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Curly Nikki

I Want Your Story!

By January 27th, 20217 Comments
I Want Your Story!

Hola chicas,

At it again!

I’m looking for new stories…

(1) ladies that are *thinking about* transitioning to natural hair 

(2) ladies that are transitioning back to their natural hair color

(3) ladies that are transitioning out of dye to embrace their gray hair

(4) ladies that are trying to learn to rely less on heat tools

(5) ladies that are dealing with severe breakage or thinning

If any of the above sounds like you (especially if you’re in NY or surrounding) email me at w/ a pic and your story! 



  • Malle Desue says:

    I'm transitioning and its pretty hard for me. I'm half German (mum) half Nigerian (dad) as I grew up in Germany I had always problem with my hair, because my mum my sister and me had no clue how to deal with our hair (my sisters and mine). During highschooltime we relaxed it (my sister still is) but i got tired of it because it always burned my scalp badly and never looked the way i wanted it to look. So now I'm transitioning and already cut a lot of my relaxed hair part off, and my natural hairtexture seems to be diffrent than before i started to relax my hair. It's like my head is framed with hairtype 4c and in the middle its more curlycoily, i guess. The sad thing is I'm not talented in braiding or twisting it looks awefull if i try it so i just do a the wash n go hairstyle or try to do a bun, but since i cut my hair i cant make a bun. Its really frustrating.

  • Jessica H says:

    Thats me :)!!!! and hey Whit!!! I see you are coming to Louisiana Miss Curly Nikki Im in Louisiana, if you need any hair modeling I am up for it!

  • whitlyn says:

    That's my cousin there!

  • Meika says:

    oooh i think i have a story :o)

  • Anonymous says:

    I have a story relating to relying less on my heat tools but I am in Las Vegas,Nv not in the NY bummer! I bet those article are going to excellent and informative.

    Megan Montgomery

  • sandy says:

    Sounds like an excellent column. I'd like to recommend a woman for the gray hair stories. You may want to get in contact with her. Her name is essentials4you on You Tube. Here is one of her videos:
    She's a beautiful person with a beautiful head of hair.

  • Anonymous says:

    I personally don't have a hair story, but I look forward to reading those articles. You have the best website to date, keep up the hard work.

    Brooke B.

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