by Bonnie of The Culture Pine

After watching countless ‘big chop’ video’s this weekend on YouTube,
I couldn’t help but feel the itch to finally be all natural, as I got
caught up in the excitement of each big chopper I witnessed freeing
themselves from their relaxed ends. Although I want to get in on the
action at the time, it soon fades as I get real with myself; ‘Who are
you trying to kid? You know your not reaching for those scissors yet!’  You know the feeling?

Now, I originally planned to hold on for around two years before I end
my transition, but today I had a thought:  ‘am I becoming to attached to
my relaxed ends?’ You see, at the moment I actually have an equal
amount of natural hair as the remaining relaxed ends, and in some areas,
my new growth has in fact more length than my straight ends, which is
what I wanted before I snip away. My concern is that; I will keep
putting off cutting my relaxed ends to maintain as much length as

Unlike a lot of others who simply can not stand dealing with the two
textures, I actually do not mind so much. Seeing as this is often one of
the main reasons that encourages transitioners to let go of their ends,
it doesn’t seem to be looking to good for little old me. With this in
mind, I have decided to take the wheel and reduce my transitioning time
before it get’s to 6 years down the line and I’m STILL transitioning.

I love the texture of my new growth, and how much fuller and healthier
it is to my thin, straight ends. So, I guess that it is not so much the
relaxed ends I want to keep, but the added length they provide that I
don’t want to give up. For the majority of transitioners, we choose this
route to achieve natural hair because length matters to us, so it can
be hard to let go…

Have you experienced this during your journey?