Hi Nikki!

My husband and I were married on March 3, 2012 in Long Island, NY. We chose to have a small, private ceremony with immediate family in our home. March also marked my one year of being relaxer free!

Once I got engaged, I realized that I was going to be a natural bride and that was going to be a huge moment in my life. CurlyNikki has opened a gateway to so many new friends for me. I took to the forums asking my fellow bloggers (from the Curl Street Journal) who read my page to help me choose a hair style. After several pictures were posted, there was one particular style that everyone loved, picked out by MelMelBee.

I knew that in the months to come I needed to find a good stylist to braid my hair. Between work and planning I just became more and more unmotivated to find a stylist for a test run. Our very own LusciousMahogany offered to drive to NY to do my hair . I was so honored because Iris lives in PA and I live in NY. She did a test run on someone else’s hair and sent me a picture when she was done. I told her some of the changes I would like her to make when doing my hair and we both agreed. Being that we had conflicting schedules, I had an idea. My sister was throwing me a bridal shower so if I invited Iris along with a few other ladies from the forum, we could make it a slumber party and she could also do my hair. The ladies agreed & they were all just as excited as I was!

On the day of my bridal shower, Mel and Iris arrived in NY a few hours early. We met up at the hotel and Iris did my hair & I absolutely loved it! It was such a pleasure seeing all the ladies from the forum again. Our first encounter was at the CN event in NY last October. We bonded there like we knew each other forever.

Here is a photo of us at the CN event

Here are the Divas again at the shower & my hair just done(LusciousMahogany, MelMelBee, Me, NikkiNukka, Sweetdrk1)

My fabulous wedding hairstyle & photos of me and my husband on our honeymoon

Thank you Nikki for bringing us all together! Also thank you so much Iris for taking that trip to NY and making both of my days special!

Love You Much!