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Ashley is Naturally Glamorous!

By January 27th, 202113 Comments

Ashley is Naturally Glamorous!

by Alex of TheGoodHairBlog
A couple weekends ago I went
to Philly to visit some of my friends and had the pleasure of meeting a
beautiful natural named Ashley! Of course after seeing her hair I had to
spark up convo about styling, hair care and other good hair things. I
swear, meeting fellow naturals is always great and a
learning experience in it’s own. It was great chatting with Ashley and
exchanging hair stories so of course y’all know I had to have her
featured. Below you can learn a little bit about her and her gorgeous
crown, enjoy!

introduce yourself!
My name is Ashley Coleman. I am a
songwriter from Philadelphia. In addition to my love for music I just love to
write. I have done journalism, written bios, short stories and I also write my
own music industry blog. I work for The Recording Academy Philadelphia Chapter
which sounds like German when you tell people, but basically, I work for the
organization behind the GRAMMY Awards.

is your current hair care regimen?

That all depends! Sometimes my schedule is ridiculous so I can’t always keep up, however I try to wash my hair at least once every two weeks. In between I like to do co-washes because it leaves my hair feeling soft and gives me the opportunity to detangle. During the winter months I blew my hair out a lot, just based on the fact that I couldn’t wash and go in the cold. But during summer months, I like to wet my hair, throw some Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk or Hair Honey in it and go. Two strand twists are also great because they last a while and you don’t have to worry about your hair every morning.

is your hair type and what works best for your texture?

I have no idea which classification my
hair falls under but I think it’s in the 4 something range. It’s kinky. No ifs
ands or buts about it. Lol. I am thankful that I have some type of curl pattern
even in the midst of the kink. It allows for me to rock it in a variety of
ways. I’ve noticed that my hair thrives stretched with twist outs and that type
of thing. And my hair loves water. And though I have a tighter hair texture, my
hair is really soft, so I have to stay on top of trimming because it splits
very easily. Super due for a trim as I write this.
Ashley is Naturally Glamorous!
reaction did you get when you first decided to go natural or have you been
all your life?
I went natural in college. And the funny
thing about it is that it was so normal in college. I went to Temple where a
lot of girls had natural hair so it didn’t seem that strange at all. And I was
pursuing a career in the music business so there were a lot of natural girls at
certain events I went to. The problem came mostly with family and after
college. My mom is from an older generation that was all about frying their
hair. So when I was transitioning into being natural, she was like “I don’t
understand…” And then after college I realized I was around a lot less people
with natural hair. And I have had really long hair all my life so it made me a
little insecure to see other girls with flowing straight hair (some of which
wasn’t theirs but still.) It took some getting used to. But after learning more
products and getting some styles together … YouTube … it got a lot more
comfortable. And my mom loves my natural hair now. She always says I changed
her opinion, although she’s team perm. Lol.


you big chop or transition, for how long? If you’ve always been natural, did
you ever 
any curly hair girl insecurities? If so, what helped you adjust to having
naturally curly
hair over the years?
I actually did the transition. I couldn’t
bring myself to chopping all of my hair off. As I mentioned before, my hair was
long all my life, so I was having a little separation anxiety. It took me about
a year to feel like I was comfortable enough to cut my hair. It came to a point
where I washed my hair and my boyfriend at the time and I were both trying to
comb half afro, half permed hair. Lol. And he was just like, “I think it’s
time.” So I went and got the entire perm cut off, which resulted in a nice
short bob, which was refreshing. The first time I actually did something
different with my hair. I kept it straightened for a while though and the first
time I washed my hair I had the “What the hell did I do?” moment. I definitely
had insecurity about it. I wanted my hair texture to be looser, I would see
other girls with natural hair that was finer than mine. But once it got a
little longer, I was like ok, I can deal with this. I still occasionally see
girls and I’m like “I want that hair,” but I’m positive my kinks keep me
humble. I probably wouldn’t know how to act if I had fine wavy hair. Kidding.
But nonetheless, it was really a process of learning that my hair was ok and
beautiful just the way it was. I NEVER even thought I had a hair complex until
after I went natural. Because I was the black girl with permed long hair, I
never thought about how attached I was to that. It helped me to realize that I
was beautiful, not because of my hair, but because of me.
Ashley is Naturally Glamorous!
makes you love your kinks, curls and coils?
What I love the most about my kinky curls
is that it reminds me of my favorite baby picture of myself. Because my hair
was permed at a very young age, I asked my mom while transitioning, “Well what
was my hair texture like?” because I didn’t know. I think I had a kiddy perm
since like 5 and in defense of my mother, she was unfortunately unable to
manage my natural hair based on a health issue so … she had to do what she had
to do. But when I asked her that, she would just say “Well … it was really
curly…” And it would just hang there which made me so nervous to see what it
was really like. Haha. But now when I wash my hair and step out, I laugh
because it looks exactly like my baby picture and I feel some weird connection
with that time. That may be too deep, but it always makes me smile to think of
Ashley is Naturally Glamorous!
can we find you on the web?
You can find me on my website …,
it chronicles the music industry and different stories etc about my life as a
songwriter. And also “like” my Facebook page
Ashley is Naturally Glamorous!
EXTRA you want us to know?
I just want
all little black girls to know that they’re beautiful. I wish someone would let
them know. No matter what we see on TV or music videos, we have to define
ourselves. I’m not saying that everyone that wears weaves or perms their hair
doesn’t know they’re worth, but I am saying that when I looked back, I realized
that I wanted to be something other than what I was and I HAD NO IDEA. I hate
that kinky and tight curls often have a negative association. It’s who we are.
How did we begin covering that up and why?


name is Alexandra Smith, I am 22 year old single mother of one, full
time Media Journalism student and business owner.I share my curly
girl experience and other kinky haired goodness on my site “The Good Hair Blog.”
My overall goal of blogging for the natural hair community is to
bring us together,men included by spreading knowledge, inspiration and
love about our diverse heads of hair


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    Nice interview. Very nice!! Asley's makeup is jammin in the very first pic.

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    Beautiful girl, with a beautiful hair and spirit to match!


  • Abstract says:

    Nice article. @ Ashley Coleman -"How did we begin covering that up and why?". I'm not sure if you have read a book called Hair Story: Untangling the Roots of Black hair in America, but it may give you some insight to the question you pose. Best to you!

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    Pretty young lady. Lovely hair!

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    Ashley's hair transformation journey is inspiring. It's great that she went all natural in college when it was not so difficult to be undergoing such process. She's one smart and beautiful girl to love. I'm going to check out her pages 🙂

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    Lovely hair and beautiful outlook!

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    I am so happy I read this! I just went through this last week where I realized that I do have a complex about natural hair when it comes to My hair. i guess its because I realized my hair texture is alot different than I thought it would be. But I still love my hair and I am still learning to accept the hair God has given me. This article was really inspiring and I feel better knowing I wasn't the only 1 that thought like that

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