Tammy Goodson of CurlyChics

A product review is a personal account of a product’s performance. Oftentimes companies will reach out to and send products to bloggers and vloggers, in exchange for an unbiased opinion, which is in turn shared with their readers or subscribers. It is a great tool for companies on the marketing front, as it gives the product exposure, and it also serves as a guide for the consumer. When reviewing a product, whether for a company or as a consumer, I have a set of criteria by which the product is measured.

If the product appeals to my receptors, it is already ahead of the game before I even use it. I am one of those consumers who will make a purchase largely based on scent.

Obviously price point is important. I want what most consumers want, quality product with minimal cost. Is an inflated price tag warranted? Does a lower price tag indicate compromised performance?

Does it live up to its own hype? 
If the product claims to provide moisture and softness, I want my hair to maintain moisture levels and feel uber soft. If the product states “all natural”, the ingredients better be all natural. Does it deliver? In short, does it do what it says it will do? Does it maintain its integrity?

Curb appeal is important as well. If the container is pleasing to the eye, it will grab my attention. It shows that the company did their homework and researched their customer base. Is the packaging memorable? Will I quickly be able to identify the product line based purely on aesthetic? Is the container easy to open and dispense?

 Although I prefer all natural or organic ingredients, I do not have a zero tolerance policy on it. I look for ingredients that agree with my hair. If my hair responds well to a “not so natural” product, there is a possibility that I may still use it depending on what else it is comprised of.

How accessible is it? 
I personally prefer to be able to run right to my local store and pick up the things I need, especially when it comes to my hair. However, I am a frequent online shopper and have grown accustomed to waiting on the postal system for my items.

How do you rate a product?

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