And the winners are…
Tiffany A Woods
Lisa Michelle
Brooke B.
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Thanks everyone for participating and stay tuned for more ways to win!

Hubby and I’ve been grinding nonstop for years- skipped vacations, put college degrees before tropical degrees, birthed a baby, forgone club hoppings (mostly)- and concluded that we
need some shade and a vacay. From what we can tell, we’re about 5
vacations behind and have decided to play a serious game of catch up.  Looking
for motivation to determine our next destination, I remembered the posts from Marques about race and hair relations in Brazil.  I heard about an organization called Estimativa  (means ‘esteem’ in Portuguese) that works primarily to empower women of color and couldn’t help but want to do a little more.

Now, if this was a movie, we’d just fade to black, and *poof* bring the women and their
members here…but this ain’t no movie, and I ain’t Oprah. We ain’t got
it like that. *Yoouu get a trip, and youu get a trip!* Nah son.

So then I thought perhaps I could go to them… bringing the CurlyNikki
community with me, armed with curl knowledge and translated articles to
share.  I called my good friend Mahisha at CURLS and she too wanted to get in on the action and donated a TON of products.  I plan to work a little, play a little lots, soak up some sun, the culture and take in the sights… specifically, all the curls!  I’m even thinking about starting the Brazilian Butt Lift (*work out plan girl!*) so I can convert my spongebob into a donk, or at least whatever my skinny genes will allow!

So here we are…

Stay tuned for more ways that you can contribute and get involved too!

g-chatting with Boog… 
 I ‘ugly cried’ shortly thereafter. 
I always feel grown when I’m making the reservations and then feel guilty/sad/like she’ll forget me as the trip gets closer. #neurotic 

…the first thing I did after our 10 hour flight? Jumped online to check in! 


Of all the articles on over the years, leave a link to your favorite one below in the comments… or the one that you most believe will benefit the women of Estimativa.
 On Wednesday, May 16th at 5pm EST, 8 winners will be randomly selected to take home one full size bottle of CURLS’ Cashmere Curl Jelly!