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MsVaughn of YouTube is Naturally Glamorous

By January 27th, 202126 Comments

by Alex of The Good Hair Blog

Please, introduce yourself!
My name is Vaughn better known as MsVaughn from my MsVaughnTV vlog on YouTube.

How did you fall into making YT videos and becoming a “guru?”
I started making YouTube videos in the early fall of 2010. It started off as a random way to show my friends on my personal Facebook page how I was styling my “new” hair. At that time my hair was a hot topic, so to speak, with all of my friends and family. They all wanted to know how I was pulling it off and what methods/products I was using. I decided to make a video showing how I styled my wet hair and uploaded it to YouTube. I then used the link to display the video on my Facebook page. Unbeknownst to me that video went viral on YouTube and when I found out it prompted me to share more and to take myself more seriously.

What is your current hair care regimen?
 My regimen includes keeping my hair clean, detangled and stretched as often as possible. I usually start my week with freshly washed hair. I then twist or braid my hair with a moisturizer and throughout the week I simply manage my hair in its detangled, stretched state. I rarely wear “wet” hairstyles and I never comb my hair in-between washes. The less you handle your hair (combing, manipulating, styling, etc) the better you can preserve it and see growth results. I’ve learned this from hair care professionals across the board, not just among the natural hair community. And although I’m not specifically on a journey to any particular length, I am however in the business of having well maintained hair. If you’re taking care of your hair and not cutting it, length retention is inevitable.

MsVaughn of YouTube is Naturally Glamorous

Let’s talk hair type! A lot of naturals are against the hair typing system. Do you think learning your hair type can be beneficial during someone’s natural hair journey?
I’m not interested in classifying my hair into the hair typing system because I don’t have any confidence in that system. In other words, I’m not convinced that knowing the common classification of my hair texture will help me in selecting products and techniques that will work. I do, however, agree that there are products that work differently for different hair textures, I just don’t know that giving that hair texture a name and a number ranking is needed in order to do so. I’m also not convinced that the differences between Afro hair types are drastic enough to call for any sort of real major division in hair care education. I have 5 senses and if that isn’t enough to determine that my hair is either similar or different from that which a product was made to cater, then I’m in pretty bad shape. The typing system is generally better at fueling controversial debates [over where individuals fit into it] than actually helping anyone come to any worthwhile conclusions about their hair.

MsVaughn of YouTube is Naturally Glamorous

What reaction did you get from friends and family when you first decided to go natural?
My friends and family did not like my hair when I first big-chopped. They thought I was seeking attention and they thought I would regret it. In my opinion this is a common reaction to undergoing a radical length adjustment though. My texture was not ridiculed at all when I went natural. In fact, people were intrigued by it and kept asking to touch it. At the time I was working at a predominately White fashion magazine and they all loved it.

MsVaughn of YouTube is Naturally Glamorous

Did you BC or transition and what made you finally take the plunge?
 I big-chopped because I wanted something different. I was tired of limp straight hair; it wasn’t fun anymore and I didn’t feel uniquely me. I was ready to work with my natural texture as I had done for so many years in high school. I was inspired by celebrity women who were wearing their hair natural and care-free at the time: Eva Marcielle, Erykah Badu, Tracee Ellis Ross, Mel B., etc. These are the people who made it look so easy and versatile. Even though my hair texture is very different from these women, I was determined to accept my hair just as they had.

MsVaughn of YouTube is Naturally Glamorous

What makes you love your kinks, curls and coils?
I love how springy my hair is. I love that I can wear it curly or straight. I love how it blows in the wind. And I love the attention I get when I travel and people cannot believe that I’m wearing my hair out in its natural state. I get so much attention and my confidence has increased. I’ve never been as into fashion and makeup as I am now and I feel that my hair is such a compliment to my style.
MsVaughn of YouTube is Naturally Glamorous

Where can we find you on the web?
My vlog on YouTube is

Do you have any words of encouragement for young women looking to go natural?
Yup! My advice is that there is nothing to think about, just do it. It’s YOUR hair and the hair that your child(ren) will likely have.

My name is Alexandra Smith, I am 22 year old single mother of one, full time Media Journalism student and business owner.I share my curly girl experience and other kinky haired goodness on my site “The Good Hair Blog.” My overall goal of blogging for the natural hair community is to bring us together,men included by spreading knowledge, inspiration and love about our diverse heads of hair.


  • watkinsabob says:

    great another person i should subscribe too!!

  • Unknown says:

    I know she's great, I follow her youtube channel

  • Tiara J says:

    I just checked out her VBlog and I must admit she gave me some fresh ideas for makeup and fashion…I love her closet that she does her videos in…Wish I had a closet like that. I didn't really find any videos on her hair styles. But nonetheless shes still fab.

  • Anonymous says:

    Yeah the first two photo's definately look professionally done. plus the signature is on those photos. You can tell she did her own thing on the other photos. But her hair still looks good!

  • Anonymous says:

    Very interesting…..

    Nicol C.

  • Anonymous says:

    I love MsVaughn!! She's been so helpful to me in my natural hair journey.

    @anonymous 10:24 I believe the first two pics are professional photos, that's why they look a lil different.

  • Anonymous says:

    Is the bottom half of the article, her? This looks like two different articles that somehow didn't get separated. The other pictures don't look like Ms Vaughn. BTW, her sister is Meechy Moore and she too has a blog.

  • Anonymous says:

    Her hair is beautiful!

    Ashley L.

  • Anonymous says:

    I prefer MsVaughn for makeup over hair. I have just never found her hair that amazingly gorgeous, healthy, or well styled.

  • VioletFem says:

    @ Abstract
    Totally agree with you on the hair typing. It seems like people are overly sensitive about the typing system sometimes. It's just a way to (loosely) describe different hair textures, not a value judgement. That being said I understand her reasoning and agree that I have yet to come across any products that is specific to the different hair types.

  • Abstract says:

    I personally don't really understand why some people get so upset about any hair typing system as I view it as being for descriptive purposes only. However, I appreciate and respect her response and stance on the subject.

  • Annie L. says:

    I've never followed YT naturals but I really enjoyed the interview and being introduced to MsVaughn! Also, wherever you stand on hair typing systems, her answer was undeniably top notch! Very pretty hair!

  • Unknown says:

    Ditto on the hair typing comment. I, too, am so OVER that nonsense.

  • aisha.Naturallyyy says:

    I've always loved MsVaughn!! She was one of the first YTers I watched when I BC! She has such an amazing personality too!

  • Anonymous says:

    Um, what she said. That is one of the most intelligent dismissals of the nonsense of hair typing I have ever read.

    And she is so beautiful! She may actually be too beautiful for words!

  • Anonymous says:

    My God, what an intelligent answer to the hair typing question. And honest too.
    I definitely need to hear more of what this lady has to say.

  • butterfli07 says:

    I loved this post – her perspectives were so refreshing to read about. Definitely subscribing to her VBlog on YouTube. Thanks for the encouragement to just "do me" when it comes to my hair. I have never received as many compliments about my hair as I do now that I'm transitioning 🙂

  • Anonymous says:

    I love Ms. Vaughn's channel! Love her style –hair, clothing, makeup and YouTube personality. Classy lady.

  • DiscoveringNatural says:

    Well Said! Well Said! Love her videos.


  • Brownstone Beauty says:

    MsVaughn is so fly and so is her hair. I agree with her on using her 5 senses instead of some hair classification system. Nicely put.

  • Hope says:

    I love her youtube videos. She's very inspiring!

  • Anonymous says:

    I really like her videos. I am subscribed.

  • Bobby says:

    I haven't seen her videos but I do agree with her and the hair typing system, it reminds me of light skin vs dark skin debate another thing to divide black people! We can all see we have different hair textures do we really need a number and letter attached to it?!?!
    But, it will never go away just like the light skin, dark skin debate….

  • Pecancurls says:

    Your hair is fabulous MsVaughn. I love this quote: "I have 5 senses and if that isn’t enough to determine that my hair is either similar or different from that which a product was made to cater, then I’m in pretty bad shape." 🙂 Checking out your channel.

  • MsTommieg says:

    My FAV on YT and she is reppin the midwest – LOVE IT!

  • Anonymous says:

    Love MsVaughn, one of my favorites on YT!!

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