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Curly Nikki

I Big Chopped- Tori

By January 27th, 202113 Comments
I Big Chopped- Tori

When you first chopped, what were your thoughts and feelings? How do you feel now?
When I first did the Big Chop it was a total impulse decision. My 8 year old whom I just transitioned back to natural was having a hard time embracing her natural coils. She wanted flat shiny hair like mommy. So at that moment, I decided, and found myself at the barber shop the next day getting it cut off so that our hair could be the same. And who better than myself to teach her and show her that ‘your hair doesn’t have to be straight to be pretty’, than me, her Mother! I’ve styled her hair in braid outs and twist outs and a headband and she now loves her hair! And once mine was cut I was in Love too! Where has this cuteness been all my life! The journey is becoming a little harder now though trying to find products my hair likes. It’s super duper dry. So right now we’re just trying to find each other.

How did you cope with the responses from your family and friends?
Response from my family and friends wasn’t so bad. I change styles and color a lot, but I think the brush cut may have been a little dramatic for some who thought I was going through a lifestyle change. Other than that, I’ve gotten nothing but positive feedback.

What are your plans for your hair (do you plan to grow it out, keep it short)?
I definitely plan on growing my hair out. I’ve been wearing my hair short for a while now and I just think it’s about time to grow it back out long. Especially seeing the women rocking their natural hair the way they do… I absolutely cant wait ’til I get lots of length!

I Big Chopped- Tori

Do you find it necessary to ‘doll up’ your look to feel more feminine?
Well, I think dolled up was already kinda my style. I don’t really do anything extra.

How do you keep it moisturized?
I have a spray bottle with water and evoo that I spray my hair with daily, sometimes twice. Once or twice a week, I do a deep conditioner over night to keep the brillo head away.

What products and techniques do you use to style? How often do you style? 
Right now I don’t do a lot of styling. I don’t have that much to work with. I pretty much just do wash and go’s. I use L’Oreal Curl Defining Gel to style my Mohawk or sometimes it’s tightly curled and looks like a fro. I may co-wash and restyle every 2-3 days.

Currently I’m trying out the curly girl method trying to help combat the dryness/brillo head. It seems to be working well with assistance from the L’Oreal Curl Defining Gel. I like the L’Oreal because it keeps my hair kinda soft. I like touching my hair!

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  • HerAndHerHair says:

    Thank you ladies for all your encouraging words its so greatly appreciated! :)) Im still Loving this natural journey for myself and my girls. They love their hair too

  • Indigofera Beauty Expert says:

    Tori your short natural hair is beautiful! I Big Chopped my locs after 5 years and wore my hair the same way. I kept if moisturized with Indigofera Organic Hair Souffle or Nourishing Hair Milk and Hydrating Hair Mist. It is growing nicely. Check out my beauty blog for my hair journey

  • Anonymous says:

    That is excellent that you are being an example for your daughter. I wish my mom was she permed my hair and hers and when we decided yo be come natural 95 percent of the time our hair was straight. I was the first one to decide to wear my hair fully naturally sometimes my mom does only when she is not really going to be seen. She will not wear it to church like I did. I believe that everyone should come as they are God does not judge so people should not but they do. Their words do not hurt me this is me and I love who I am and my natural hair.

    Megan Montgomery

  • Anonymous says:

    I know you're excited to let it grow out but it looks beautiful short! Congrats 🙂

    p.s. My daughters definitely played a huge part in my decision to transition. And I have no regrets

  • Meika says:

    i think it is nice that you get to embark on a new journey of naural with your daughter watching you. natural hair really is beautiful!

  • Anonymous says:

    Hey Tori, I can so relate to you! I did the same thing, but guess what my daughter was the example for me! She was about 16 when she went natural. At first, she couldn't handle the heat from her high school friend and relaxed again. BIG MISTAKE! Then she went natural again when she turned 18 and never looked back! I seen how couragous she was and was like. Wow! if my daughter can do it, so can I! It wasn't an easy journey I'll tell the truth; but it was THE BEST DECISION THAT WE EVER MADE! Hang in there, it definately get's better. BTW…YOU AND YOUR HAIR ARE BEAUTIFUL!

  • Annabel says:

    You and your hair are lovely. Kudos for setting a great example for your daughter.

  • Lola says:

    First, it's great and so commendable to be an example for your daughter. And, you will definitely find what products your hair likes. That's the fun part of the journey.

  • Engineering Natural Beauty says:

    If your hair is dry, how often do you deep condition (DC)? I find that if I DC every week my hair stays more moisturized. I also use the LOC Method ( I have really low porosity hair so this is the only way I can keep my hair hydrated.

    Good Luck and enjoy the journey. A part of me wants to Big Chop just so I can experience something new with my hair. That's the part I miss the most about first going natural: the newness. Have fun!

  • Anonymous says:

    Hey Nikki,

    Did you know your site was mentioned on the daily mail uk today?

  • Annie L. says:

    "I like touching my hair" – Lol, me too!

    Congrats for leading by example for your daughter! Good luck finding your HG routine, and your hair and those subtle auburn shades (I think) look lovely!

  • Anonymous says:

    You trying to show your daughter what real beauty is, is very commendable & I wish more mothers with little girls can & will teach them the same.

    Brooke B.

  • Gingersnaps says:

    I just want to commend you for leading by example for your daughter. I thought that to be selfless and simply beautiful. Plus your hair looks great 🙂

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