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I, Antoinette Henry am tired of men not being held to certain standards. My friend and 
somewhat ex recently told me that women are ones that hold this world together and that the standards we set for everyone around us are the standards they will live up to! We are the world’s integrity and conscience. It is our job to make sure Earth always has a beating heart. He went on to say and I quote:
“Women need to collectively decide that men who: are not consistent, not reliable have no plan for the relationship and show their ass in the street (literally and figuratively) GET. NO. ASS. Women always say “Yes” and that’s the problem.”
couldn’t agree more! We need to wake up and understand that we run
this. I hate to say it but wars were started over women and all that we
posses. Ladies, we are precious! We cultivate, families and land and
civilization. Yes, the men are Kings but they were born and raised buy a
Queen. We are gold. We need to know it! And when we know it, our men
will as well.  In the words of the philosopher Drake – “P*ssy runs everything, so eff that noise.”
(P.S. I’m sorry if I offend anyone with the language in this post but it’s provocative and gets the people going.)

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