Meet Miranda, fellow blogger, vlogger and of course, a natural beauty!
CN:  Were you a long or short term transitioner?  Why?
I was a short term transitioner.  I transitioned about 4 months
with braids, but after that I didn’t have the funds to get my braids
done again, lol!  So I told myself, either I’m going to do this or I’m
gonna get a perm because I can’t look crazy for anybody I know
now that I could have worked with it, but I didn’t at the time)! That
weekend, I showed up at a random beauty shop and got my big chop. 
CN:  When did you BC?  What was your initial reaction to your natural hair?
I big chopped on April 10, 2010.  I did really good at first.  I
brought my sister with me for moral support.  However, on our way back
to my house, as soon as we exited the highway and I saw my hair in the side
mirror… I cried like a little girl, lol!  Needless to say, it took me a
minute to get used to seeing myself differently. 
CN:  How did your family and friends react to the new you?  What was your response to them? 
Initially, my family and friends weren’t on board.  I would get
comments like “why did you do that???” and ugly stares.  Most people
really wouldn’t say anything, they would just give the ugly stare.  Now
that it’s been 2 years, everyone loves it.  Funny… When people see the
confidence you have with your look, they in turn begin to love it.  My
Mom has since gone natural, my little cousin tells me she is
transitioning and several of my new friends tell me how much they love
my hair.  Women have even come up to me and said, “I just wanted to tell
your hair looks so cute like that, you know everyone can’t pull that
off but it is just so cute on you”!
CN:  Why did you choose to go natural? 
I chose to go natural because I have a sensitive scalp and relaxers
have always burned me.  It had even gotten to the point where sensitive
scalp relaxers were beginning to burn.  I saw a few videos on youtube
by accident and decided to do it.  I figured I could at least give it a
try and if I didn’t like it, I could stop anywhere nowadays and pick up a
CN:  What’s your current regimen?
I currently wear twist outs most often.  I co-wash, deep condition,
and detangle with the deep conditioner while in the shower.  I then
rinse and re-apply a little of the co-wash conditoner before stepping
out and wringing the water out once or twice with a towel.  I never rub
my hair with the towel, just wring it out.  Also I never fully dry the
hair after this.  Afterwards, I twist my hair in medium twists with a
creme gel and let it airdry over night with either a silk scarf or
bonnet on.  If it’s still not dry I’ll wear a twisted updo the next day
and then take them down on the 3rd day for a super cute twist out.  
CN:  What your nighttime routine?
At night I’ll do one of two things depending on my time and
laziness, lol!  I’ll either re-twist with my sheamix or make about 4 mini pineapples before putting on my bonnet and going to sleep.  In the
morning, I’ll spray down with an oil spray and then take down the twists
or mini pineapples, fingerstyle, and go. 
CN:  What are your current products?
Mind you I’m a PJ and do product reviews on my blog, but for the
most part I stick to the following products as of now anyway lol…
Shampoo:  Trader Joe’s Nourish Spa Shampoo or SheaMoisture Coconut
and Hibiscus Shampoo (I only use shampoo every so often and then I only
do one rinse cycle)
Co-Wash:  Aussie Moist
Deep condition:  Aussie 3 Minute Miracle (This stuff is heaven on earth)
Style:  Miss Jessies Curly Pudding or ORS Smooth and Hold Pudding
Moisture:  My Sheamix or SheaMoisture Deep Moisture Masque
Shine:  ORS Natures Shine