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Eureka is Naturally Glamorous!

By January 27th, 202115 Comments
Eureka is Naturally Glamorous!

When did you decide to go natural? Why?
This will be the 11th year of my natural hair journey,n
but May 2012 will mark 4yrs of healthy hair care practices. In the
beginning I didn’t see any results in my hair growth so I started doing
research, joining hair boards and incorporating TLC
undergrad I started getting sews and glue in weaves because I couldn’t
afford to get my hair professionally done anymore. Over the course of a
month my hair started to thin but instead of dealing with the issue, I
continued on the same path for the next couple of months. The end result
left the crown of my head completely bald and I didn’t want to get
another perm. The only other option was to go natural and I haven’t
looked back since. 
Did you big chop or transition? How did you manage your hair while going natural?
transitioned for 1 yr. by washing, deep conditioning and pressing my
hair using an old school pressing comb, the stove version, every week.
That is when I started to notice a thickness I have never experienced
before and was the catalyst needed to proceed with my journey.
What does this journey mean to you?Becoming natural has definitely changed me spiritually,
mentally, and physically. Mentally- in the beginning I had to change my
mentality about kinky hair. My mind set about natural hair, it doesn’t
need a lot of care and will not break easily, which is the complete
opposite of the truth…a lesson I learned very quickly. Physically- I
changed, taking care of my hair inspired me to assess my health too.
Awareness about my health has a played a major factor in the growth of
my hair, healthy on the inside yells healthy hair on the outside.
Spiritually, I started to see myself from a Godly perspective and
learned to appreciate my authentic self. A lot times I was judged for
being natural in positive and negative ways and I said I would never
impose those standards on people by the way their hair looked.  
Eureka is Naturally Glamorous!
What is your daily regimen?
a week or every two weeks I pre-condition my hair in sections with
protein conditioner, coconut oil and olive oil, then put on a plastic
bag or steam my hair (without a plastic bag) for 30mins to an hr. Then I
will detangle my hair under water and shampoo. I always shampoo my hair
in sections and apply shampoo directly to my scalp. After cleansing my
hair I will apply moisturizing conditioner in sections and sit under my
Huetiful Hair steamer. Then I will wash out the deep conditioner and
then mix up an ACV (apple cider vinegar) rinse. The Acv mix consists of a
pint of COLD H20, 4 table spoons of ACV, honey and 5 to 10 drops of
rosemary. Then I will pour the mixture on my hair as a final rinse. A
tip, the cold H20 in the ACV rinse serves as a cold water rinse to close
the hair cuticles.
I spray my hair daily with H20 and seal with oil. I
rarely wear my hair out to minimize tangles and where I live is very
windy and can be a recipe for disaster. I also just started a hair
challenge on my blog Qrush Velvet where I incorporate the greenhouse
technique or Real Queens regimen to the ends of my hair. And every 6 to 8
weeks I also apply Aphogee protein treatment. 

What products do you currently use, and how are they working for you?
I switch between Dr. Bonners castile and peppermint (mixed together)
and Qhemet Biologics Egyptian Wheatgrass Cleansing tea. Conditioners:
Mane n tail (used as a prepoo or pre shampoo), Redken All Soft, Vatika
Hot oil conditioner (Dull and Lifeless). Leave-in: Shea butter, Qhemet
Biologics Amla & olive heavy cream or Burdock Root Butter cream and
seal with Jamaican black castor oil. Random Oils: Jojoba, coconut,
Jamaican black castor (my fav), almond, Amla, Vatika, and olive oil (2nd
fav). Essential oils: rosemary. Misc products: Aloe Vera juice, honey,
apple cider vinegar or AVC (final rinse) Alghogee Protein treatment and
I am content with all the products I am currently using.

What have you learned throughout your journey? Any advice for others on their journey?

hair thrives from protective styling. It is fun for me to try different
hair styles that preserve my ends and also keeps my boredom at bay. My
hair more importantly needs a balance of moisture and protein for
optimal growth. Water is the best natural moisturizer on the planet; it
is and will always be a stable product for my hair. When my hair was
chemically treated I was taught to run from water by any means necessary
but my natural hair craves water and mixing in aloe vera juice is
another added benefit. For years I would bleach, detangle my hair bone
dry, would not wrap at night, and wash once a month all of which was
disastrous for my hair and honestly, I am lucky to have any hair after
years of abuse. I have learned to be gentle with my hair and treat it
with plain TLC. For a period of time the only look I wore was an afro
daily but I learned there is versatility and there are many ways natural
hair can be styled. My hair has taught me to always think outside the
box and if I don’t like just start over.
is what you will rely on the most throughout your journey. Your hair
will constantly change and the more length your hair retains the more
you must be willing to listen to what your hair needs. The needs will
begin with treating your hair like fine silk and giving it constant TLC.
Personally any technique, product etc. that looks good but will cause
damage is a “NO” in my world and there are always other options. Start a
hair journal to document progress, products used and hair goals. Do
your research, join hair boards, informative blogs, find a local hair
forum that meets in your city and talk to experienced naturals
(experience is not always based on hair length). Surround yourself with
positive people who will support and not discourage. And for the newly
naturals, shrinkage is part of the journey so embrace it and know the
health of your hair far outweighs length. Lastly relax do not stress,
when your hair is treated with love surprisingly your hair will show it.

If you enjoyed Eureka’s story, here’s where she can be found:
Twitter: Eureka @qrushvelvet
Facebook: QrushVelvet
Eureka is Naturally Glamorous!


  • Mel D says:

    Lovely hair and a lovely lady 🙂

  • Anonymous says:

    I , personally, cannot use products which contain wheat protein. It dries my hair out too much.

    Silk protein , however, is magical.

  • Anonymous says:

    I am confused on the protein use….for biracial as well as cauasian hair, how much/how often should it be used? I was told by a hair stylist to use the whole line of Keratin Sulfate free shampoo, deep conditioner & leave in like 1x a week or 1x every 2 weeks….is this too often? My daughter has 3b/c hair (virgin hair, never chemically treated or braided, all natural & is 6 years old) & I have 3a hair….(color treated)

  • Doc says:

    sooooooo fly. i love these pics!

  • Erica says:

    Absolutely beautiful. Keep up the great work . I'm definitely adding her to my blog roll.

  • Anonymous says:

    What healthy and gorgeous hair. I'm glad to know that you use protein, I too saw benefits from incorporating it in my hair regimen. To anyone concerned about protein, follow up with a good deep conditioner and add honey and olive oil for an extra oomph.

  • Stephanie says:

    WOW!! you've got a beautiful head of hair there lady!! thick and luscious. *drools*

  • Anonymous says:

    Eureka your hair is beautiful girl! I added you to the blog roll as well!

  • Kudos says:

    *adding qvelvet into my daily blog roll*

    I heart that hair!!

  • Anonymous says:

    Wow, your hair is absolutely lovely! Thanks for sharing your story with us!

  • TheKink101 says:

    Awesome Eureka…so proud of you lady! Can't wait for my hair to get your length.

  • Anonymous says:

    Wow I really need to incorporate protein more often in my regimen because I do not see much growth my hair is shed and properly breaking but I am scared of protein because I used wheat protein my hair became hard and dry, broken off and tangled that I had to some of my hair off. I still learning about my natural hair texture since I stopped using heat on it because I had heat damage from a flat iron and my hair started to break off in chunks. I really need help with this. I am glad to read this article because it has informed me. I can now start a healthy hair journey and regimen.

    Megan Montgomery

  • Anonymous says:

    Your hair looks amazing & so healthy. That's all I strive for is healthy hair I just want to have that naturally healthy look w/out having to pile tons of product on to get the fake shine.

    Brooke B.

  • Anonymous says:

    Beautiful. Love her hair and fashion sense.

  • Anonymous says:

    There's only one word for all that hair…Beautiful!!!

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