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Curly Nikki

Side Swept Two Strand Twists Into Bun

By January 27th, 20219 Comments
via BeadsBraidsandBeyond

Side Swept Two Strand Twists Into Bun
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Such a simple but elegant style and perfect for all ages!
The pictures are pretty much self explanatory so this post will be short and sweet. I cornrowed the top middle section of her hair straight down, as mentioned in our previous post and twisted the remaining hair. After finishing the top I grabbed medium size sections of wet hair, added a little products and finished the rest of the hair off by doing basic two strand twists. The next day, I gathered her twists into a side ponytail, leaving the “bangs” out. I rolled the twists around the ponytail holder to create the side bun. I then gathered the twisted bangs and pinned them so the side, near the bun with a couple of bobby pins. I twisted the remaining hair back around the bun and added a cute headband.
I wanted to try something new so I used Blended Beauty Butter Me Up and Curl Styling Butter for this style. (code cBB&B will get you 10% off blended beauty products!)
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Side Swept Two Strand Twists Into Bun

Side Swept Two Strand Twists Into Bun

Side Swept Two Strand Twists Into Bun


  • Erica says:

    This young lady is becoming quite the model! All of her featured hairstyles are beautiful. Great job Mom!

  • Beads, Braids & Beyond says:

    Thank you ALL so much! 🙂 -Nikki

  • Anonymous says:

    It's a too conservative updo for a girl.

  • Pecancurls says:

    Her hair is always so pretty. Great job mom. I have boys so I live vicariously through the pretty girl styles of others. 🙂


  • Annie L. says:

    Lol at Nicol C!

    I love the creativity with this child's hair! I'm also digging the side bun lately, I'd try it if I weren't a hot mess with braids or twists and wasn't morbidly afraid of salons.

  • Anonymous says:

    I would have been so jealous of her when I was younger. Like when I was *cough* 30. I'm much more mature now ;0). I can appreciate the beauty of her hair without wanting to kill myself because I don't have hair like that. So cute.

    Nicol C.

  • mommyofJustice says:

    I want to try this on my hair! I love her blog,it is one of my favorite natural hair blogs.

  • 'Chone says:

    her hair looks great 🙂

  • Katrina A says:

    Adorable! I love seeing little girls rock their natural do's

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