Shanti of Around The Way Curls writes:

*Takes a deep breath. Fiddles with hands nervously*

 I only use “brand name” hair products

*drops head shamefully in hands and dramatically sobs*

Antoinette and I have been fortunate enough to receive some really awesome, stuffed gift bags from recent hair events that we were invited to. Within the bags are a great mix and mingle of hair products from the heavy weights and well known name brand products (Kinky Curly, Oyin, Mix Chicks, SheaMoisture etc) and then the not so well known brands that are trying to make a name for themselves.
I am being really honest when I say that if I have never heard of them, I don’t bang with ’em. I avoid trying the product out at all costs. I give them away some times! Uggggggh! I am so ashamed! I hate myself! But I can’t help myself!

I am brainwashed and only when it comes to hair products and maybe nail polish (big ups to Essie and O.P.I) But in other areas, I don’t give a damn about brand names like shoes, clothes, bags, etc.

I am writing this hoping that maybe someone will (in no particular order)

1)Chastise me for my boofoonery

2) Be gentle afterwards and explain they too suffered from brand name brain washing

3) Offer some words of advice and a process in which to liberate my mind and open myself up to some fabulous, promising hair products from the genius of small business.

Can you relate?