How to Confront Your Joy Snatchers
How to Confront Your Joy Snatchers

Do you ever feel like you’re constantly being drained of your positive
energy?  Or that you’re so distracted by peripheral things that you
can’t focus on what truly matters to you?  Have you ever slowed down
enough and taken a close look at your life to find the sources that are
draining you?  In this post, we’ll call these things joy snatchers. 
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What are Joy Snatchers?

Joy snatchers are those little things that pick away at your peace of
mind and make you feel like poop. Joy snatchers can be people, places or
things. They distract you when you are trying to be productive. They
cause strain and stress in your relationships. Perhaps they bring out a
side of you that you don’t like or pull negative energy out of you. They
can trigger feelings of depression and self-loathing and are often
responsible for those random bad days when you’re in a funk and you
can’t really explain why.

What are your joy snatchers? Here are just a few possibilities:


Maybe instead of appreciating what you have, you feel slighted because
you think others have more or better than you. Do you sometimes want to
feel happy for people but can’t seem to see past your own perceived
lack? Have you ever started off the day feeling great and then heard
someone else’s good news and suddenly had an attack of self-pity?
*Raises Hand* This is not a pretty thing to admit in the least, but
we’ve all been there and this does not make you a bad person!

Lack of Reciprocity

Do you overlook the meaningful relationships in your life and focus on
the the broken or non-existent ones? Perhaps you invest a lot of time
and energy into building a relationship with someone who is not giving
you the same investment and you’re upset about it – trying to figure out
what’s wrong with you? Why won’t they like you or love you as much as
you like or love them? They don’t acknowledge your efforts or your
gestures and you keep on trying to impress them to no avail.


Do you entertain any and everything that people have to say to you? The
media? Your neighbors? Your family? Co-workers? If you’re open to it,
everywhere you turn, someone will be complaining about something,
gossiping about something, spreading fear in covert ways and leaving you
wondering why you suddenly feel so heavy. Sometimes it’s intentional
and sometimes it’s not. It’s up to you to restrict access to your
consciousness and not let everything in. You are not a dumping zone or a
vessel to catch and recycle everyone’s fears and bad feelings.

How do you control Joy Snatchers?

First, you have to recognize them and their impact on the quality of
your life. You have to want to be free of their control over you. Get to
know the sources. Search yourself honestly and without judgement to
determine why you are susceptible to these things. Begin to train your
mind to embrace Abundance instead of Lack and Faith instead of Fear.

There’s no magic solution and your journey to freedom will be unique. It
has helped me tremendously to be brutally honest with myself and know
my triggers.

 What has helped you overcome sources of negative energy in
your life? Or, what specific joy snatchers do you need to deal with?