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What’s In A Review?

By January 27th, 202124 Comments

What’s In A Review?
Tammy Goodson of CurlyChics

A product review is a personal account of a product’s performance. Oftentimes companies will reach out to and send products to bloggers and vloggers, in exchange for an unbiased opinion, which is in turn shared with their readers or subscribers. It is a great tool for companies on the marketing front, as it gives the product exposure, and it also serves as a guide for the consumer. When reviewing a product, whether for a company or as a consumer, I have a set of criteria by which the product is measured.

If the product appeals to my receptors, it is already ahead of the game before I even use it. I am one of those consumers who will make a purchase largely based on scent.

Obviously price point is important. I want what most consumers want, quality product with minimal cost. Is an inflated price tag warranted? Does a lower price tag indicate compromised performance?

Does it live up to its own hype? 
If the product claims to provide moisture and softness, I want my hair to maintain moisture levels and feel uber soft. If the product states “all natural”, the ingredients better be all natural. Does it deliver? In short, does it do what it says it will do? Does it maintain its integrity?

Curb appeal is important as well. If the container is pleasing to the eye, it will grab my attention. It shows that the company did their homework and researched their customer base. Is the packaging memorable? Will I quickly be able to identify the product line based purely on aesthetic? Is the container easy to open and dispense?

 Although I prefer all natural or organic ingredients, I do not have a zero tolerance policy on it. I look for ingredients that agree with my hair. If my hair responds well to a “not so natural” product, there is a possibility that I may still use it depending on what else it is comprised of.

How accessible is it? 
I personally prefer to be able to run right to my local store and pick up the things I need, especially when it comes to my hair. However, I am a frequent online shopper and have grown accustomed to waiting on the postal system for my items.

How do you rate a product?

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  • Hilary B. says:

    price > ingredients > packaging> scent > amount > consistency

  • talybutterfly4 says:

    The most important things I look for in a product is ingredients, smell, price, and how much you get for that price.

  • watkinsabob says:

    does it work is not enough for me. The real question is does it work better than something i already use? If its on equal par then is it cheaper, would be the next line of questioning.

  • Unknown says:

    I definitely look at the ingredients first, then smell then prize acessibility is not really an issue

  • Anonymous says:

    This is what I look for (in order):
    1) Does it work?
    2) Smell (I have an extremely sensitive sense of smell)
    3) Price
    4) Accessibility

  • Ayisha B says:

    By how well it works in my hair.

  • Anonymous says:

    Moisture, moisture, moisture!

    Nicol C.

  • marianela says:

    For me I select products based on cost, effectiveness, ingredients, and long-term effectiveness. The reason for the last one is because I have a tendency to buy products that are great at first but cause my hair over time to become dull and brittle.

  • marianela says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • Unknown says:

    Its nice to get a breakdown like that so I know what to look for in future products.

  • Abby says:

    For me it is the moisture it gives to my hair, black hair is dry so if your hair isn't moisturized then obviously it wont thrive #common sense. But however I'm a sucker for a good scent like bananas,coconut or vanilla I've been known to buy products just for the scent, hence they didn't work too well. yum

  • Anonymous says:

    For me it depends on the scent and the way it works with my hair. I'm somewhat skeptical about reviews do to the fact that the companies will enforce their workers/interns or whoever to write a positive review. Im not saying it happens with every company, but through experience, its been done before.

    Ashley L.

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous 12:44am. First off, before you start attacking people on blogs, you need to learn how to read and comprehend. No where in my post do I tell ANYONE to buy anything, let alone chemical free products. I said I, again I, base my product selection on whether it is chemical free, and I also said I don't care about price. I never told anyone to do anything, I can honestly careless what you buy and what you do with your crown. I am not assuming anything, which I never stated that I did in my post. I said it amazes me that some people promote the most un-natural hair products for natural hair, which they do, and they can't pronounce the chemical names, which they can't. I can name at least 5 youtubers who have made themselves internet famous by doing so, which is fine with me. I didn't name them, because I am not attacking them, I am just simply amazed, which is my right. Nor I am I blogging or vlogging or preaching to anyone to buy only chemical free products. Thanks. I simply gave my opinion, which last time I checked, we were free to do in this country.

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous 10:16pm….Where in the heck is it written that just because someone's hair is chemical free ie. no relaxer that you must use ALL NATURAL PRODUCTS. It seems like you have drunk the Kool Aid, if you want all natural and black own thats fine for YOU!
    But, dont ASSUME all naturals need to follow that mantra. What do you think ladies did before ALL NATURAL products were on the shelves?? Grease and water!

  • ShawnTe Pierce says:

    When I do reviews I explain my hair type, go over product details as per the packaging, mention smell, feel/texture of the product, how I used it and my results. Often I will do a comparison if following the instructions did not yield desireable results then I'll do a work around for the product and give those results.

  • Anonymous says:

    How do I rate a product? If it works like they say it should – on my hair.

    Because I have tightly coiled kinky hair, I have to do a LOT of research before I purchase a product. Amazon, curlmart,, LHCF, YouTube reviews and tutorials, you name it – I peruse them all before I plunk down my hard earned cash on a product.

    Last Tuesday I returned a product to Sally Beauty. My folks taught me not to waste, so I always held on to my "epic fail" products, thinking maybe it was me – maybe I need to tweak the application or try it on damp hair, dry hair, soaking wet hair, whatever.

    Last Tuesday I returned the "As I Am Curling Jelly Curl and Coil Definer" for a refund (I kept the leave in conditioner because it had great slip).

    My hair was crusted with a white haze when I loosened my overnight twistout. White haze on a perfectly defined twist out. An application of oil couldn't hide the the white haze!

    Come on – for $19.00 (plus an additional $10.00 for the leave in conditioner), I should've gotten stellar results. The product was described as non flaking, and I used the leave in as recommended.

    So that's it. If a product doesn't work – it's going back. I am so getting tired of companies grabbing for the natural hair dollar. I don't have time for this anymore.

    If it doesn't work – it's going back.

  • Anonymous says:

    Ugh, who cares how it smells. "Fragrance"" is toxic, so inhaling a bunch of carcinogens is not something I would base buying a product on. I base my purchases on if the product is chemical free, and if it works.. Again it amazes me how some people promote the most un-natural products for natural hair. Some people can't even pronounce the chemicals in the highly popular products. Oh, I don't care about price, I will pay if it works, and is chemical free(ie Karens Body and Afroveda, chemical free and black female owned!)

  • Braelynn says:

    Scent first, cost, then ingredients. I LOVE scents. It must smell good. I don't care if my hair loves it, if it doesn't smell right, I am not going to use it.

  • Anonymous says:

    Spray bottles…I like spray bottles that have a handle. If it doesn't, it won't necessarily prevent me from buying it, but I give it a long hard thought (which includes price, ingredients, and likelihood that it will be my new go to product).

  • DiscoveringNatural says:

    When I buy a product, first thing I look at is the Ingredients, then I look at the consistency of the product, then the smell. And then "cross-my-fingers" and hope it does what it said it will do!

  • Jo Somebody says:

    Performance, texture, how it works with other products, company's ethos, I prefer if the company is black-owned (I'm 'racist', sue me)… as well as the above.

  • Tea Wash says:

    i think its about scent and how well it works! i like for my hair to feel strong and moisturized while smelling good. of course, i also have to look at how well the ingredients work with me so they dont have to be all organic. Price is also important, i like it to be low lol

  • Anonymous says:

    On and I dont buy any product on online, I need to hold it in my hair and look at the product. Plus, I aint trying to pay for shipping.

  • Anonymous says:

    For me its all about does the product work! I really dont care about the smell or the ingredients so much. If its too expensive I wont buy it any way. But, if it does what I want it to do, then its a keeper!
    I just keep thinking during the 70's ladies had huge fro's with just grease & water!

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