Last night my good friend Melissa FINALLY arrived… first thing out of her mouth- “how do you say, ‘it’s about to go down’ in Portuguese?”

She must have brought the sun with her because we hadn’t seen it in days, so we hit the beach!
Hubby secured some fresh coconut water…
while Melissa and I opted for Mango Caipirinhas, traditional Brazilian drinks

 They slice and crush the mango and add ice, sugar and…
 vodka, of course!

It’s all fun and games ’til you find yourself chewing your drink… ish was delicious but chunky

How’s this for the world’s cutest swimsuit cover up?  Gifted by House of Dereon, look HERE
Also, this is Day 7 hair! 

Melissa showing #NursePride
 Later, hubby convinced my non-swimming ass to come out into the water

 You may not be able to tell, but I’m in this pic… that’s definitely me UNDER the wave.

 Panic.  I came up after what felt like an eternity all discombobulated, gasping, coughing, eyes burning.  #fail #LostaLung

 Needed a drink

And later…

Strogonoff de Camaroes 

Instant. Itis. Yes, that’s bacon, a fried egg, cheese and filet mignon in the form of a sandwich. #WhyTheHellNot

One more round of Caipirinhas… this time more authentic (and stronger!) with lime and Cachaca

Melissa grew ever tired of the chunks and resorted to a rudimentary but effective straining system

I powered through #gangsta

My hair is completely dry in the above pic… it’s nearly 7pm here and along with labored breathing from my near drowning, I feel dusty.  The hair is cute and fluffy but I need to wash it before I lose control of the situation. The last thing I feel like doing is twisting my hurr, but it needs to happen.
I’ll check back in later!

got up bright and early, despite the ‘rainy’ forecast, threw on our
clothes and hailed a cab, headed straight for, Cristo Redentor, aka,
that famous Jesus statue, a must see on the Brazilian tour circuit.

-Melissa on the cab driver whipping the van up the mountain… ‘#INeedAnAirbagStat’

2300 treacherous feet later…


-Shirt gifted from Romwe
-Shorts from Forever 21
-Tights from Macys
-Boots- Madden Girl (wear them every got damn day!)

 Our awesome tour guide and host!
When asked for his nombre/name, he responded, ‘rocky balboa’. So dope!
Rocky took us to a restricted helicopter pad for the view 
#LockedUpAbroad….correction #LockedUpTwoBroadsATourGuideAndAPoliSciProfessor…#Abroad

and later…


Melissa on the pigeons pecking at her white toenail polish- #INeedARabiesShotStat
Me on a bumble bee in hot pursuit of my caipirihna ‘don’t kill it… it’ll get angry’ #MomLogic
new friends from Paraguay… had the best conversation that we’ve had
with anybody and none of us spoke Portuguese.  #BrokenSpanish #Charades #MommyDaddyTalk
Melissa on the beach eye candy… “#INeedAContraceptiveStat”
3 caipirihnas + Nikki equals… #INeedAMop #Stat
Melissa finds STL natives everywhere she goes…

Brazilian anthem… #AssAssAss

’bout to set it off #jadapinkett
Headed out for a lil samba with the ladies of Estimativa! Check back in soon!
Last night we accompanied Nina to Trapiche Gamboa Restaurant in downtown Rio.  The ladies pictured below performed regional and black traditional music – samba, jongo and maracatu. The drums were SICK. Like, ‘shake shake shake Senora’, good.  And…  
the rhythm got me out of my chair!  Sorry for the terrible pic quality. The magnificence and furry of my fancy foot work couldn’t be captured. 
Never quite mastered the samba… so I resorted to my usual and sometimes off-beat hip swaying and botched Dougie