Dry hair is a problem for many natural
ladies. I suffered with dry hair for the first 11 months of my natural
hair journey. I couldn’t go more than 2 or 3 days without having to
moisturize. I experimented with everything to try and keep my hair
moisturized: olive oil, coconut oil and every type of butter you could
think of! It also doesn’t help that I have low porosity hair.


But one day, while perusing the Curly Nikki Forums,
I came across a thread for keeping hair moisturized. The women in the
thread were discussing using the L.O.C. method and how it helped them
keep their hair moisturized for 4 to 5 days! Each letter in the title
makes up the steps:

L-Liquid: You first use a liquid on your hair.

O-Oil: You seal the liquid with an oil or butter.

C-Cream: You then put a cream over the oil and liquid.

The purpose is for each layer to seal the layer before it, i.e. the oil seals in the liquid and the cream seals in the oil.

Knowing my situation, I wanted to look into this method more to see
if it could work for me. So, off I went to YouTube to find a tutorial
and more information. I landed on the Trendy Socialite’s video and
decided give the method a try.

via TrendySocialite

I will be honest, I was skeptical. Nothing else had worked before.
However, after my first application, my apprehension turned into
excitement. It worked!! My hair stayed moisturized for a week … A WEEK! I
hadn’t been able to go more than 2 days without having to moisturize. I
started using the L.O.C. method in November and I haven’t looked back.

When I first started, the products I used were water, Jane Carter Nourish and Shine and Bioteral Curl Creme or Lacio Laci0! High Shine Leave-In Conditioner.
Since then, the products I use have changed as I no longer like Lacio
Lacio because it contains silicones and I no longer use them in my hair
anymore. Being the product junkie that I am, my products are constantly
changing and I’m forever experimenting to find the right combination.
I’ve used:

  • Oyin Handmade Whipped Pudding and Burnt Sugar Pomade as my oil
  • PuraBody Naturals Murumuru Moisture Milk, Oyin Handmade Hair Dew and Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk as my cream.

The one thing that has never changed is using water as my liquid.
Water is always the best moisturizer for hair, so there’s no need to
mess with a good thing. But, no matter what I’m using, I always do the
L.O.C. method.