Tammy Goodson of CurlyChics

 Oh, The Struggle!!!!

At some point in life we all deal with struggle. Some intermittently, some consistent, but the key to overcoming them and moving forward is identifying the source of the struggle and determining a plan of action. Although I’ve been living a natural lifestyle for many years, it is something I still struggle with from time to time.

1. The Urge Not To Wash My Hair Frequently
So in my uninformed natural hair days, I rocked and wash and go. I was washing and going like my life depending on it. Turns out, it did, well the life of my hair anyway. On top of the daily shampooing routine, I was using ill advised products, aka sulfate cleansers and nevermind what I was conditioning with! #deathwalking. Simply put, I felt my hair needed to be shampooed daily for a couple of reasons 1.)I thought it was dirty from all the products I piled in it every day 2.)I thought it was disgusting, especially during heat sweltering months 3.) I wanted a fresh look every day and since I slept unprotected my mane was nothing short of unruly the next morning, there was no other way to achieve this. Since those days, I have become much more informed, enlightened and educated on natural hair care, thus realizing none of this was necessary.

What I do to overcome the struggle – I now try to stretch my shampoo sessions by 2 weeks, sometimes 3 if it has started out in a protected state. However, on those 90 degree plus days, it’s hard not to submit to the struggle. Time permitting, I exercise my right to co-wash, otherwise, I spray my scalp with tee tree or lavender water.

2. Getting Stuck In A Hairstyle Rut
I am very much an “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” type woman and for the most part, it’s been a saving grace for my hair sanity. However, it can also unknowingly place limits on you. Just because one look suits me or has been deemed a signature look for me, doesn’t mean another look will not.

What I do to overcome the struggle – I am learning to step outside of my comfort zone more and more as the calendar of life flips by. I am not as hesitant as I once was to try fresh new looks.

3. The Disease That Is Product Junkyism
I’ve read enough blogs and talked to enough fellow naturals to know that product junkism is real out here in these streets. I am definitely not in the minority when it comes to this natural hair epidemic.

What I do to overcome the struggle – I haven’t found a true remedy for this yet *laughs*, however, a temporary fix has been professing my boycott out loud to someone so that I am held somewhat accountable. My product arsenal is plentiful and there is no need for this nonsense but it is definitely a work in progress.

4. Taking Negative Comments Personal
People seem to go out of their way to show disapproval about another person’s aesthetic and 99% of the time I do a good job of ignoring it. However, even the most confident woman has her moments of doubt and the negativity can do a number on your self esteem if you allow it to creep in #callDrPhil.
What I do to overcome the struggle – Remind myself that people will always have something to say and allowing this to control you and the way you feel about yourself will generate fear and doubt. Instead I focus on the things I love about my hair, either in the form of audible affirmations or internal reflection.

What things do you still struggle within the natural hair realm and how do you overcome it?

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