Ten grueling hours, two rental cars and a migraine later, we’ve finally arrived in Denton, North Carolina.

For why?

If you recall, last summer, Hubby graduated from Duke with a PhD in poli sci. But Duke’s so fancy they only have one ceremony a year, ergo, here we are, 9 months later, with two classes under his belt as ‘Professor Walton’, to witness his hooding. So while it’s all a bit anti-climatic, I’m excited as hell ’cause we rented a lake house large enough to accommodate both families! Final headcount, 10… and you know how we kick it. #KeepThePartyGoing

It’ll be quite the trek to Durham, but the distance is worth it for us to all be under one roof. Gia’s in heaven… the spoiling continues.

hubby and brother-in-law Marc

I’ll keep you guys posted with more pics and outtakes added to this post throughout the weekend!
Congrats *again* Dr. Walton!
and this morning (May 11, 2012)–

#BreakfastOfChampions. But seriously, sausage is one of the reasons why I’ll never become a vegetarian. The other? Bacon.

The grandmas (my mom, Elaine and hubby’s mom, Paulette)
A text from hubby’s mom two days ago–
‘your mother-in-law is seriously contemplating going natural’
My thoughts- HYFR!


On our way to Durham for the graduation!

Dress gifted from ROMWE
Get it here or here

look at me serving up leg… working to embrace these skinny stems 

Commence commencement photos… 

Cheez-it stash
it’s official…
Doctor Daddy
Friend and fellow curly, Jessica. Congrats boo!
Mom and Syl
Hubby and Momma Walton
Gia soliciting for fist bumps…

More pics tomorrow…


Turned 29 today… 

…feelin’ good though πŸ™‚ 
dress and shades gifted from Romwe

and Momma feelin’ fresher than a certs in a gifted Shabby Apple dress- 

off to have drinks with the graduates! I’ll check in soon!

Later that night… before we all hit the airport… πŸ™