Growing up, I can remember my mother dropping nuggets of knowledge on
Sherica and me. Since we were kids, most of her nuggets went in one ear
and out the other! However, on their way through our green little
minds, the nuggets would leave crumbs on their way out. LOL! Now that I
am an adult, I have managed to take those crumbs and make my own nuggets
that I’ll feed to my kid if I’m blessed with one. The most hysterical thing about my mom’s nuggets though, was that
they were smothered in jerk sauce or curry! My mother’s Jamaican accent
was so thick that her already parable sounding quotes sounded like
another language all together at times! Truth be told, my mom’s curry
and jerk nuggets of knowledge have stuck with me forever. Sometimes,
she’ll still use them. When she does, I either giggle or roll my eyes
(when she’s not looking of course), but I always appreciate it. Below
are some of my mother’s favorite quotes and how I have applied them to
my life. Read on and enjoy my mom’s nuggets. Feel free to take extras so
you can share them with your kids too!

1. Getty getty nuh wantee and wantee wantee cya getty. This translates to “The person who has it doesn’t want it, but the person who wants it can’t get it”. Along
the way, we see people with things that seem so awesome. Big houses,
fancy cars, closets full of designer clothes and shoes, and gaggles of
friends. It’s so easy to want these things for ourselves and even envy
the person for everything they have. However, sometimes those same
people struggle with some heavy demons. Though they have all this great
stuff, they may long for the days when they didn’t have any of it. Mo’
money mo’ problems. Sometimes the most beautiful and wealthy people have
the loneliest lives. With that said, I’ve learned that it’s always a
good idea to be grateful for what I have and for the people that God has
put in my life for me to share myself with.

2. Ah nuh everyting good fih eat, good fih chat. Translation: Not everything that’s good to eat, is good to tell others about. This nugget has reminded me time and time again to keep some of my business
to myself. Mind you, there are people in my life that I can go to with
just about everything. For those few things that only God will
understand, I take those to him. I am very careful about how much I
share about my life with people who I don’t know. Sometimes you might
say something in passing that seems so harmless to you, and before you
know it, your name is all over the place in a way that you did not
expect or were prepared for. I try to live a transparent life so that
people know exactly who I am and what to expect from me, but I keep some
stuff tucked away in boxes, ie marriage, family issues that have yet
to be resolved, and some personal struggles that I am still working
through. It’s not a bad idea to keep some things in your life private.
You usually don’t know a bad person’s intent until it’s too late.

3. If you cya hear, you must feel. Translation: If you can’t hear, you must feel. When
I was younger, this used to be a warning that if I didn’t shape up, my
mom was going to ship out on my back side. LOL! Even though I am long
past spankings, this quote has been one that rings through my head at
least once a week. The lesson I have taken from this quote and
experiences surrounding it, is that you gotta learn to listen to people
when they warn you about certain things. Especially if that person is
someone who you trust, who you know loves you and only wants the best
for you. If you always find yourself being so stubborn that you can’t
hear what advice others are sharing with you, you’re liable to get hurt.
The damage can sometimes be irreparable.

4. Good friends are better than pocket money. Cherish
your friends. Whether you’re rolling in cash or dancing on loose change,
an awesome friend will stick by your side no matter what.

What nuggets of knowledge has your mom dropped on you? Do they have a flavor?