by Kavuli Nyali-Binase via The Good Hair Diaries

I recently had one of my Twitter followers thank me for introducing them to the overnight baggy method, but she also mentioned in the same breath that it was a real romance killer. She was already twisting her hair into knots, and covering her hair with a do-rag at night just to protect her precious tresses. I wasn’t sure how this could affect the bedroom mojo, so I had to call in the man (my hubby) and ask a few questions in order to get to the bottom of things.

Me: Does my head scarf kill the romance in bed?

Trevor: Not really…I understand why you cover your hair at night, so it really doesn’t bother me at all. I do know that once I see you moisturizing and sealing your hair for bed, my chances of getting any have dropped about 50%.

Me: What?! That is not true! You may have to work a little harder because I’m tired, but my hair has never stopped us from…you know…doing it.

Trevor: Well, why do you ask? You wanna do it now!? That’s fine with me…

Me: LOL! I was asking because of something that was said on Twitter. Do you have any suggestions for women that care about their hair, but also want to make sure that they care about the romance in bed as well?

Trevor: Make sure your head scarf is nice, nothing multi-colored and ugly! Also, if you must wear a head scarf, at least make sure that the rest of your night time gear (pajamas) aren’t frumpy and ugly as well. Wear something pretty or go commando. Commando is always good.

Me: What about perfume and glowing skin?

Trevor: A woman should always smell good, whether it’s because she just took a bath, sprayed some perfume or naturally smells lovely. Soft skin is always a plus. Nobody wants to cuddle with Chewbacca…

Me: LOL, Thanks baby!

Here are a few more tips that will benefit your hair and the romance in bed…

  • Consider purchasing silk or satin pillowcases, and toss the do-rag once and for all. This way you can toss and turn all you want without causing a ton of breakage.
  • Go for a solid colored head scarf that matches your sexy little night gown. This gives the illusion of an outfit and distracts from the serious business going on at the top of your head
  •  Try setting your hair for the evening after you’ve had “special” time with your partner. Men often love to run their fingers through our hair. It’s worth a try…
  • Give the thermal pajamas a rest for a few days and let him/her keep you warm instead. Let soft touchable skin be the only thing you wear at night.
  • Gosh, I hope my mother isn’t reading this post!
So how do you keep your natural hair looking fly, while making sure the romance barometer is through the roof?