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For those of you that require, I don’t know… a coherent story line or a motif of some sort, this post may not be for you.  I don’t need no hook for this ish! No theme here, just a bunch of random pics- some captioned, others not. Enjoy!

 These vans are all over the city. I assume it’s some kind of an additional taxi system?  
But imagine it’s your first day in Rio and you’re walking to the beach with your friend.  While waiting to cross the street, a speeding van screeches to a halt right in front of you, just in time for a guy to throw the door open and start yelling at you in Portuguese.  Yeah, so Melissa and I nicknamed it ‘the kidnap van’.  #TheresGottaBeABetterWay


Naturals I saw while exploring Ipanema– 

 while snapping pics of the girls above, dude started yelling at me from the beach below and struck a pose, like, ‘me next!”

Yesterday’s coverup and big ass hat from Forever 21
I think I paid all of 6 bucks for that romper!


and at the beach… day 3 of my wash and go

rocked my mommy scar hard yesterday #CsectionChic
 Made another friend. His name? Anderson Beyonce! He spoke no English but fabulousness is universal!  We swapped hats and snapped a pic.

 It’s time for the percolator…

While we’re at it, let’s do another giveaway! Told you this post was a hodgepodge! 
To get your hands on this backless dress + a $50 gift card + a mystery freebie, sign up on and in the comments below, tell me the best thing that happened to you this week!

Next Monday, one lucky curly will be randomly chosen to receive the goodies!

That’s it!  
The dress comes in Black, Blue and Pink and the contest ends on May 28th at 5pm EST!
Good luck divas!