by Angela of WiseCurls

To Transform (v): To change in composition or structure; to change in the outward form or appearance of; to change in character or condition. – Merriam-Webster

Current Weight – 173

For most of my adolescent and adult life, I’ve struggled with body image and weight loss. Although my substantial weight gain did not arrive until the birth of our second child, I’ve always struggled with the thought of weight. It consumes my every day thoughts and has come to be some what of my nemesis. Have you ever felt as if your inner feelings of self contradict your outward, physical appearance? You know, internally you feel as though you look one way, but when a picture surfaces, that inner feeling is completely distorted? That’s where I’ve been stuck. For almost 7 years. This weight , this thing, has taken control of my life like a reoccuring menstrual pimple. Like an antagonizing hang nail that just won’t go away without some type of intervention. Well, that’s where I was – just 7 days ago. Sick and tired of being sick and tired about this thing, this weight. It took all of me to share the above photos. But as my new mantra says – ques Beyonce – “when I leave this world, I’ll leave no regrets”. I’ve made the commitment to transform my life over the next 90 days (and for the rest of my life).

The biggest challenge with weight loss is remaining motivated. Here are some things I’ve put into practice to help those inevitably rough and challenging days:

Create a Vision Board:
A vision board is essentially a tool to help streamline your thoughts as well as help you remain focused on specific goals claimed for your life. My vision board includes everything from my marriage, to family happiness and of course my weight loss goals. Your vision board should be placed in an area you see or walk by daily.

Keeping a food journal:
I know, it may be a bit tedious and annoying to jot down every single thing you eat, but trust me, it works as long as you’re honest. Keeping a food journal does so much more than track caloric intake – it paints a clear picture of stress, or emotional eating, and allows you to pull in the reigns before it’s too late.

Having Faith
My husband constantly reminds me that it didn’t take 24 hours to put on the weight, so I shouldn’t expect it to take 24 hours for it to fall off. Be honest and realistic with yourself, yet don’t give up or give in when times are hard. Weight loss is right up there, in my opinion, with drug addictions. It takes work to reallocate the control. Have faith. Don’t give up. Transformation is a process.

I have never wanted to be more of my best self in all of my life. I’m committed to this transformation and cannot wait to see what’s waiting for me on the other side after 90 days.

What are some things you’re doing to remain focused? I’d love to hear them. We can motivate and inspire each other during this transformation.