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Wash Day
Shampoo and Condition

-Start each wash by rinsing your hair for 2-3 minutes. The long rinse will loosen up product residue so you can use less shampoo.
– Comb the conditioner through your hair before rinsing it out. Your hair experiences the least damage when it’s covered in conditioner.
– Be sure to apply leave-in conditioner and/or a curl styler within 5 minutes after your wash. It’s always best to seal in moisture immediately.


Moisturize or Co-Wash

– If co-washing works for you, feel free to wash your hair daily or every other day. Saturating your hair with water is the only way to fully re-moisturize it.
– If co-washing leaves you with scalp problems, you can still partially moisturize your hair between washes. The best moisturizing products have water and an oil or butter at the top of the ingredients list.

Mid-Week or more often 

– Those with oily scalps or a frequent exercise schedule will need to shampoo mid-week. Don’t be afraid to wash your hair. When you choose a shampoo based on the recommendations in this guide, you don’t have to worry about shampoo damage or stripping your hair color. Always follow shampoo with conditioner.

1 to 4 times per month 

– Co-washing does not cleanse your scalp enough to keep it healthy. Shampoo your hair at least twice a month.
– Deep Condition your hair as often as possible. Always saturate every inch of hair with your deep treatment and leave it in for the full recommended time.

Styling Tips 

– Don’t comb or brush your hair after you’ve rinsed the conditioner out or your natural curls will frizz out and seem to disappear.

– The best way to seal in maximum moisture and define your coils is to apply your products to wet hair before you get out of the shower. After you’ve distributed product throughout your hair you can gently towel blot it (so it’s no longer dripping wet). Be sure to try this method if you’re new to wearing your natural hair.

– Natural hair looks best when it’s dried with minimal heat and minimal touching. Dry your hair with a bonnet dryer or a blow dryer and diffuser on the Low or Medium setting. Air dry your hair whenever you have the extra time.

Must haves: 

– Shampoo
– Conditioner
– Deep Conditioner
– Curl Styler and/or Leave-In Conditioner
– Wide Tooth Comb
– Blow Dryer and Diffuser

What step in your weekly regimen would you never skip? 
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