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Protective Styling Boring?

By January 27th, 202167 Comments
Protective Styling Boring?
by Shelli of Hairscapades
On Sunday, I decided to start going through my photo “archives” from 2011 to present to build a Protective Styles album
on Facebook. And, it started me thinking about the recent questions
I’ve been receiving about how I’ve been able to “grow” my hair long. I
put grow in parentheses as I think “growing” hair long is generally a
misnomer. As many of us know, absent a medical condition, our hair is
always growing. Shoot, how many used to relax every 4-8 weeks, because
that new growth was coming in so fast? So, yeah, that smashes the
concept that our hair doesn’t grow. However, what is often happening when hair plateaus at a certain length is that we aren’t retaining that growth.
Enter protective styling. Now, there are a
variety of factors that I believe have contributed to my ability to
achieve my current length, which is the longest my hair has ever been,
though it’s still a work in progress. What I do know is that protective
styling (i.e. wearing styles where my ends are tucked) has played a
major part in helping me get where I am now and will continue to be of
benefit. But wait. Let me be more precise. Low manipulation protective styling has played a major part in helping me get closer to my goals.

Protective Styling Boring?

You see, unlike those with hair of heartier
stock, my fine strands can’t deal with too much pulling, tugging,
braiding, twisting, cornrowing, flat-twisting, etc. So, I learned about a
year and a half ago that my hair fares much better when I stretch it
with twist-outs or TnCs and then place it in protective styles that can
be done in 5-15 minutes with large sections of hair and pretty much left
alone for several days or even a week at a time. Although I love the
idea and look of small twists, mine tend to unravel. So, having to
re-twist every couple of days kind of defeats the purpose of that
particular protective style (though, I still wear twists on occasion).
And wearing my hair down results in tangles, knots, splits and breakage
due to friction and debris!

Now, to my real point. I have often read the sentiments like the following about protective styling: “What’s the point of growing your hair long if you always have to hide it?” and “Protective styling is boring.”
But, I’d like to posit that “hiding” one’s hair can be anything but
boring and is actually fun! In the last year and a half, I have done
more simple, protective styles than I can even remember. The key for me
has been to:
  1. Play around with a few gentle tools and accessories (i.e. banana
    clips, satin scrunchies, bobby pins, Spin Pins, Comfort Flex barrettes,
    flowers, hair sticks, headbands and *gasp* braiding hair! *lol*).
  2.  Search YouTube for inspiration from all sources, not just naturals
    with my texture and/or length (shoot, one of my favorite Youtubers for
    protective styling inspiration is Lilith Moon, a Russian blonde with naturally straight, shoulder length, thin hair).
  3. Use my imagination.

With those things, I have found protective styling to be enjoyable
and generally prefer to wear my hair up and hidden, over down and out,
most days of the week.

So, with some creativity, a few hair tools, a
little time and patience, I think protective styling can be fun, fancy,
and fierce for hair of all different textures and lengths. And, bonus!!
 Switching up protective styles from week to week can save our strands
from repeated tension on the same areas, which can cause thinning and
breakage. With that, here is a sampling of the protective styles that
I’ve done over the last year and a half. The same old plain bun and
twists aren’t our only options!!
Protective Styling Boring?
Protective Styling Boring?
Protective Styling Boring?
Protective Styling Boring?
 Check out the Style Library to find tutorials for most of the styles pictured.)
Do you love/prefer protective styling or do you find it boring? What challenges do you face with it? 


  • Sydney says:

    I only recently began to protective style. It happened completely by accident. I did a curlformer set and the middle crown didn't dry completely so when I took the rollers out it wasn't set the way it should have been. I decided this was a good opportunity to do a twist out on stretched hair so I threw my hair into about 20 twists. I didn't have enough time for the curly pudding I used to dry so I pulled the twists back and pinned them up. I went to my appointment and then spent the rest of the day doing errands. My hair was up and I thought it looked chic actually. When I got home, my family gave me the thumbs up and I've been wearing twists now whenever I don't feel like doing my hair. I stopped pinning them up because I was scared I would get breakage from the bobby pins in the same spot every day so now I just pull the twists back and them in a low pony tail with an ouchless band. It's not the fanciest but I always make my part on the side and make sure that my ends that don't curl up on their own are nicely set on a perm rod so I get cute spiral ends. I just saw this video and will definitely be using a scarf or two to fancy up my look.

  • Sydney says:

    Yay!!! I love her!

  • hairscapades says:

    Love your pinterest page!! Trying one style already!!


  • hairscapades says:

    I always say, do you:)!! I just think that PSing gets a bad rep sometime. I personally like updos, but understand not everyone does. I just wanted to show that it can be fun and isn't all about tucking it away and being miserable for everyone who regularly uses this styling option. If, after looking or trying it, it still isn't for someone, that is definitely each person's own choice to make. :)

  • hairscapades says:

    Awwww, thanks Ayisha!

  • hairscapades says:

    Isn't she! She has a lot of great, creative and SIMPLE styles:). The simple part is what I like best;)!

  • hairscapades says:

    Hi Shan,

    If you don't allow them to braid your edges too tightly or sew the weave in too tightly and you keep your hair clean and moisturized, weaves are definitely a protective option. I'm definitely no expert on them though, so I would suggest finding a blogger who is experienced in "stretching" a relaxer and wearing weaves as a protective styling option while still retaining healthy hair. Sorry I couldn't be of any more help than that.


  • Shan says:

    First off I would like to say thank you, this has been really helpful. I actually have relaxed hair however I have not had a relaxer in about 3 months (i usually get relaxers once a month). Since my last relaxer I have been using different protective styles. I have had 2 weaves and since my last one I have been wearing buns. I do not really want to relax my hair right now because in August I will be heading back to school and would love to do another protective style, preferably micros. What I want to do is weave in the middle and braid the edges. Do you think this is a safe protective style? Should I go another month without relaxing my hair. I am only concerned because my hair has grown a considerable amount and I don't want to have to worry about breakage when it is time for my next relaxer.

  • Kiki Sellers says:

    Protective styles are boring!!! But I have learned the importance of it. In 2010, I got engaged and my sister's hair was growing back to the length we had as a kid. Of course I was jealous but then she taught me about going natural (giving up the creamy crack) and protective styles. I was fine with giving up the perm, it was killing my scalp, but anyone who knows me knows there is one hairstyle I hate…the ponytail. Buns, ponytails, anything where your hair is up is the enemy. But, by not using heat and wearing that awful ponytail I managed. Now, my hair is almost as long as my sister's! Its definitely important but I think people should consider more creative protective styles for people who's hair isn't as long as theirs may be. Also, I'm not opposed to a wig. Keep it natural ladies.

  • watkinsabob says:

    its not boring for me only because i've just started experimenting. Everyday is like a blank canvas!! :-D

  • Unknown says:

    Thanks for introducing me to Lilith Moon. She's awesome!! I can't wait to try some of her braiding styles!!

  • Desiree says:

    I'll be glad when my hair is long enough to bun sometimes! But for now, I'm at the in-between stage, so protective styles are a no go without wearing weaves or wigs. I usually prefer low manipulation, like wash and gos or twist/braid outs. But I love wearing my hair out anyway. After all that's why I went natural, so I could see my hair. But that's just me. I would never do protective styles all the time. Why go natural if not to experiment. I don't mind that it's not down my back yet. It's healthy, and I'm having fun! Lol

  • Ayisha B says:

    Shelli you always have great info!

  • hairscapades says:

    LOL @ Tiffany!! I'm sure it's not as bad as you think! We are always our own worst critic:). Hope that you see the progress that you want!!

    Donna, totally going to check out your pinterest!!


  • Tiffany B. says:

    This protective styling thing is not a game. My hair is butt-booty ugly right now, but it's in a protective style. I can't afford to be walking 'round looking crazy all the time…lol.I have to pick like 2-3 staple styles and stick with those, b/c otherwise I'll be looking like Buckwheat's daughter. I believe the process gets easier once the hair is longer.

    Right now my hair is at about 7-8 inches, so by this time next year I'll be singing a different song.

  • Tea Wash says:

    my protective styles consist of mini twists and braids with extensions. i feel protective styling can be fun if you can do a cute style, but i find this task frustrating and almost impossible with my 6 inch hair. maybe its the products im using or maybe i should be more patient lol

  • Anonymous says:

    Oh my goodness!!!!!! I need to charge my ipod!!! (sorry, I thought we were just randomly posting stuff.)

  • Donna says:

    I have decided to protective style after a month of neglecting my hair. I will protective style Saturday-Thursday allowing hair to rest for a couple days. Now that I have found pinterest, I don't think that it will be boring. There are lots of braided/tucked hairstyles that are chic and classy. Check out my pinterest for ideas

  • butterfli07 says:

    I am just getting in the hang of doing more protective styling. I LOVE to rock my hair all out & free, but I'm learning that the ends of my hair are so fragile (especially with me transitioning). I'll have to check out some protective styling ideas (lives the ones above) & get used to making that more of a routine.

  • Asia Monique says:

    As my hair is currently growing back (bc I cut it all), I can now revert back to my old ways of the pin-up! I would only do protective styles bc of how soft my hair is and how easily it can be effected by the weather (or me playing in it throughout the day).

  • Anonymous says:

    I like my hair out or up and my hair is growing nicely thank you!

  • Anonymous says:

    oh wow, this is great to hear…CONGRATS TO Naptural85 & hubby Filipe! If it's a girl, that baby going to have some beautiful hair!!!!

  • Candace4life says:

    Oh my goodness ladies one of our favorite youtubers is Pregnant :), it's Naptural85. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    I am in the same boat as Camille Acey
    I shoulder length and I do tuck and rolls. But some styles just have an Aunt Jamima look or just lock boring as I able to master stretch I finding if they peak through on the sides along the neck, when I looking at my face, they have more appealing so I agree it might look better as my length gets longer (if it gets longer. Luckily I have master wrapping my hair at night so i only have to do it once a week. but for the hanging bits it daily to every two days.

  • hairscapades says:

    Hi Marienela,

    I have a YouTube channel (Skillsgill) and videos for a few of the hairstyles I do. If you go to the Style Library, what I do is put pictures and the video i my posts. I also use the videos of others and will embed them in my posts. Some of the styles I demonstrate through picture tutorials or with written instructions

    Thank you!!


  • marianela says:

    I love all of these hairstyles! The only protective style that I am not fond of is the plain bun, only because I wear it everyday and have done so since I was thirteen and I am twenty-five now so yeah lol. I have a hard time changing up my style because I kind of the girl who's always on the go. By the way does the woman in this article have hair tutorials on youtube?

  • Anonymous says:

    @ LBell So every hairstyle you do makes you look and feel beautiful? I don't think so. You just said yourself that you like protective styles on….other people. If you had to walk out of the house in "Celie" twists, would you not feel ugly?
    If you had to wear one ponytail puff on one side of your head and one giant braid on the other side, wouldn't that make you FEEL kind of ugly when you walked out the door?

    For someone (not you) to say I have low self-esteem issues and that natural hair isn't for me was a bit out of place. If only they knew how much I love my hair and how much I like certain styles on me.

    I was just saying that certain styles make me FEEL ugly. The same way certain styles make me FEEL beautiful. Has anyone ever heard of a bad hair day and how having one can ruin your whole day. I wonder why that is? Could it be because you FEEL ugly that day?

    Nicol C.

  • Anonymous says:

    Damn the day my hair can actually go into a Bun….
    Lol I got a lotta waiting to do for me to try those styles

    Ashley L.

  • Anonymous says:

    wow, preach dandilion !

  • hairscapades says:

    I'm sorry, guess I didn't say this in the first paragraph, the wrap around photos can be found in my Facebook album that is linked above and in the Style Library posts!

    Thank you!!


  • hairscapades says:

    For those who asked about what the front of the styles look like, I do "wrap around" photos of almost all of the styles, it's just that neither I, nor Nikki could post them all here:)! LOL!! And, speaking of that, I had more pics in the post on my site which included non-bun styles … Nikki just chose the buns … I think she likes them:)!! LOL!! As my hair is very long in the front, I tend to pull it all back. But, someone with shorter layers or bangs could twist the hair, make a bang, do a swoop, etc. Again, it all depends on how creative you feel like being. One of the pics on my site is of a faux bob that was as simple as stretching my hair with a twist-out and then rolling the length under up to my nape and bobby pinning it under. So, it's completely different from a bun or any of these other updos, but is still a protective style and pretty low manipulation.

    It's funny to read the comments about not finding protective styles for shorter and/or medium length hair, because one of the reasons I started hairscapades is because curlies with longer hair were expressing the same frustration (i.e. they couldn't find styles for LONGER, natural hair other than WnGs, twists and twist/braid outs). I kind of thought I could help to fill that niche because I didn't find a lot either, which is why I started searching for inspiration from other, non-natural sources.

    Thanks for all the feedback everyone. Whether you like protective styles or not, they work for you or not, it was great to read everyone's thoughts and opinions! I always take something away from these "conversations." So, thank you all!!


  • LBell says:

    @Nicol C: It's true that nobody is 100% all the time but to say a style makes you "look ugly" and "feel ugly" is a really low blow…to YOURSELF. Don't do that to yourself. :(

    To the subject: I actually love PS…on other people. The only PS I consistently like on me are updos but at my current length I have to keep my hair stretched to wear them and because I don't like sleeping on hairpins that means some kind of manipulation most every night.

    Ironically I'm currently wearing small-to-medium two-strand twists, which is a style I don't especially like on me at this length but is saving me much-needed time. If I can stick it out through the summer I should gain quite a bit of length in addition to time. I would love to get to a length where I can wear TSTs in an updo. :)

  • Anonymous says:

    I didn't say I WAS ugly, I said I FELT ugly. Have you ever FELT ugly with your hair a certain way? It's not because natural hair isn't for me. My hair is almost APL, and I have a giant fro puff that I wear proudly thank you.

    Nicol C.

  • LM says:

    I agree with anonymous at 11:01..i currently have between 5 and 6 inches of hair and most protective styles i've seen for my length are VERY unappealing to me. There are just certain looks that I don't like. I have my hair in micro braids with extensions right now and my ends have curled out of the braids so they are partially exposed. i am trying to keep them moisturized so that I can retain some length when I take my braids down. The youtuber Simplyounique did one flat twist protective style that I liked, but I can't get my flat twists to look neat beyond 2 days no matter how tied down they are at night.

  • Dana says:

    I didn't appreciate the benefits of protective styling until my 4th year of being natural. WashNgo used to be my go to because I workout a lot and could never achieve 2nd day hair anyway.

    I don't wear twists/braids out of the house, but I will do updos and buns from a twist/braidout mostly in winter and on rainy days with or without accessories.

    I don't find it boring just frustrating because of my enability to control/accept a bit of frizz. I prefer a sleek/smooth look but typically have fuzzies 'cause I don't care for products that make the hair stiff/hard.

  • Unknown says:

    I love protective styles and I am in the home stretch of my 10 month protective style challenge. During my challenge only the first few months were styles with my own hair other styles added hair (genie locks, sew ins,ect). My goal for this upcoming year is to only use my own hair when i do protective styles. I want to try a messy bun on twisted out hair. My issue is that no matter what I do my hair naturally layers itself (haha) because the back grows soooo much faster than the front. My hair is almost BSL in the back and in-between CBL and APL in the front. It's hard to do a bun on this length arg…hopefully I have some growth in the front when I take down this sew in

  • dandilion says:

    PS is my salvation! Not only does it make and keep my hair long but if I had to do my curly, prone-to-knots waist length hair everyday I would have shaved my head or *the horror* gone back on the crack ages ago. I twist or braid fortnightly and though I'm not super creative all the time with my buns and ponytails, if I wanted I know I can funk it up with accessories, etc. and my hairs the longest its ever been thanks to this. I think Afro hair is naturally meant to be clumped together in some fashion, strength in numbers is maybe the reason it curls or dreds in the first place. PS is our birthright *me being silly* lol

  • Unknown says:

    They are boring when all of a sudden you find out new ways to style your hair, but its in braids and your mother will kill you if you take them out.

  • Blythe Dhia says:

    I am not a terribly good "stylist" and i also have fine, thin hair so I have difficulty retaining length. However, I have a very active social life and I find that the protective styles that I'm capable of doing oftentimes look unpolished and/or juvenile. I wish I could do those fancy, funky up-dos. Basically, i only feel cute when i have a great twist out or some other unprotected style, but I'm always pissed that my hair still hasn't reached BSL after over five years natural. Sigh. And Hairscapades has great hair, but because her silky edges lay down straight, she can pull off a nice messy bun or un-cornrowed, non-flat twist protective style w/o looking a hot mess. I do play around w/hair accessories, but i have a small head and I tend to wear a lot of jewelry and big earrings (plus i sometimes wear glasses), so I don't want to risk accessory overload. I'll figure something out, I guess.

  • Candace4life says:

    I find that doing the protective styles on my hair works for me, and it keeps me out of my hair alot. Sometimes it helps to be able to do the ps because you will definitely see alot of the growth and it's been a savior for me. I have alot of thick hair, and I can't afford to go to bed constantly w.o doing my hair. Otherwise I will look like a matted down chia pet doll, and I definitely don't plan on scaring anyone to soon. But I say that there are alot of people that can get by not doing any PS and their hair will grow nonstop. But for me being a thick 4 type hair, humph it would be laughing to the bank at me for that one lol…lol.

  • mangomadness says:

    I like protective styling (PSing). I PS with buns (sock buns or cinnabuns) done on stretched hair (banded hair or braid-out hair). I wear them whenever the mood strikes or when a braid-out falls flat mid-week. I like them because they are quick, easy and cute. The protective-ness of the style is just another plus–I don't PS purely to retain length.

    I love the creativity can inspire. I've searched YouTube and Google for picture of buns done with natural hair (and those done on other textures that can be adopted for my texture and length). I have a nice collection of video tutorials and pictured of buns. I'm looking forward to style that I'll be able to do as my hair retains more length.

  • Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the link to Lilith Moon! I forgot how to do a fishtail braid and have been trying to find instructions. Her channel is full of protective styles I hope I will be able to adapt to my hair!

  • Courtney says:

    Protective styling with wigs, weaves, and braids is just not for me. I hate for my hair to be confined. Maybe when my hair gets longer I will enjoy protective styling more. In the mean time my hair is doing just fine with my wash and gos.

  • VioletFem says:

    Those are cute styles, but my hair is not long enough to do any of those styles. So I still feel pretty limited with what I can do with my hair without having to pay someone else to do it. When stretched in a twist out style, my hair reaches to just below my ears. It is longest in the front half of my head and shorter (by about an inch) towards the back. Right now the only protective styles I can wear out are twists (which I am growing tired of because I spent most of last year in twists or twist outs), extensions, or wearing my flat twists under a beanie. Right now my hair is in braids. I hope that the extra length that I get from wearing extensions for the next 7-8 weeks will help me style my hair in more diverse protective styles.

  • Violet says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • Anonymous says:

    @Nicol aka : Anon 2:02, you sound like you have low self esteem issues. You called yourself ugly TWICE..maybe emotionally & mentally natural hair isnt for you.

  • Abstract says:

    I've been in a place where it feels like protective styles are some sort of jail sentence, holding my hair hostage. But I want to retain hair length and my fine 4A strands can't take too much. I definitely have to balance between protective styles that I like and wearing my hair out (usually on the weekends). I think for some it may just take some time to find the right protective style for you…then you can OWN it!! BTW Shelli, all your buns look flyyyyy!!!

  • Camille Acey says:

    I wear protective hairstyles, I guess. I have shorter hair (about shoulder length stretched) and I take it down every night, remoisturize (as needed) and braid or twist it up. Nearly every morning when i take the braids or twists down I usually put it up in my dreaded but go-to roll and tuck and keep it moving. I used to do twists and leave them in for a week or two but I looked just AWFUL and my hair was flat and I was having no fun, so now I am waiting til my hair (hopefully) grows a bit more before I really feel like I can do those protective styles that last multiple days.

  • Anonymous says:

    I feel like I look ugly in protective styles. I wear my hair in a headwrap most of the time so I guess that's protective. When I wear it out, it is usually in a high puff. Sometimes I wear cinnabuns and that looks pretty cute. Other than that, I feel ugly.

    Nicol C.

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anon 1:22, I totally agree…Buns looks great from back, front no so much..

  • LooseLizzie says:

    My hair is at that annoying length; too short for this, too long for that. So protective styles are an issue for me. I dislike the lack of versatility. But I imagine what it will look like in about 2 or so years, God willing, and I make myself stick to two weeks protective, maybe one week medium manipulation and one week of twist/braid out styles a month. I have had some great results. Patience, it is a virtue.

  • Anonymous says:

    I agree with Crishair. The buns look OK from the back, but can we see the front? The front is probably not shown b/c its boring…just looks like hair pulled back.

  • Abby says:

    To be honest I wear buns but they don't retain a lot of length so I use braid extensions I've just started to moisturize and look after them so I hope I will retain some length.

  • Anonymous says:

    What is a messy white girl bun? Lol!

    I don't know how anyone can go for weeks without washing or co-washing their hair, but to each her own. I know it workd for many people, but I just can't get past the sanitation issue.

    I do agree that keeping the hair well moisturized, minimally manipulated and using sulfate-free shampoos is key to preventing breakage (thereby increasing length retention). In addition, I think keeping the ends trimmed regularly allows for the growth of healthy looking hair. Long hair looks best when the entire length of the strand looks even in width and healthy in appearance. I see too many naturals who keep length for the sake of having long(er) hair, but the ends look very raggedy because they are too afraid of snipping them and losing length. To me, that looks desperate.

  • Marcia says:

    I have fine, 4a mid-length hair (about BSL) and the protective style I love the most are two strand twist but my hair can’t do them…I have tried every method…on wet hair, damp hair, dry hair, blowout hair…all types of products..gels, leave-in, creams, puddings, pomade…all sizes…various placement but all end up in a scalpy mess…sigh. (okay sorry I am venting) I mostly do random pinup styles or loose buns as protective styles but I have to redo everyday. Sleeping in a bun just doesn’t work for me. I love Shellie’s styles and when my hair gets longer I will be trying some of them out.

  • kiesh says:

    I think I will like protective styling when my hair gets longer. Of course your bun looks hot if your hair is mid back length. I'm currently at neck length when my hair is in a stretched natural state and pin up styles just look wack to me so I don't do it. My hair is growing nicely and is very healthy.

  • Anonymous says:

    Oh also, and absolutely NO heat. But you guys already know that. That is all. :-)

  • Anonymous says:

    Simply put, protective styling, low manipulation, moisturizing like crazy, and co-washing and/or using a sulfate-free shampoo grows hair. If you are NOT doing all these things you will probably NOT retain length. I have been doing this for 4.5 months and I have almost 3 inches of hair growth (right on track with the average). Who cares about having "fly" hair everyday. My hair is in a messy white girl bun EVERYDAY, ends protected. When I get home, I take it down, moisturize and put my hair into chunky 2-strand twists. My shoulder length hair is growing like crazy. You have to keep your eye on the prize, ladies. Do what you can in regard to the length of your hair to keep it protective styled. Happy growing! and thanks Shelli!


  • Anonymous says:

    Protective styling is easier for those with long hair, IMO. Those with shorter hair have to resort to braids, wigs, or weaves.

  • Anonymous says:

    My hair is not long enough to tuck and pin so I wear a twist out most of the time. Wearing my hair in twists does not look good on me either so until I have the length for protective styles, I wear my hair out all of the time

  • Anonymous says:

    OMG…I am reading these comments like really?!?! I LOVE protective styles!!! My protective styles are rarely boring, even my high buns be fly!! I get compliments on my protective styles ALL THE TIME!! People look forward to seeing my hair on a weekly basis because they know it is going to be something cute and different. I prefer protective styles because I cannot be dealing with hair on a daily basis. I do not have the time nor the patience. The added benefit is length but my main purpose of doing protective styles is so that I do not have to be bothered with my hair everyday.

  • Crishair says:

    Those buns are beautiful, but only the back is nice! The front is always the same. As the anonymous above, "I haven't found a protective style that I would be comfortable leaving the house with". Anyway, I can try using a bun twice a week for retention benefits ;).

  • Anonymous says:

    Protective styling is my friend as I grow my hair longer. I enjoy lots of variety with my hair styles, but I don't always feel up to styling my hair, so PS offers an additional benefit. I've noticed that even a couple of days a week of a PS can help you achieve greater lengths faster. Don't sleep on it, ladies.

  • Anonymous says:

    I have to agree with Brittany. The idea of having my hair locked into a particular style for weeks on end is not appealing, but I understand the necessity of it. I like running my hands through my hair, but I also don't have the time nor desire to cowash multiple times a week. There has to be a middle ground.

  • Anonymous says:

    I haven't found a protective style that I would be comfortable leaving the house with. lol! I am 7 months natural after a 10 month transition, and my hair is around neck length in a twist out.

    I think protective styling is easier and more appealing on longer hair, that's just my opinion.

    At the length, I'm currently at, most of the protective styles I've seen are indeed "boring" to me.

    I do look forward to rocking a bun in the future!

  • Roodlyne says:

    I wear protective/lazy styles, i tuck and pin my hair almost every week. I'd wear a TO for church on sundays then tuck n pin my hair my original motive was time saving. when my hair is tucked in I can wake up in morning take off my scarf and my hair is ready to go. I will say that it is boring but i dont mind boring. :)

  • Brittany says:

    I really dont care too much for protective styling. Although i know it is beneficial..I just like feeling my hair blowing in the wind. I have my hair pressed right now but I plan on wearing protective styles when I wash it because I'm trying to grow a few more inches… but Im really not looking forward to it. :-(
    I wish I had Mahoganycurls' patience.. but wash n gos every 2 days is a no go for me as well. SO braids and twists here I come.

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