Customizing Ayurvedic Treatments- Natural Hair
Customizing Ayurvedic Treatments- Natural Hair

customizing ayurvedic treatments into a natural hair care routine

by Sharika of Butters-n-Bars

Sure you’ve heard the basics of Vata, Pitta, Kapha and perhaps you’ve even heard of some of the herbs or oils that are considered to be part of the holistic approach to hair care, but did you know that ayurveda can help prevent hair loss, breakage, fill in thinned areas, curb excessive shedding, deepen or change hair color, cover and prevent premature graying, and make your hair soft and radiant like it deserves…BELIEVE IT!!!

It always surprises me when I hear someone say that only a person with straight hair can have a regimen that is centered around ayurveda-simply not true and if I didn’t live it myself and had I not seen the results or the power (yes curlies, this is some powerful stuff;-) of ayurveda I wouldn’t waste our time trying to share this information with others.

The key to it is finding the type of treatments which is best suited to you and the basic principle here is that based on, not your skin color or hair type, but your body type to find the best solutions. Now that is kind of weird, but can be simplified by some simple trial and error. I have some people who absolutely swear by coconut oil and a small percentage that finds coconut oil leaves there hair feeling (and looking) like greased straw– myself included. So, as with any hair ‘regi’, the first thing is to find out what works for you. How your body, hair, and skin all respond to what you’re using and the most important part is to remember that natural is usually better (and who really wants to use a dictionary to try to find out what they’re using on their hair?!)

There are herbs that cleanse like cassia, jaswand, shikakai, and aritha powders. Herbs that repair and strengthen like brahmi, amla, bhringraj(maka), henna. Herbs that helps solve certain problems like Neem, Tulsi and others it’s really all a matter of finding out firstly ‘whats the condition of your hair’ and secondly ‘whats needed to repair and/ or maintain that condition. Ayurvedics make delicious deep treatments, herbal teas and rinses, hair color, even every day moisturizers.

In conjunction with a few staples like shea butter and aloe vera, an ayurvedic regimen is a simple, worthwhile and totally attainable approach to our hair care.

An Ayurvedic regimen is great TLC now that the warm weather is setting
in and we are exposing our hair to the elements, heat, sweat and chemicals
from chlorine in pools, etc.  We can utilize the treatments to keep hair
cleansed, happy and healthily detoxed so we don’t spend all winter
trying to heal summer hair!

 Got questions? Feel free to ask! My recommendation make ayurveda part of your natural hair care today-and thank me later!

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