by Taneica of ShatterProofGlassDolls

Yesterday, I finally got around to watching the 2011 American Dystopian film In Time.
The general plot of the movie was that people became genetically
programed to age to 25 and then were given one more year on top of that.
The time that is given, also serves as their currency. You can give
your time to get food, pay rent, etc., but you can go to work to get
more time back. Anyway, many of the people lived day to day, some on
hours, others on minute, but all on seconds. For whatever reason, this
movie really stuck with me, even after I ejected the DVD.

I got to thinking, ‘what would it be like to know, just by looking at
a countdown clock on your arm, how much time you had left? What would
you do with the time you had left if you knew that there was no way to
get more time?’ That night, as I nodded off to sleep, I rattled off a to
do list.
I would start off by taking my last three days of life and using them
as my “tie up loose ends/vacation” days. That way I could work up until
those days, overtime if I have to, so I can share extra time with
family and friends in need. Now that we got that out of the way, now for
the FUN stuff!

1. I’d do something really ridiculous and silly. I’d do something
goofy like crash someones group photo. A wedding party shot would be
best. LOL! Maybe go streaking at a football game, or walk on to a live
news cast. I’ve always wanted to pull the ultimate prank, and those sort
of activities always seem to make me giggle the most.

2. I’d encourage a perfect stranger. No longer would I second
guess myself on whether or not I’ll know what to say, I’d start with a
smile and part knowing I made their day.

3. I’d dance….in PUBLIC. Ok, so….lol….here’s the thing: I can’t dance
at all. I look ridiculous when I dance and everyone knows it. So, i
usually get put on purse watch duty, while all of my rhythmically
blessed girlfriends shake it on the dance floor. Nope, if I knew for
sure my days were numbered, I’d take the opportunity to cut loose on the
dance floor and let it AAAAALL hang out.

4. I’d spend an entire day loving up on my husband. Yup. Nuff said.

5. I’d protest. For some odd reason, I’ve always wanted to join a picket line and yell stuff. lol

6. I’d apologize to everyone that I’d wronged in the past, personally.

7. I’d make peace with my maker.

As I drifted off into deep sleep, it dawned on me that my list
doesn’t have to be a “maybe I could if the opportunity presented itself”
type of list. I could do every single thing I mentioned right now! God
willing I can add to my to do list if another day is granted to me! It’s
no mistake that we don’t know when our number is up. We’ve each been
given an opportunity to live each day to it’s fullest and make as big of
an impact as we possibly can. Each hour, each second that we are
breathing is a gift.

How will you say thank you?