Tammy Goodson of CurlyChics

Readers question:
I am a transitioning natural who is slowly learning how to care for my hair and I am tired of wrapping my hair up at night. That’s it. It may sound silly or even petty but sometimes I just want to go to bed, period. No scarf, no satin cap, just lay it down. Am I being lazy? Is this unrealistic? Is natural hair not for me? I never hear any other race of women being forced to tie their hair up at night and it’s just a little irritating. Is it really that important or can I just skip it?
My response:
I feel your pain but here’s the thing, to whom much is given, much is required. Isn’t that the saying? If you want a healthy mane, it is imperative that you are obedient to it, natural or not. I admit there are a lot of DO’S and DON’Ts when it comes to natural hair care and how important each item is on the priority list is up to your discretion. I always say natural hair is not only a HAIRstyle but a LIFEstyle. For me, protecting your hair at night at all cost, is not an option, it’s a must. You may sacrifice a little vanity or convenience at times but I put it in the same category as washing make up off your face at night – no matter how tired you are, it must be treated as a requisite.

Prevents Breakage
The satin or silk scarf helps to maintain moisture levels while you sleep and acts as a barrier between your hair and the pillow case. The constant, repeated friction between the two will rob your hair of moisture which leads to dryness which makes your hair more susceptible to breakage, and so on and so on.

Aids in eliminating/reducing tangles
Naturally textured hair is already prone to tangles and leaving it unarmed at night, basically gorilla style, is inviting the possibility of even more tangles. While sleeping, you toss, you turn, and it is likely that your hair will get matted and tangled in the process. Again, leading to more sustained damage. The scarf will help to keep it tame and in place for an easier styling session in the morning.

Alternative to the scarf
If you still can’t get with the scarf at night, at least consider sleeping on a satin pillow case. This will allow your hair to be able to slide up against the pillow with ease, thus eliminating additional knots and tangles. Cotton fabric will undoubtedly pull moisture and essential oils your hair needs out of hair.

How do you feel about the scarf requirement at night? If you don’t wear one, how do you protect your mane at night?

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