Kennedy (not pictured) writes:

After just washing my hair and doing some really quick braided bantu knots, I wondered, “When did I become so comfortable with my
hair?”. Just last year, I was scared to wear my first twist out to
school. A lot of my classmates laughed and talked about me because of “all that hair” and made remarks like, ‘your hair is too thick’ (I’m a sophomore in
high school and kids just don’t know what to and what not to

For the past couple of months, I haven’t straightened my hair at
all and have no problem keeping it that way. When I did straighten it, I
almost immediately washed my hair because I didn’t feel like myself.
I’ve recently been receiving comments on my hair
like, “I love it”, “it smells SO good”, and “I wish my hair would do
that”. Even my dad, who was against my natural hair for the longest,
tells me how soft and nice it looks. I love my
natural hair and I’m not ashamed of it anymore. I even rock my “bad
hair days” to the fullest. So my question for
the rest of you natural hair ladies is,

“When did you become
comfortable with your natural hair?”