and the winner is…… 
Erica S!

Email me ([email protected]) ASAP w/ your address!


There’s monkeys in the trees! Like, lots of ’em. And they’re really friggin’, ridiculously super cute! #IWantOne
smoothing and twirling wet frizzy curls (7 a.m.)
the same wash and go later that day (1 p.m.)

I’ve missed the glorious, highly textured results of my wash & go,
but the single strand knots and difficulty achieving anything but dry,
flattened out, tangled ass curls by day 3? Boo. Bye. I ain’t got time
for that!

But really, the look rocks and I plan to pull it out for special occasions and in high humidity conditions.  In the meantime, I’ll be twisting it up! 

 Gifted House of Dereon dress

other swimsuit looks/coverups…

shirt-Gifted from House of Dereon
shoes- DSW (old)
yellow monokini- ArdenB
other Monokini- Target

Continuing our restaurant tour via Andrew Zimmern’s Bizarre Food, we went to Oro, a gourmet restaurant in Rio and got the Iron Chef treatment!Everything on the menu was prepared with ingredients from the Amazonian Rainforest and the best thing? There was no ‘ordering’, we ate what the chef felt like preparing! #ImGoingBroke #ImMCHammer

 That’s (1) Acai cone, tapioca, smoked filhote tartare and fruit nitro, (2) garlic and onion, and (3) pork belly with a jabuticaba sherry vinagerette #huh

Baru Nut and Basil Pesto
 Suckling Pig, corn medal (aka, really moist corn bread) and peanut milk
Chef Felipe Bronze
And we’re done.

We had a great time traveling, learning and making new friends and plan to do it again soon!

One final giveaway for y’all!
see that scarf I’m rockin’?  I bought like 5 of them… they’re HUGE, versatile and so chic.  Like, hair scarf, sarong, neck scarf, skirt versatile!
Below, tell me how you rocked your hair to the Memorial Day BBQ and tomorrow I’ll choose one curly to win a Rio De Janeiro Sarong!  The contest closes at 9pm EST tonight, May 28th.