Sheri of YourAfricaIsShowing asks:

Long TWA Ladies: Do You Ever Feel Stuck Between A Rock And A Twist-Out? 

Yes, I said ‘Long TWA’, lol. I’m sure anyone who’s grown their hair out
from a TWA before would understand what it’s like when you get to that
in between point when your hair is finally not 2 inches long anymore…
but once you let it dry, it kinda still is.    >_< grrrr shrinkage!
I would say my hair is close to being full shoulder length,  definitely
full neck length already with my nape already crawling past my
shoulders. When I wash my hair, most of my textures shrink up to about 2
– 3 inches. My hair lengths range from 5 to 8 inches. If I was to air
dry, I would always have a 1 inch looking shrunken up Afro  -_-
Now that would be fine if I wanted to rock a 1 inch fro. I would totally
just keep my hair cute and cut and easy, but since I’m currently in the
process of growing my hair out, it’s really frustrating to not
immediately be able to see my length… I always have to do some type of
stretching process: banding, braiding, twisting, bunning, setting,
straightening… ugh… I’ve learned that it comes with the territory
but it’s all so frustrating.
I thought I was out of the TWA park but I’m really realizing I’m not. I
just can’t wait until my hair gets longer so I can stop feeling like I’m
stuck between a rock and a twist out.
All you ladies that have or have had a TWA, have you experienced this
feeling? What helped you get through these in-between times?