Me and Leika Suzumura of Seattle Tilth.
She hosts monthly community dinners in “food deserts” bringing farm
fresh food and cooking with kids in the neighborhood.

by Sherrell Dorsey of OrganicBeautyVixen

Do any of you know exactly what a food desert is? According to  

deserts are all over the US, in urban and rural areas, sometimes in
places that ironically used to grow food, and usually in low-income
communities. Sure there’s stuff to eat, but it’s probably not food you
should be eating regularly (plenty of calories, few nutrients). Fast
food signs dot the landscape, but you can drive for miles without seeing
a healthy place to eat. There are few supermarkets and a lot of land in
between them. Residents buy food and drinks from local markets selling
unhealthy stuff with an unnaturally long shelf life. Junk food ads
surround you. As a result, folks are overfed but undernourished, prone
to overweight, obesity, diabetes and chronic illnesses.”

From Skyway to Newark, Harlem to the Bronx I’ve lived in plenty of
food deserts to know that it’s not always easy to find healthy options. I
remember long rides on the train journeying to Newark, New Jersey after
a trip to Union Square’s Trader Joe’s. It was a hassle but the food was
cheap, organic and healthy. The options in my neighborhood at the time?
C-Town (please burn down, please), Rite Aid and a Pathmark that was at
least 5 miles away.

Fortunately, I lived with lots of health conscious and proactive
neighbors who worked at the urban farm across the street and discovered a
great way to support their local growers and community via the use of a
co-op. The way it worked was we paid $26 per week and received a big
box of fruits and veggies. It was always a surprise as to what we would
receive (typically anything in-season) and whatever we didn’t want we
just traded each other for.

Are you dying to get on a green and organic diet lifestyle but don’t
have a lot of resources in your neighborhood to support your mission?
Here are a few resources that can literally be delivered to your door,
or public neighborhood location for inexpensive produce you’ll feel good
about eating:

Local Harvest – I’m all about delivery. That means
it saves me a trip to the store or eliminates an errand I have to run.
Local Harvest brings the products of family farmers home to you with
over 11,000 products. Check them out at to purchase groceries online, find a co-op and restaurants.

Cooperative Grocer – So you might have to do a
little digging and find a co-op as close to home as possible. Co-ops are
awesome grocery store alternatives, are supported by the community,
build jobs and promote sustainability. Search for a co-op in your area or work in your community to bring one into your neighborhood.

Full Circle – A friend on twitter turned me on to this awesome service.
It’s currently only available in the North West. You can customize your
produce, select the size of your box dependent upon the size of your
family and pay weekly ($22 – $45) or in advance (with a 5% discount).
Best of all the food comes from local farmers which is great on the
environment and great for sustaining the local economy.

Growing Your Own – Another popular new trend in this
green and organic food system has been the advent of home gardens. You
can literally grow your own food. Now I’m not going to lie and say that
I’m the one to get down and dirty with some lettuce but if I had a more
stable lifestyle, I’d surely give it a shot. If you’re interested in
growing your own produce check out how to start your own garden. Even if
you’re in a small space or an apartment you can also get in on the
healthy action. Click here for more.

Additional Resources:
Food Desert Locator

Are you fed up with not having healthy options in your
neighborhood? What have you done to go organic or make changes in your

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