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Taneica’s Inner Beauty Mask Recipe

By January 27th, 202116 Comments

Taneica’s Inner Beauty Mask Recipe

I did it. This week, I finally caved and bought The Most Beautiful People Issue. While paying for my magazine at the register, I was sure to tell the cashier that I was actually supposed to be on the cover, but was not available for the shoot in enough time, so they reluctantly went with Beyonce instead. The cashier and I shared a giggle and I was on my way. When I got home and began flipping through the magazine, I was inundated with tons of tips from the most beautiful celebrities in America. There were tips for the perfect amount of sleep one needs to make “beauty sleep” effective, how much water must one intake to achieve a glowing complexion and fabulous figure, and what lotions and potions they use to diminish laugh lines and crow’s feet so that you look forever 21. I read all of this with amusement and fascination. As I read the last page and shut the magazine, I wondered what tips would one suggest for inner beauty. Let’s face it, no matter how many times you go under the knife to perfect your figure or how many expensive serums you use to tighten and lift your skin, unless we get to the “inevitable alternative” first, we’re all going to get older and our youthful looks will fade. However, this doesn’t have to take away a drop of each of our authentic, beautiful, inner selves. We can still remain breathtaking even at 92 if we follow as strict of an inner beauty regime as we do an outer one.

I pondered a long time about what my inner beauty regime would consist of, and I came up with a recipe for an inner beauty mask. The cool thing about recipes is that you can follow them down to the last teaspoon, or you can add a teaspoon extra or another ingredient so that it is more appealing to your pallet. Please feel free to add whatever ingredients you need to this recipe to make it most effective for you.

2 cups of Confidence
2 cups of Self Respect
1 oz. of Humility
2 teaspoons of Optimism
3 teaspoons or Gratefulness
1 cup of a Sense of Humor
1 cup of Awareness
3 quarts of Forgiveness
A dash of Adventure
A pinch of Manners
1 gallon of God’s grace

Combine all ingredients and apply liberally with prayer and self affirmations at least twice daily. This recipe makes me feel beautiful every day….even when I look like I need a makeover. LOL!

What ingredients would you add to your inner beauty mask recipe?


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