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Curly Nikki

Stuck Between A Rock And A Twist-Out?

By January 27th, 202132 Comments
Sheri of YourAfricaIsShowing asks:

Long TWA Ladies: Do You Ever Feel Stuck Between A Rock And A Twist-Out? 

Stuck Between A Rock And A Twist-Out?

Yes, I said ‘Long TWA’, lol. I’m sure anyone who’s grown their hair out
from a TWA before would understand what it’s like when you get to that
in between point when your hair is finally not 2 inches long anymore…
but once you let it dry, it kinda still is.    >_< grrrr shrinkage!
I would say my hair is close to being full shoulder length,  definitely
full neck length already with my nape already crawling past my
shoulders. When I wash my hair, most of my textures shrink up to about 2
– 3 inches. My hair lengths range from 5 to 8 inches. If I was to air
dry, I would always have a 1 inch looking shrunken up Afro  -_-
Now that would be fine if I wanted to rock a 1 inch fro. I would totally
just keep my hair cute and cut and easy, but since I’m currently in the
process of growing my hair out, it’s really frustrating to not
immediately be able to see my length… I always have to do some type of
stretching process: banding, braiding, twisting, bunning, setting,
straightening… ugh… I’ve learned that it comes with the territory
but it’s all so frustrating.
I thought I was out of the TWA park but I’m really realizing I’m not. I
just can’t wait until my hair gets longer so I can stop feeling like I’m
stuck between a rock and a twist out.
All you ladies that have or have had a TWA, have you experienced this
feeling? What helped you get through these in-between times?


  • Pat says:

    Twist my hair at night basically the front part and then unravel and blend to create my curly fro.I will keep my back/neckline tapered for shape. It's working but I'm shocked since my hair is fine and soft, it looks great though!!

  • GirlBambi25 says:

    I'm in the same stage! I've been doing wash & go's & recently started making bows out of neckties my daddy doesn't use just to dress up the shrinkage! Normally, I just do a chunky twist out & tie a scarf through the middle so the front is hanging out… I'm trying to get into blow-outs but my hair is so thick & it takes too long! I may just go back to kinky twist like I did in my transitioning days though!

  • watkinsabob says:

    I understand because the hair in the back and nape is shorter than my front and sides. (Im growing my hair out from a bob that was hot comb pressed…shhhh…don't tell nobody) hahahaha

  • Gwenn4ya says:

    I have the same problem along with SSKs. I hate the shrinkage, but have grown to embrace it. The SSKs…not so much! If I do a twist out and don't retwist at night for the next day, SSKs will take over and drive me absolutely insane. I agree, it would be nice to see my length immediately. I understand that is just not going to happen until I get more length. Awesome just the same!

  • Ayisha B says:

    Cool colors

  • Anonymous says:

    Ya moving too fast for me lol. Just recently I was able to put by hair in a lil ponytail. I gotta take baby steps, baby steps (Eddie Voice from Barbershop)
    However, I will try this once i reach that length.

    Ashley L.

  • Anonymous says:

    I like my ROCK so far i have about an inch of hair, however I know I will get there so I will wait it out AKA Tastemyalterego@yahoo and on

  • SPstyles says:

    Thank you all for your comments and it's great to know that I'm not alone!!! lol
    @Leah Omonya I will definitely start a segment on my blog for us in between TWA girls,including video tutorials and various hairstyles…and please feelfree to email any ideas of what you might have in mind, I'm a hairstylist so it's possible I may be able to help you with figuring out your styles.

    @Anonymos10:58am It's not a piece, it is my real hair, lol. I am a hairstylist too and I colored it myself, and no it's not spray

  • Kudos says:

    That is my hair!
    And all the styles I want to try are for longer hair!! Grrrr

  • Unknown says:

    It is soo nice to see someone on here in the same awkward stage that I am in. Though the long glossy meins are great inpiration, I sometimes feel that there could be more catered for up neck lenght girls. Maybe it should be you. Post some more.

  • Tea Wash says:

    my hair is about your length but my twist outs always end up all over the place. im also realizing that im still in the twa club

  • Anonymous says:

    It's not all of your hair in the profile pic? Wow! You blended it pretty darn good! I'm a hair stylist and I counldn't tell!lol I was curious about that color and thought that could have been a piece. but at any rate…good job!:)

  • Shari says:

    Story of my life… I have been trying to find a style that I love for my in between length, but I can not find anything I like. I spend HOURS stalking Youtube and the natural hair blogs looking for something that may look good on me. I have yet to find a style where I can wear my hair out and it looks good to me. My hair is almost shoulder length stretched, but in a WnG (like today) I have a 1.5 inch afro- which I hate, but thats what happens when you oversleep by 1 hour! For the past months, I have just been rocking weaves and wigs with my hair braided underneath. I have had some serious growth, but I long for the days when I can feel comfortable wearing my hair out without looking like a used q-tip.

  • Anonymous says:

    Wow, this is my feelings in a nutshell. 15 months natural, and I couldn't get a comb/pick/ax…you know what I mean. Frustrated. Did my first henna last night and am looking for some smooth, easier to manage/manipulate hair, anything other than this cotton-ball. But, we're on the right track, got to work on it. Sooner or later we'll all have what it is we're seeking. Good Luck!

  • Anonymous says:

    Oooo. I love the color in the bangs =0)

  • NikkiNukka says:

    this post hit home. my hair is 7-8 inches but when dried and styled for a wng its an inch afro!!!!! AN INCH I SAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! craziness. cant do anything else but wng so TO and BO are not an option for me 🙁

  • Anonymous says:

    My hair is about this length, and I rock twist outs 99% of the time. I have 3c hair in my nape and crown, 4a on the sides and edges, and 4b in the front. The 4a/4b hair shrinks A LOT!

    After I wash and condition my hair, I put it in big twist and let it air dry or I sit under the dryer if I'm pressed for time. I do not use direct heat. Once my hair is dry, it is pretty much stretched, THEN I apply a butter and twist is smaller sections. My twist outs usually turn out stretched, moisturized, and fluffy, and throughout the week it stretches even more. By the end of the week, it looks blow dried b/c it is so stretched.

    Personally, stretching my hair has led to a lot of length retention and less single strand knots.

    I might get some kinky twists installed for the summer. I transitioned for 10 months with kinky twists (redone every 2-3 months), and I LOVED them.


  • Anonymous says:

    I can relate to this article. My hair is currently in that in between stage and due to my bad trim (by a professional) in January I have layers that I hate. I usually wear twist/braid outs but now I'm gettting sick of them. Since my hair isn't long enough there isn't much I can do with it. Yesterday I almost had a break down because I'm just so frustrated with my length. I think I'm going to ge braids for the summer to keep me from being so frustrated.


  • MalibuMrsTee says:

    The problem I am having with my long twa is I am tried of the twists outs, the hand band's, the fro look I have been seaching yt for inspiration with no help everyone styles there real twa or long hair arrr

  • marianela says:

    To be honest I got through my twa twice because I went natural twice. I know exactly how you feel and my best suggestion is to find tutorials of styles you could wear and to use scarfs and hats to your advantage. I know its the awkward stage between long and short but it will grow before you know it.

  • Anonymous says:

    Team shrinkage over here. If I do a wash and go, it looks about three inches long. That would be okay with me if all of my hair was one texture. Sadly it's not though.

    Nicol C.

  • Nichole Naomi says:

    this post came at the right time for me. I BC'd December 2010 and I have been wearing braids ever since. Now being 16 months natural, I want to wear my hair out but it's not as long as i want it to be. and i too am stuck between a rock and a twist out

  • CurlyChemist says:

    Yeah this awkward length is the devil. I have decided to do protective styles for the summer especially and keep the ends tucked away. Right now I am wearing crochet braids, cause I got so bored with that same twist out every day.

  • Shena D says:

    I have found a half wig that looks like pulled apart finger coils. That has saved me time and energy as it takes a long time to do a head-full of coils but 10 mins to just do the front of my hair.

  • Chelsea says:

    I mostly wear my hair in a twist out, but the current length looks awkward. I have been on the search for different hairstyles for this in between hair length. Does anyone know of any good youtubers who are currently at this length and are very creative in styling their hair with tutorials?

  • DiJah says:

    Not really a twist out kinda gal, so right now i'm stuck between a rock and a bun!
    Didn't want to, but i will be blowing out my hair (cool air of course..) and see if that will help me out. This is what I get for cutting my hair smh…scissors down, blow dryer up.

  • Anonymous says:

    This is the reason why Im going to transition…forever!!! lol…I want to have enough length, even with shrinkage to be able to style my hair.

  • Sista Suga says:

    Blow drying after a wash and then twist with eco styler gel gives lovely results for my twist out the next day. It may sound like it makes no sense to go from wet to dry then wet but it works nicely for stretching–for me. BTW that is not all of my hair in my profile pic.

  • Patty says:

    My hair is BSL when straight, but if I don't stretch it after washing, it'll shrink to a 4 inch fro. Real talk.

  • Anonymous says:

    I just usually twist it. I've tried all I know to help with shrinkage. I would love to wear the curly wash and go. It looks great wet.

  • Elle @ (Eat.Style.Play) says:

    I agree MelMel…with dry hair and some hydrated butter my twistouts are the bomb!

  • MelMelBee says:

    Chunky Twist Outs on Stretched hair saved my hair and my sanity!

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