Hola chicas!

By now, y’all know I love food, especially trying new and exotic ish while on vacay. Last night, at Nina’s recommendation, we had the best restaurant experience to date.  The name- Brasileirinho. The ambiance was dope, the servers were attentive and the host basically gave us a history lesson.

After quickly flipping through the menu, the host sold us on Feijoada, considered their national dish.  It was brought to South America by the Portuguese. It takes forever to prepare but was worth the wait! 

The name comes from feijão, Portuguese for “beans”. They started us off with black bean soup and  brought out a pot of hot pepper sauce to kick it up a notch.      

The best part– you see that shot glass? They serve the meal with endless rounds of cachaca (a liquor made from fermented sugar cane juice). It was intoxicating yet refreshing? My kinda people!
 The spread that followed shortly thereafter… 
 Chopped fried couve… basically greens but lightly sauteed in garlic. Best damn greens I’ve ever had in my life and it wasn’t even boiled in bacon fat!
Ha! Almost didn’t get a picture of these little piggy bites of savory delicousness! We went in rather quickly. I’m a sucker for pork skins and these mugs were FRESH! I was loudy crunching away all night.
 Fried Cassava… this ish?… delicious! 
And the main attraction…
Sausage, bacon, pork tongue, pork ears and jerked beef swimming in a jacuzzi of smoky broth and black beans #WhenInRome
They served it with (the best damn) black beans and rice (I’ve ever had in my life)!
The stew itself was kinda like gumbo on steroids…
That powdery cornmeal looking stuff is called cassava flour and has been served with almost every meal I’ve had here. Bomb.
No idea what the name of this dessert is, but yeah, that’s coconut, banana, caramel and pumpkin…really, really, ridiculously delicious but sadly I only have one stomach and had run out of room shortly after killing much of the pork crackling and fried cassava.

The cool thing is that we’ll be attending an event later today where Feijoada will be the main course.  The difference? It’ll be prepared by Black folks and you know how we do!  Excited isn’t even the word.  I haven’t had breakfast in order to make room for the deliciousness that’s about to take place.

Later that night—

headed back to the street that never sleeps… Lapa and shut it down
with some of the most beautiful women on Earth.  It’s not a myth y’all,
asses are rotund. It’s truly amazing. That is all.

no night of partying is complete without… STREET MEAT!  After window
shopping we decided on the vendor with the longest line.  A very
beautiful Bahian woman who was also a visitor to Rio, told us to try the
chicken hearts… yep, chicken hearts on a stick.  And we did and they
were everything, so good in fact, we bought a second skewer!

only have pics of the second one cause we inhaled the first! 

Beat the beat up!

What I wore–

Shirt- gifted from ASOS, get it HERE
Tights- gifted from Romwe
Shorts- Forever 21
Boots- Steve Madden
Hair- Old frizzy Twist-n-Curl
Lips- MAC Russian Red (matte)
Meanwhile, back in St. Louis–
My sister syl and her boo Perry took Gia to the zoo and apparently taught her to ride a tricycle! *ugly cry*