by Natalie Phillip via Three Naturals

I can’t begin to count the amount of times I get stopped at the mall,
grocery store, doctor’s office, etc. and asked questions about hair.
This is mainly due to the way I style my girls’ hair. Their hairstyles
may look complicated at times (not sure) but honestly it’s so simple to
attain. I look forward to those conversations because I know what it’s
like being on the other end still trying to find what works. It can be
frustrating and overwhelming but don’t give up. If you knew my personal
hair story, you’d understand that it’s been quite the journey and I’m
finally HAPPY with my hair and my girls reap the benefits. Keep in mind
I’m still learning and I’m by no means ‘an expert’. I get excited
whenever I learn something new and I always have to find someone to
share it with. Like many things in life, you can never have enough hair

Here are a few tips if you’re beginning the natural hair journey or you are struggling with your daughter’s haircare.

1. YOUTUBE has been a tremendous resource for me. There are so many
tutorials and informative videos from everyday people who have tried
different products, regimens and styles and choose to share their
experiences and results. I’ve tried so many different processes from
watching YouTube. Some successful, some not so much, but you won’t know
what works for you until you try.

2. BLOGS like this one have also been a huge aid on the journey.
Read! Read! Read! It only expands your knowledge and will introduce you
to topics you’ve never even considered.

3. PRODUCTS can get expensive if you are shopping while overwhelmed,
especially if you’re now starting out. Pricey doesn’t always mean
better. Read the labels. Get familiar with the ingredients. Do your
research before hitting the stores. Instead of buying a huge bottle of
something that may not work for you, ask if they have samples you can
try first. Contact the manufacturers and let them know you’re interested
in their product but would like to try a sample first. You won’t get it
until you ask.

4. ASK QUESTIONS!! Don’t be afraid to inquire with someone who
demonstrates great results or a look you think you’d be comfortable
with. It may not be as difficult as you think. In the same way, share
what you learn and help someone else.

5. Create a GALLERY with all your favorite hairstyles that you can
always refer to. Play around and try to recreate them. I would not
suggest waiting until you’re ready to go out to try something new.
Practice first because your hair will not always cooperate when you need
it to.

Take a deep breath and embrace the beauty and journey that IS natural hair!!!

What are your tips? This is a GREAT spot to share them!