair touching my shirt/coat, etc. All I do is spritz daily with my water/evoo/leave in conditioner mix, put on my silk scarf and satin bonnet over that and off to bed I go! 😉

    Andrea B.

  • Anonymous says:

    My favorite go to is definitely the "sassy updo" you featured awhile back by msariella89..I love's easy and chic! And I've even handed this style down to my friend who's a new transitioner! Keep em coming!


  • Whitni says:

    Two strand twists are my favorite protective style. Love that I can wear for 1-2 weeks, then untwist and rock for another few days.

  • Rhonda C says:

    The infamous high bun on stretched hair with the Aliyah side sweep to partly cover the "five head".

  • lehcareaj says:

    high bun+scarf (scarf makes it seem like i tried), also any random variety of a roll/tuck/pin 🙂

  • mangomadness says:

    My fav protective style is a bun (sock bun or cinnabun) on stretched hair(braid-out or banding).

  • bonni says:

    Favorite? Let's not call it a favorite…that would suggest I like rocking this bun non-stop…and that is a LIE!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    My favorite protective style is low buns after roller setting my hair to stretch it out.

  • Davina916 says:

    My favorite protective style is two strand twists. Thanks! Davina

  • shea_nicole says:

    My favorite protective style is medium sized twists because they don't take as long as mini twists and they can easily styled and pulled into a bun. Gives my hair a nice break.

  • MsTommieg says:

    My favorite protective style is mini twist. I can wear them down, pin them up and still moisturize and easily oil my scalp with EVOO!

  • FaithPeach30 says:

    My fave protective style is an old, textured twist-out , transformed into a textured updo. I take long bobby pins and section by section, arrange it to my liking with a pompadour in front. 🙂

  • Niqui36 says:

    My favorite protective style is minitwists. Cute, easy, and they last a long time.

  • Anonymous says:

    Nikki, I'm with you on this one! I'm not a mom, but I am currently rocking the good old bun this very moment. I like high buns (donuts or fold-overs) at the top of my head, like the children in the King and I. Lol!


  • JColetrain says:

    My favorite protective style are chunk two strand twists. Not only are they quick to put in, but they can be pulled up, or laid to the side.

  • Sydni_Michelle says:

    My protective style is a twist-out with a tight curl. I do a twist out on my hair, then curl the ends with rollers. At night time, I place a scarf and then a bonnet over it. I like my curls tight, so I don't do anything or use anything that would stretch them out (scrunchies) at night. In the morning, I just shake them out in go. I had my curls in for about a week and a half, but now I have to do them again, because I went swimming today. There goes 4 hours of my day! LOL

  • Natural Sunshine says:

    My favorite protective style would be mini two- strand twist. i wear them down for a couple of days and then I pin them up in an updo. I love the bun and I am definitely going to try that next. Thanks CN!

  • RichRoots says:

    I lack length to style twists in a cute updo so my protective style of choice has been wigs. usually rock twist outs but this NC humidity and workout days don't get along with my 'fro. I haven't mastered WnGs yet…

  • BlondeByDesire says:

    My favorite protective style is twists/high pony. About 14 total – 7 on each side and once complete put those up in a high pony-bun. I simply love this style. It's low maintenance, sleek and good for work or an evening out. Also I can accessorize accordingly. I moisturize every 2-3 days and put back up in bun. I tie down each night with a satin scarf and I'm good to go in the morning. No hassle, no fuss.

  • Miche'al says:

    I like this. A bun is a go to for me. I tend to forget about my hair as well when it is up there. This method is great for making sure it stays detangled.

  • Anonymous says:

    I work out a lot, so this had been a challenge for me until fairly recently.
    I basically co-wash with As I Am Coconut co-wash every other to every third day (this stuff is awesome, as is the Cleansing Pudding), apply Ojon conditioner in the shower, rinse and towel dry. I use a bit of Kinky Curly Knot Today diluted with water for a leave-in and then apply Jane Carter Nourish and Shine. Sometimes a throw in 10 2-strand twists and pull back into an updo. I either leave it like that for a few days or take it out and put in a loose bun or curly puff. At night, I spritz with a little KKKT mixed with water and few drop of lavender oil, put a dab of Jane Carter throughout the ends, pineapple and sleep with a bonnet.

    This process, for me, is fast, keeps my hair clean (but well moisturized) and has allowed for good length retention in the face of all the sweating my hair endures.

  • Kiara G says:

    My hair is still in the TWA stage but as soon as it gets long enough I think my style will be twists…throw on a beanie or scarf and go!

  • crimsonpeach says:

    My hair is still relatively short. I wear two strand twists that I've just now been able to pin up. I'm experimenting with some updos now. I'm still learning so my early attempts haven't been the best but I rock it.

  • Tab says:

    I have to rock twists. They stretch my hair which helps with single strand knots and my hair will stay moisturized foe a week without me doing anything.

  • Anonymous says:

    My favorite protectice style to wear during the week is flat two-strand twists, pinned up in the back (it looks like a nice updo). Easy to maintain and moisturize, yet chic-looking at the same time.


  • Elaine Dee says:

    Favorite protective style has to be two strand twists I then pin up in different styles with ends tucked away! LOOVE IT! I re-moisturize daily with water, olive oil and a bit of AOHS!

  • Anonymous says:

    My favorite protective styles are beanies/scarfs (not the sleeping scarfs lol) with chunky braids underneath and I leave my bang out. I get a lovely braid out when I'm ready to ditch the head wear!

  • janubie says:

    My low manipulation style ( I think this qualifies) is to put 2, loose, two-strand twists along my edges and clip the rest of my hair up in a banana clip. Its a modified version of the style you posted recently from Naptural85. I use a banana clip to avoid having to pull on my hair to get it into a scrunchy. I rewet my hair, slap on a little conditioner, and put it back up again. It's not a bun but my ends are out of my hands and away from my scarf and coat. It's easy, it's cute, and it works.

  • Anonymous says:

    *bunned …but I've had weave braids for a couple months now


  • Anonymous says:

    bunted two strand twists all the way


  • CurlyChellez says:

    My favorite protective style is the bun as well. I do all variations…high, low, wet, dry….its just so simple and chic!

  • Anonymous says:

    My favorite protective style is, on stretched and moisturized hair, I do a side bun with a side part, and of course some tendrils at the sides! I re-moisturize every other day. This style lasts me a good 7 days before needing to be freshened.

  • J. Chevalier says:

    My protective style is a loose/messy bun with a cornrow going across the front of my hair. It looks like I put some effort into my hair, but only takes around 5 minutes. Love it!

  • Tami B. says:

    I like wearing pinned up twists with my knitted beanie hat, its cute and super easier, just slap on some big hoop earrings and I am good to go!!!

  • Roodlyne says:

    my goto protective style these days is a I-dunno-what-to-it I just stumble on it while I was trying to french twist my hair, I part hair in half, tuck ends in and pin when the hair connect in the back I put a cute litte barrete. I wear it from Monday to friday for work, it's super cute and great for office enviroment. 🙂

  • Lynn Lyle says:

    My hair is not quite long enough to bun so I have been rocking a pony puff without gel just the stretched hair from a twist-out.

  • Jo Somebody says:

    My hair is too short for buns, I'm too busy to install extensions, I've never worn a wig or weave and my hands too cramp-prone for flat twist/cornrows, so my fave is…..*drumroll*… two-strand twists! How exciting and original! I bet you want to see a photo??
    Don't worry, I will learn to expand my repertoire soon. Soon my pretties, sooooooon…

  • Adia says:

    My protective style is usually mini two strand twists pinned up in a cute up do.

  • Anonymous says:

    Great idea Nik! I personally love twists and twist updos.

  • DiscoveringNatural says:

    My favorite is the two strand twists worn in a updo. I like how I can re do the updo to create different looks. The twists can last up to three weeks, if I want.
    My Two strand twist life cycle:

    Week One, I wear the twists as a classic updo, then week two, I can wear it in a bun or a ponytail, then week three, I can twist it out or a twist n curl. Scroll through here to see pics:

    Here is how I refreshing for week two:

  • LifenotesEncouragement says:

    i like buns – the one shown here is so easy i dont know why i never thought of it. also the messy french roll, chignon.

  • E.Curry says:

    two strand twistout worn with my super cute black headband with a flower on the side or just bobby pins to pin it back a little!

  • Shanae says:

    My favorite is a flat twisted updo. I can get a week out of the style and if I want to rock a twist out afterward, its extra defined!

  • Anonymous says:

    Twists all the way!

  • Chela says:

    Probably flat twists tucked into a beanie. That is my go to style when I woke up late and I don't have time to do my hair (ie: today).

  • Fatima says:

    My favorite protective style is the wet ballerina bun or topknot. It takes all of 5 minutes to do. After co-washing I apply my leave in conditioner, seal with oil and let dry until damp (if I have time). I put a little gel on my hairline and smooth the hair up with my fingers and style a bun at the top of my head. It gets bigger as the days go on which I love. I just take it down to moisturize every day and I can wear my hair this way as long as I want. I get soooo many compliments when I wear my hair like this!

  • Enjoli says:

    My protective style on stretched hair (and lazy weeks, yep I said weeks) is the tuck, roll and pin. I part my hair in the middle, dampen both sides with water, add some QB AOHC, detangle with my fingers and then roll, tuck and pin each side to the back and secure into a bun. I add castor oil to my ends and go. At night, I take it all down, detangle and throw on a silk scarf. In the morning, I redo and head out.

  • Dara says:

    I have been absolutely searching for a functional protective style, I love air drying in braids, but moisturizing and oiling becomes a freakin mission because I have to take them all down and re-breaid again…I've been looking for something simple and cute,not alot of bobby pins or ponytail holders… something like this bun you posted. I love it!!

  • Anonymous says:

    WOW! That's very cute and looks easy to do. I think I'll try this tonight and hopefully it'll become my favorite protective style. Right now, yarn braids are my favorite style.

  • wisecurls says:

    My fav protective style are my tried and true, don't fail me now, two strand twists. Whether mini, somewhat mini, different sizes 'cause I refuse to subconsiously make perfect parts, my two strands are THE BOMB when me and ol' girl are not seeing eye to eye. She stays out of my way and I stay out of hers. When she starts to feel sassy and frizzy, I throw bobby in the mix, pin her up and she's good for another week or so.

    Nik – your hair is shiiiinnnnnnin' girl! Pretty!

    Angela P.

  • brinabwell says:

    My protective style is two-strand twists that are then pinned up bun-like and ends tucked in. I wear my hair like that for about 2 weeks or so. The 3rd week I take the bun down and just wear my hair twisted and then the 4th or 5th week I wear a twist out – covering in a satin bonnet at night, of course.

    I also sometimes wear decorative hair socs.

  • ChysCurlz says:

    Ok, I know this might not be considered a PS but really wearing my hair in WNGs for the past month and half has been the BEST PS I've ever had thus far. It means I don't have to twist my hair (super fine strands) every night to maintain a twist out…it means I don't touch my hair for a couple of days at a time. I just spritz it with water every AM and shake my head and keep it moving. I can't do buns cuz my hair is short yet. So, yup love WNGs 🙂

  • Anonymous says:

    Cute! I love this style Nikki! My favorite protective style are box braids.

  • NiNa says:

    My go to protective style are 2 strand twists pinned up. Quick summary…I wash, DC, twist w/ a heavy butter, & pin. I also spritz as needed. Out of sight, out of mind for 2/3 weeks. After that I rock a twist out and then repeat.

  • Vanessa F.A. says:

    Usually I do braids as a protective style but they have become so much work to keep those edges moisturized so that they don't break off! These days I do two strand twists as a lot manipulation style and I usually side twist or roll pin and tuck them to make it a protective style that lasts for a week or two.

  • CURLYNIKKI says:

    LOL @ C.J.!!!!! I did that the other day… walked right out the house with the dirtiest silk scarf I own wrapped around my head… all henna stained.

  • CURLYNIKKI says:

    @Yasmine, I've got a bag full of stretched out bands… I hate that! I keep hearing about this bungee and will look into it!

    Thanks anon 11:55 🙂


  • Anonymous says:

    My fave protective style has been a high bun using my donut bun shaper thingy that I got from the beauty supply store. I simply pull my hair through the shaper and then mold it around using some coconut oil or whatever I have on hand. Then secure my ends under with some bobby pins. I apply some aloe vera gel to my edges and slap a scarf on for a few minutes and voila, I have a sleek professional style for work. The hardest part is remembering to take that greasy scarf off before walking into my building. Just yesterday I caught a glimpse of myself in the reflection of someone's car window just as I was about to walk into work with my baby pink scarf wrapped around my head and was able to whip it off just in time. 🙂

    C. J.

  • Anonymous says:

    My go to protective style has to be a bun. I've recently discovered bungee cords for the hair and they are a God send! Rather than fight with hair ties that lose elasticity these bungee cords stay put and aren't too tight

  • Mrs. G says:

    My favorite style are the micro mini-twists because I can keep them in for a while, wash and style them, and then when I can unravel them, I can have a pretty twist-out fro. I love them! 🙂

    And they're cheap! 🙂

  • Anonymous says:

    This is GORG!

  • Sparkle Arts says:

    This winter I tried yarn braids for the first time as a protective style. I must say it's the best thing I did for my hair (besides deciding to go natural :D). The yarn braids were light, kept my hair moisturized, and didn't pull at the root. Now I'm waiting for some time off work to put them back in.

  • Z. Bridges (curlybridge) says:

    My protective style has been senagalese twists or micro braids. I will definantly do the bun once my hair is long enough!

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