by Shelli of Hairscapades

Last week, I mentioned that I was getting
quite a few questions about what I do/did to get my hair to its current
length. Usually when I get asked that question, I’ll point to my regimen
post. But, to be honest, that is ever evolving and what I may be doing
or using today may be totally different a week or two from now. So, I
started to think about the various Tips and Tricks that
I’ve shared over the last year. Then, I grouped them into categories of
things that I consistently do to retain as much length as I can.

Right now, my hair is the longest that it’s ever been in my life …
not ADULT life … my ENTIRE life. Although I have what is viewed as a
“looser curl,” and some assume that length automatically comes with
that, I was not one of those little girls with a thick, long
ponytail hanging down her back until the yearning for a “perm” set-in
and destroyed her long, luxurious mane.

Instead, my hair was fine, frizz prone and
armpit length was probably the longest it ever was pre- or post relaxer.
All this to say that, at 40 years of age and 12 years natural, my hair is the longest that it has ever been … EVER.

Now here’s the disclaimer! LOL! This post isn’t to say that I’ve got
this length retention thing down to an exact science, that my methods
are the only ones that work, that I don’t have setbacks or that I have a
perfect head of hair. I am trying to grow out a shorter, dryer, coarser
and more breakage-prone crown, a shorter nape, transition out
henna-loosened ends and recover from the amla induced “Great Shed of
2010.” I don’t have a perfectly even, thick perimeter and although my
longest areas have reached waist length, not all of my hair has (I’m
testing Chicoro’s “Lead Hair” Theory
and the goal point method of trimming). So, yeah … my hair is a work in
progress and I hope some of the things that I learned and began
incorporating late last year will help me to achieve healthier, thicker,
stronger and longer hair in the twenty twelve!

So, without further ado, here are the 3 things that I am doing to
“grow” my hair long or, more accurately, retain the length that I grow!

Every week (or two weeks at the most), I pre-poo with Vatika or coconut
oil, deep condition, apply a leave-in conditioner and seal with an oil.
I re-apply a water-based moisturizer and seal between wash sessions, as
not just talking about protective styling. I think about protection as
everything I do to reduce stress on my hair and prevent “premature”
breakage. I finger detangle, use gentle hair accessories and tools,
search and destroy to trim knots and splits that can cause “collateral
damage” to adjacent strands, sleep on a satin pillowcase, wear a satin
scarf or bonnet every night and wear low manipulation/protective styles
that tuck away my ends 5-6 days a week.
3. STRENGTHEN: Throughout
most of 2011, this element was largely missing from my regimen and I
think it resulted in preventable breakage. But, I rectified this in
November 2011, learned how to use protein correctly and began
incorporating strengthening protein treatments every 2-3 weeks, or as
needed. I also use henna. But, as I do roots-only treatments due to curl
loosening caused by repeated applications, it isn’t sufficient as a
strengthening agent alone. So, it became imperative for me to begin
using protein to reinforce the “structural integrity” of my strands.
Here are a few pictures that show my progress from 2008, when I had my hair cut to ear length straight, to present.
Sept 2008
Feb 2011
Feb 2012
Feb 2012
 What do you do to retain length?